Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jarryd's last kindy day.

what a poser!!

Easter 2006

easter eggs everywhere.

Where to Start!!!

It never ceases to amaze me where the time goes. When I started this blog I promised to update weekly. Well that hasn't happened.

I must admit that when I'm not on track with my weight loss, I feel a bit as if I just can't be bothered with anything. That includes this blog, the ww forum and my ww group in oz I belong to. I guess we all feel like that to a certain extent.

During Jan and Feb I managed to lose just over 9 kgs. In March I lost the grand total of 200g and I must admit I have gone backwards so far in April. I have put on about 1 kg in the last 2 weeks. I made the decision on Friday that I would get through easter with no pressure about eating easter eggs which I knew there was no way I would be able to resist and get back on track after that. I even wrote out my weekly plan as of yesterday and have included every meal and snack and I am happy to say I am definitely back on track. I didn't weigh in tonight (yes I am a chicken) but I fully intend to record a loss next Tuesday.

In response to Jami's question re April 13th, I did survive Jarryd's last day at kindy. (Thanks for asking Jami) I was quite surprised how calm I was. Jarryd was so excited so I guess that made it easier for me to say goodbye to everyone. And I know we can always go back and visit and join in on the fundraising functions they have from time to time. My baby is so ready for school which is great because I really thought I would have problems with him. He is in the same class as a good friend of his so that helps.

Arpil has been a very busy month so far. It was Steve's birthday on the 8th, my nephew's 2nd birthday on the 7th, easter and then my birthday next Tuesday (Anzac Day)

We went to Stansbury for easter to stay with Steve's family. It is 2 hours from Adelaide and we had a great weekend. We even managed to come home without the kids - lol. No we didn't lose them on the way. They are staying with Steve's parents this week. Our school holidays have just started. Unfortunately I still have to work, but it is unreal just to get up in the morning and get myself ready. Instead of getting 3 kids ready as well. Steve and I are going out for dinner on Friday night for my birthday. Not sure where yet but I'm sure it will be thai. Yummo. The kids are coming home on Saturday and by then I will be missing them like crazy. It is so quiet here!!

This afternoon I went to visit Tania and finally got to meet her little man Lachlan who is already 6 weeks old. He is just gorgeous and I had cuddles. Aren't they just so precious when they are that little?? Tania is doing great for a first time mum and Lachlan is thriving.

Thanks to the people who have visited and left messages. Don't give up on me - lol. I haven't given up. Just got sidetracked for a while. I will be back next Tuesday to let you know how I went this week. Please leave a comment if you visit. It's nice to know you are interested enough to read my blog.

See you next week.