Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to pop in and say to everyone that still reads my poor excuse for a blog, a very happy Christmas.

This year has just flown and I can't believe it is Christmas Eve. The kids are so excited and I am having a hard time getting them to stay in bed but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas with your family and friends and a very safe and happy 2010.

I'll be back soon to post some christmas photos.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pretend Blogger!!

Ashleigh proudly showing off her braces.

The halloween party. The girls look great.
A winery we dropped into on our Mildura weekend. Would be nice to do a houseboat holiday and stop at places like this along the way.

The pool area where we stayed.

The entrance to one of the best thai restaurants I have been to in downtown Mildura.

Ashleigh modelling a dress I got for $15 on Bridge Road on my Melbourne weekend. You can really see why she needed braces in this photo. Those eye teeth have nowhere to go.

Harbourtown area in Melbourne.

Our disappointing Japanese Tepanyaki dinner. Company was unreal though.

Jarryd with my neices bearded dragon lizard.

I love reading blogs. I read blogs every day and used to comment on so many blogs, but life has got in the way. I am spending so much time on the computer just with facebook, the blog has taken a back seat.
I started this blog mainly as a diary of events that the kids can look back on hopefully one day. It's turned into a bit of a weight loss saga at times but the one thing I can truly thank the blog for is the wonderful friends I have made. I hate writing. I love reading well written blogs and wish I could write like that but the truth is that it is a chore to blog. I will never shut down my blog but will use it for photos and milestones and interesting things that happen in our lives.

My marriage has been a disaster for the last 2 years but we went to Mildura a couple of weeks ago and made a fresh start. The past is the past. No bringing up of old crap that we are never going to agree on. My part is less computer time which I totally get.
We have a house guest at the moment that has been here for 6 weeks. It's not an ideal situation but he is a good friend and he is down on his luck losing his marriage and business in the last few years. Not good timing for our marriage recovery having someone extra in the house but he would be on the street if we didn't take him in. He has been a great help around the house and has looked after the kids a few times. He has 2 boys that he has here occasionally. But this house is so crowded and I am over it.
Ashleigh got her braces on a last Monday and is coping really well. She had to have 4 teeth out prior and it was horrible. But she looks so pretty. Jarryd is heading down the same path. He has a baby tooth that should be down but isn't and the dentist is concerned something is stopping it. So she did xrays and we find out next appointment in January.
Weight wise, I am the same as I was 6 months ago. I guess I should feel good that I haven't blown out over winter which always happens. I am still 20 kgs down but it is slowly creeping back on so the journey continues.
Nikki has turned 13 and I am officially the mummy of a teenager :( She had a halloween party that got a bit big as you can see from the photos. Lesson learnt for Nikki. They were all pretty well behaved though except for the kid that decided it would be fun to throw food around a wet area. She won't be coming back - LOL!!
I'll try and do at least photo posts more often I promise.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Neglected Blog

Yes I know, I am very overdue for an update. Thanks for the reminder Penny.

I do get very bored with this blog sometimes. I am not a natural writer so just can't be bothered sometimes. I really admire people like Chris H who updates her blog several times a day. I'm more a reader than a writer - LOL!!

I'm up and down with my weight loss again. I have stayed the same, lost and gained over the past 3 weeks but have still managed to stay just above the total of 25 kgs lost. I know girly issues have a lot to do with this but I also have had trouble staying on track so no excuses here. I am taking it one day at a time. Tracking has been perfect the last 2 days so we'll see what tomorrow brings. I'm not stressing about it.

Nothing hugely exciting happening here. Nikki's netball has finished for the winter season so that has freed up Saturday afternoons. Jarryd is still playing soccer until mid September and then we are sport free on the weekends.

We have had our share of winter sickness. Jarryd is my worry at the moment. He picked up a virus a couple of weeks ago which triggered his asthma. We went to the doctor and he told us to get straight on to the puffers. Flexotide - a preventer and ventolin 3 times a day. His main symptom was a dry cough which got better but over the last couple of days has got bad again. He was hospitalised when he was 4 with asthma but has been ok since then. No real flare ups so we took him off the preventer after discussions with the doctor. He is well and truly back on it and I think he will be every winter now. We'll see how he goes during spring and summer. I am well and truly over winter now. Roll on summer and some hot weather. My poor baby is coughing in his sleep as I type. Might be a trip back to the doctor tomorrow I think.

Steve and I are going through a rough patch again. He went away for work last week and I did miss him. Since his shed has been rebuilt, I just don't see him. He has his computer set up out there with his music library and I know he is still trying to set things up but I seem to be getting the blame for me not making the effort to spend time with him. Well hello, I know where I would rather be on a freezing cold night. In the lounge in front of the tv with the heater going. He is very welcome to come and join me but the thought doesn't enter his head. Ashleigh made a comment the other night which hit home. She said she liked it better when daddy didn't have a shed because he was inside most of the time with us. Most nights he doesn't even come in to say goodnight to the kids. Very sad really.

I know people don't change and he has never been one to communicate his feelings but I really thought after the counselling, he would make more of an effort to talk to me. Just isn't happening. I find more things out through friends than I do from him. He just tells me, when pushed, that he thinks nothing has changed in our lives. Well I say the same, nothing has changed on his part either. We are still living seperate lives in the same house with the occasional intimate moments. Very occasional.

I am reaching that time in my life when things are probably starting to change. The dreaded menopause. My periods are becoming more irregular. This month it came a week early and was really heavy. Steve just doesn't get what is going on with me. I guess not too many men do understand womans issues. Sex is the last thing I feel like sometimes. I know this is also a reason my weight is up and down so much.

I got home last night from my meeting and Steve asked how I went. I told him I had gained this week and his response was that I was very bad and made a big deal of how he wasn't allowed to have a cigarette so why was I allowed to gain weight. He gave up smoking nearly 12 months ago. I was very hurt by his comments and just don't understand why he has to compare my weight loss with his giving up cigarettes.

Ok enough about that. I don't think I will ever understand how his minds works and he probably thinks the same about me - LOL!!

I finally did my tax online and we are going to get a nice big return. We were thinking of going to Thailand in March but that may have to be postponed to later next year. So we will definitely have a family holiday possibly during the Christmas school holidays. I so need a holiday. It's been nearly 2 years since our big Queensland holiday. I would love to go back up to the Whitsundays so we shall see what is on offer.

I have a couple of mini breaks coming up. A trip to Melbourne with the girls in mid September and a 3 days break in Mildura in mid October that Steve booked ages ago with one of those travel auctions on TV. I am actually looking forward to it. Probably just what we need. A weekend away just the 2 of us.

OK I won't promise when I will be back. But I do promise to post some photos next time. I just went and got the camera to see if there were any decent ones to upload and there is nothing. So I will take the camera with me in the next few weeks and take some interesting photos.

Til next time..........

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

25 Kgs Gone Forever

Yes I did it. I needed 700g at weigh in tonight to make it 25 kgs lost. I lost 2.1 kgs taking the total to 26.4 kgs lost since the end of October.

I wasn't sure how I would go this week. I have been sick since Friday and haven't done any exercise since last Wednesday so I was pleasantly surprised. Our wonderful weigher Don suggested I probably shocked my body because I had gone from exercising 5 times a week to nothing. All good I say, but I am keen to get back on the treadmill. Wow didn't think I would ever say that!!

I have been totally blown away by the support I have received this time around. I have met some wonderful people on the weight watchers forums who have kept me going in the very hard times. Jo and Sammy have lost huge numbers and have become very valued friends in real life. Also I am going to the most supportive meeting I have ever been to. There are 3 other friends I go to the meeting with every week. Tania, Karen and Sandy. You girls are especially inspiring. Tonight we lost over 5 kgs between the 4 of us. So to everyone who has commented here, on facebook and the ww forums, I thankyou so much.

We have been bitten by the winter bugs in our house. Nikki started coughing last Monday. Just a dry, annoying cough. I got her to the doctor on Thursday and he said it was a virus and gave her some puffers to take to help with the cough. They have really helped and by today the coughing has totally stopped. She kindly passed it on to me, but because I'm asthmatic, it has gone to my chest and I had to get some antibiotics which I started last night. I'm feeling a lot better today. But now Steve is coughing and blowing his nose and dying of the 'man flu'

The kids went back to school yesterday so all the sport has started up again. Nikki has only 3 weeks of her competition netball left. They won't make the finals this year. It seems like a really short season but she did miss the first 5 or so weeks with her ankle injury.

So now that I have lost 25 kgs I am looking forward to getting to the next milestone of 30 kgs and that magic 99.9 kg mark. Only 6 kgs to go!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Up, Down, Up, Down

That is the story of my last 4 weeks. The scales are ultimately moving in the right direction. I lost 1.8 kgs this week but that was after a 1.3 kg gain last week. Very frustrating!! I am 700g off of losing 25 kgs and I want to get there so badly.

I look back on this journey. I lost 20 kgs in 5 months and it has taken me 4 months to lose the last 4.3 kgs. Having said that, I am now at 108 kgs which is the lowest I have been in a very long time.

My mission for the next month is to string 4 losses together in a row. I am so sick of yoyoing. I have no-one to blame but myself for this. I really don't know why I lose the plot but I am sure I am not alone. I do know that I get my best results when I track HONESTLY!! This is something I intend to put a lot more effort into.

I look at how far I have come in the last 9 months and do feel proud. I was on the treadmill tonight before I got picked up for weight watchers and my friend Karen was very surprised at how much I have improved in that area. We were regular walking partners in summer and she commented there was no way I was able to exercise like that 6 months ago. I do enjoy the treadmill because I push myself to levels higher than I would if I was walking along the beach.

I have joined a challenge on the weight watchers website to lose 15 kgs by christmas. It is 23 weeks until christmas. How scary is that. If I lose 15 kgs that will take my total weight loss to 40 kgs. I think it is totally doable and I am going to do it. My main motivation is Steve's works christmas party. It would be 12 months since I have seen a lot of these people and I want to blow them away!!

Onto other news. We have know for a while that Ashleigh will have to have braces but now the time has come. Her 2 eye teeth haven't come down because they have nowhere to go. She has to have 4 double teeth taken out asap and then a month after that the braces go on. She is very scared to have these teeth out and so am I. They will do 2 at a time in the chair so she will need to be very brave. Originally we thought she would have to have a top and bottom plate for 12 months prior to all this to make room but after having full dental xrays done, it won't be necessary so I guess that is one thing on our side. It will be a long, expensive process as many of you probably know from experience. My poor baby!!

My nephew did indeed have swine flu but has recovered and didn't pass it around to anyone thank goodness. We thought my mum might have been next because she was in contact with him 2 days before he got sick, but 2 weeks on, she is fine. It has been a dreadful winter for sickness. Nikki has been coughing for the last few days. No other symptoms, just a very annoying dry cough.

We are well into the second week of the school holidays and as usual they have flown. Nikki and Jarryd were supposed to go to Steve's mums for the first week but we got a phone call the day we were due to take them over to say Steve's uncle had collapsed at home and wasn't expected to last the night. He has very advanced cancer. Nearly 2 weeks later, he is still lingering. Existing on morphine. The doctors are amazed he is still going. Just awful for everyone around him. They don't let animals suffer like this!!! I don't get it.

Steve is off on a motorbike rally this weekend. Why he is going camping in the middle of winter is beyond me. Couldn't think of anything worse. I just hope the rain lets up so they don't get too drenched. We have had a lot of rain here in Adelaide in the last few weeks. Very badly needed but still not enough to break the drought.

I'll be back next week to let you know if I've cracked the 25 kgs. You better believe I will be giving it my best shot.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Great Result

Well after 2 gains, I decided to put everything into it this week. I tracked everything and the result...................

2.7 kgs loss taking the total to 23.8 kgs gone.

I made the decision to commit 100% and it paid off. Now I just have to back it up next week.

One of the big things that has helped the hunger this week is home made vege soup. I made a big pot full of vegetables and added 1 cup of barley to bulk it up. I'm really enjoying it in this very cold weather. Nothing like a big cup of steaming hot soup to warm you up.

Speaking of the weather. It has been shocking here in Adelaide in the last 2 days. Yesterday we had some very strong winds and lots of rain. We so need the rain but I hate it when it is so windy. We live in a beachside suburb and copped a lot of damage about 10 mins from here. One street had about 15 concrete power lines flattened. We lost our power for most of yesterday. It did go on in time to watched 'Packed to the Rafters' last night. Just as well!!

When I got home from work this afternoon, it was out again but soon found out it was just us. Because they still haven't finished the work on the shed, the filter for the pool is still out in the weather. Because of all the rain, the temporary power cord from the pergola to the filter had filled with water and tripped the safety switch. Luckily it was easy fixed when Steve got home.

My 5 year old nephew is waiting on tests results to see if he has swine flu. He started school this term and a child at his school was diagnosed last week after an overseas holiday. My nephew is a very active child and was falling asleep at school yesterday and had very high temps. So him and my sister are in quarantine. Luckily we haven't seen them for a couple of weeks although my mum has been in contact with them on the weekend. So we will be keeping away for a week or so. Test results should be back tomorrow.

School finishes here for the term on Friday. Where did this term go?? Nikki and Jarryd are heading over to Stansbury to stay with Steve's parents for the first week. I wish this year would slow down because my big girl will be finishing year 7 at the end of this year which means she is off to high school next year. That makes me very sad. I can still clearly remember her first day at school and now she is only 6 months away from finishing her primary years.

I'm really looking forward to the holidays though. All the sport stops for a couple of weeks which means no Saturday games and no practices during the week. Bliss!!

Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Track

Why do the old habbits creep back in without me even realising it?

I find myself reaching for that bag of chips without thinking, or biscuits. without giving it a second thought it is in my mouth. I want this so badly but yet again I am doing things to sabotage myself getting further in this journey. I have been stuck around the same weight for 3 months now and I have no-one to blame but myself.

I had an interesting weigh in this week. I wore my sandshoes instead of my usual thongs. It is getting a bit cold to be wearing thongs at night in the middle of winter. I truly thought I could weigh in socks. I knew I couldn't weigh barefoot but thought socks were ok. Wrong!! I had to weigh in my sandshoes and I gained 600g which was recorded in my book. After the weigh in, I asked if I could weigh my sandshoes and guess what?? They weighed 600g. So technically I stayed the same this week.

I have made a pact with myself that I will track every day. I have been struggling with wanting to eat chocolate or sweet things at night. Janice from the ww forums suggested meringue nests with ww chocolate mousse and it really did the trick.

So I am very determined to have a loss this week. I have still lost just over 20 kgs but I look at what could have been in the last few months and to be honest it really depresses me. I know everyone goes through a slump in their journeys and when this happens I tend to give up. Not this time. I have made so many new and wonderful friends this time around and the support is amazing so there is no giving up.

Not much happening this weekend, thank goodness. The usual soccer and netball on Saturday but nothing planned for Sunday at this stage. It will be nice to have a quiet day and hopefully catch up on some cooking. With the help of Nikki and Ashleigh, we have been baking cakes and biscuits for their lunch boxes. I have also been making vegetable soup which I am loving and it is good to take to work on these cold days.

I'll be back after weigh in on Tuesday night to update hopefully with a nice loss. I am certainly due for one.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slackest Blogger Award Goes to ME!!!

A few photos of our last few weeks...............

We made a cake tonight. A honeycomb vanilla cake. Might have the smallest sliver.

Ashleigh got her ears pierced today with some birthday money. She was braver than me!!
Our backyard is still a building site. Progress is being made though.

Not the best photo because of the flash, but I got my wedding and engagement rings remodeled with the Krudd money. I had lost diamonds in two rings and my engagement ring needed a lot of work because all the claws were breaking. It is 17 years old now!! Also I've had them joined together because I was so sick of them all spinning around my finger in different directions. I've also gone down 2 ring sizes.

Ashleigh's 11th birthday party.

This was our present to Ashleigh. A portable dvd player. A huge hit!!

Nikki's new bunkbed I got on ebay for $230. A brand new double futon. She has wanted a double bed for ages and now she also has her own room. Jarryd has to share with Ashleigh for a while until we can one day afford to build on another bedroom.
My weight loss is still going well. Although this month I have managed to gain 900g, then lose 2.7 kgs, then gain 1.2 kgs in 3 weeks. Nothing I am really doing different except a few comfort foods are creeping in with the colder weather. I made a pact with myself to challenge myself on the treadmill 5 nights a week which I have done for 2 weeks now. I have decided to get the EA Active wii game. I have been tossing up between that and the wii fit for a few weeks now so if anyone has an opinion either way, I would love to hear it.
Our backyard is finally starting to take some shape again 3 months after the fire. The shed is up and we have extended it a bit so Steve and his brother are concreting the extra bit tomorrow. Because they didn't rip up the old slab and it is not perfect, they have to come back and paint the concrete and then Steve can start moving things in. Wonder how long it will take to become cluttered again. NEVER I HOPE!!!!!
I must admit that I am again struggling with blogging. I just can't be bothered updating because I guess most people who read keep up with my life on facebook. Maybe I need to make it into more of a blog about my weight loss at the moment to keep me accountable and to motivate me to keep going. My main goal at the moment is to get my weight under 100 kgs. I have 10.6 kgs to go. I haven't been under 100 kgs for god knows how long!! I saw a friend today who I hadn't seen for a while and she told me she can really see the difference now. I know that is what is more important than what the scales say.
So I will be back sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick Update

Ashleigh's healthy salad. Made all by herself for tea last night.

My bestest friend Lee and I .

My poor neglected blog!!

I guess because I am always on facebook, I forget to update here. I have never been the best blogger. But I won't ever give up because this is more like an online journal of my life. Something the kids can look back on and read when they have kids. To remember their childhood.

This month has been crazy. The kids are all doing winter sport so there are 3 games and week and 3 practice times a week. Saturday is soccer and netball. Must take the camera and take some photos. Nikki is finally allowed to start playing again. She has had 6 weeks off with her ankle and she got through practice on Monday night so I can't wait to see her play on Saturday. 5 weeks of watching her team play without her.

We went to the best party a couple of weeks ago. My best friend Lee, who lives in Melbourne came over for her brother Wayne's 50th. OMG I am now going to 50th birthdays. Aarrrggg!!
But it was my sort of party. Wayne is a surfer and the party was 1 hour from Adelaide so it was camping. And everyone camped and partied. There were many who didn't sleep and were still drinking the next day. They had the best band I have ever heard at a party. And Wayne and his kids all jammed together. It was awesome. I drank far too much but managed to stay around until 3am. The music went all night. No kids either. Made for a fantastic night.

And the best part, everyone I hadn't seen in ages commented on my weight loss.

I've had a shocker of a week. I don't know why but I've been craving salty food. Salt is not good. I notice it bloats me. My downfall at the moment is the kids snack packs of chips. I need to hide them. But I'm not stressing at all. If I put a kg or two back on, it will come off again.

I lost 700g last week taking the total to 22.5 kgs.

I'm going out for dinner tonight with some friends. We are going to a stonegrill restaurant so plenty of healthy options there.

Have a good week everyone.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting Serious

I have to admit I have been very complacent over the last 6 weeks. Definitely old habbits creeping back in. Having said that I have now lost 21.8 kgs. But it has slowed right down.

I know the exercise I am doing (thank goodness) has helped with the bad choices. All good though. I am still losing and not stressing about the scales. It's such a good feeling.

I am down to my lowest weight in years but I still have 40 kgs to lose so the job isn't done by a long way.

I am back to tracking online as of today. It keeps me accountable. This way I can eat and drink anything and still lose weight because I stop when I reach the end of my points each day. End of story. When I honestly track, I lose bigger numbers.

Ashleigh's bully situation is getting better. The school has finally addressed the problem. I am very annoyed still because they won't tell me if this child has been dealt with. Do I have rights here or does the privacy act prevent me from knowing how they have dealt with her?
Ashleigh finally understands that she needs to stand up to these type of kids so we shall see what happens next.

Busy day tomorrow. Soccer, lunch with Tania and Martine which I am really looking forward to, netball and then we are off to my best friend Lee's brother's 50th. He is having a party near Victor Harbour which is about 1.5 hours away from us so we are camping along with a few others I imagine. It is going to be freezing and probably raining so I will have a few drinks to keep me warm. Quite a few - LOL!!!

Then we have to be back by 12pm Sunday for the Port V Richmond game.

I'm going to make some soup tomorrow. I'll be getting up early because there are no hours left. I am hanging out for soup. Isn't it funny how you crave thick, hearty soup in this weather. Yummo.

Nikki's ankle is improving. She is walking without pain now but she hasn't been allowed to run yet so that will be the test. It's been about 4 weeks now so it shouldn't be too much longer.

I have really been enjoying the exercise I am doing. I have cut down the walks outside because of the weather and it being dark so early. So instead I am walking once a week and twice a week on the treadmill. I have been doing 45 minutes starting at speed 5 and going up to 6 at the end. I am surprised how much harder I am working. I was really sweating by the end this afternoon which I don't do when I walk. So I am definitelty upping the intensity and enjoying it. I am also doing 1 weights session a week with a friend who has a home gym. I know once a week is not enough but honestly, I can't fit in any more. With 3 kids doing sport and sports practice, there are not too many free nights.

I'll be back next week to update with some good weight loss news.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mummies

What a wonderful day!! I got up to have a shower and Nikki had made me the most gorgeous breakfast. She really put some thought into it.

She cut up some fresh fruit and I had the choice of vegemite or jam for my toast. And a cup of coffee. What a nice healthy breakfast.

I bought myself something I have been wanting for a while now. A slow cooker. I'm really looking forward to experimenting with it. The kids all made cards which was so much nicer than a bought card.

Jarryd's read, I love you mummy because you take me to school - LOL!!

We had a lovely family lunch at mums and then headed to West Lakes to spend some of my birthday money. A long overdue pair of sandshoes.

I got to try them out straight away because I had planned a walk with a friend to meet Jo for coffee. Well my friend had too much mothers day red wine so I decided to walk by myself. I have put up with a crappy old pair of sandshoes for so long, it was amazing how much more comfortable my walk was and how much faster I went. It was great to see Jo. I've missed walking with you mate. She is looking unreal and well on the way to recovery and back walking with Tania and I again.

My weight loss has really slowed down. I definitely have got complacent and after losing 21 kgs in 5 months, I only lost 400g for the whole of April. I have already blogged about how easter was a struggle but it took most of April before I could get out of the mindset of eating lots of crap again. Last week I gained 700g but I did get TTOM very suddenly so that was definitely part of it but this week I lost that 700g again.

I feel good and in control again. Upping the exercise has helped. I had slackened off a bit in that department. I have a friend who is into body sculpting and she is helping me with some weight training. Once a week at this stage. And boy did my muscles feel it. No pain, no gain hey.

Nikki's ankle is improving slowly. She is off the crutches but still can't run for a few weeks. We have been going out to watch her netball team and she is itching to get out there. But I'm not going to rush it, she has a partial tear of the ligament in her ankle and if she goes back to soon, she will risk tearing it completely and that means surgery.

The winter sports have kicked in this term. Ashleigh is playing school netball which I put my name down to help coaching and Jarryd is playing soccer. So apart from matches, there is another afternoon each week for training. I've become a taxi!!

So I am determined to reach a goal for May. Try very hard to get as close as I can to 25 kgs lost. I have now lost 21.5 so 3.5 to go.

Unfortunately I think I am in for a fight with the kids school. As some of you know Ashleigh was being bullyed last year. The school split up the 2 girls but the worst of the 2 has ended up in Ashleigh's class this year. She is a nasty piece of work and is very sly. She is trying to split Ashleigh and her best friend up. And these girls, Ashleigh included are too scared to stand up for themselves. I addressed it with the deputy principal again last monday and as at friday had not heard a word from the school. Neither had Ashleigh. I rang again on Friday and the deputy principal was away on a conference for 2 days. Ok so why wasn't it addressed before she went away. I had also asked the school counsellor to talk to Ashleigh and try and put some measures into place to learn how to speak up for herself and not be pushed around. So the school counsellor dealt with it by bringing Ashleigh and her best friend into her office along with the bullyer and they played out a scenario of getting along with bloody finger puppets.

Does anyone else have a problem with that? Ashleigh does not want to get along with this bullyer and I would love to ring her neck. Not play finger puppets. Why does she have to try and like someone who puts her down all the time and is vendictive and nasty to so many other kids. Her problems need addressing. She is very 2 faced and sweet with the teachers but I've witnessed her bullying and so have Nikki and Jarryd. I am angry!!!!!!

So I am going to make it my mission to speak to some other parents who's kids are having problems with this child and make them do something about it. Yes I am angry that my daughter is on the end of this and comes home crying some nights but i am also very angry that she is getting away with it. I would speak to her mother who I know but I also know that she doesn't think that her kids do any wrong.

Sorry to rant but this school is supposed to have an anti bullying policy????

Anyway I will keep you posted.

Have a great week everyone.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back on Track

Just a very quick entry to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has commented here, on the weight watchers forum and facebook about my struggles.

I am very happy to say I feel so much more motivated and managed to lose 300g at weigh in last night taking the total to 21.5 kgs.

I know I am not alone in this struggle and I feel truly blessed with the wonderful friends I have made who know what it's like on this journey.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yes I am struggling!!

I have been on this weight loss journey a million times now. My best results have been between 10-25 kgs. But............................................

I get to this point and go back to a lot of my old bad habbits and I can feel myself slipping into those bad habbits again. I have lost 21.2 kgs so far but have lost the plot since easter. Well maybe I am being a little hard on myself because I have not put any weight back on, just not losing any either. Since I posted the picture of myself in my new jeans, I have had so many wonderful compliments and I thank everyone for that. But it's had a negative impact on me. It's like my head is saying you look great so you can eat what you want again. What's with that???

I have been sneaking the kids easter eggs and have now asked them to hide them or there will be none left - LOL!! Chocolate is my new best friend. I am craving it every day. And I feel I have no control over it.

Anyway this is not a cry for help. I know what I have to do and I will do it. I am proud that with all the crap I have eaten in the last 2 weeks, I haven't put any weight back on. Time will tell when I weigh in tomorrow night. I stayed exactly the same at weigh in last week which I was very happy with because of all the chocolate I ate over easter.

I won't give up. That is not an option. I just need to work through where my head is at right now and get past it. Any advice would be very welcome.

Onto other things............

Nikki is starting netball again this Saturday. But, she had training on Monday night and her ankle was a bit sore which it has been on and off for a few months now. She didn't make it through the training. By the middle of the session she couldn't even walk properly. I took her to the doctor last night and he thinks it could be tendon related and we have to go for an ultrasound next week. So she is very disappointed. First game Saturday and she will be watching on the sidelines. We won't know anything until after the ultrasound next Wednesday.

The insurance claim is progressing. The shed has been demolished. A much bigger job than anyone imagined. It took them nearly 3 days just to clear all the crap out and then a day to pull it down. We have had the go ahead for the new shed to be built so now just waiting for paperwork to come so we can sign and get it back to the contractor. In the mean time, the pool filter is not running because the pump is stuffed. Luckily it's not hot or the pool would be well and truly green by now.

We have been paid for all the contents by the insurance company and Steve has been shopping. I have had to stop him because obviously we've got no where to put anything so there are boxes everywhere in the house. We also managed to upgrade the home fridge and tv and the ones we have in the house will go into the shed. So I'm happy, a new 2 door fridge and an LCD TV for me!!!

It's my birthday on Saturday. How did that roll around so quick?? I've asked a few friends out for a Thai banquet at my favourite thai restaurant so it should be a great night. It will be a big day. Mum wants to do brunch and then Nikki wants to watch her netball team who are playing on the other side of town, then dinner.

I'll be back after tomorrow night to update my weight loss/gain.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Love/Hate Easter

I love easter because my precious children are so excited getting reading for the easter bunny. Nikki went to so much trouble making name tags for everyone and Ashleigh got things ready for the easter bunny to eat.

Not the greatest photo of me but this is the first pair of jeans I have worn in 30 years!! So exciting.
This week I lost 600g taking the total to 21.2 kgs. I am feeling so good about the way things are going. I can see lots of differences in my body and my fitness.
But this week is Easter!!
And I am struggling. I have been able to limit chocolate for just over 5 months now without too much trouble. But yesterday was like a green light to eat as much chocolate as I can. I think I had it in my head for the last few weeks that easter was going to be a hard time and has definitely sabotaged myself. The kids have chocolate already and I have been picking and sneaking just like I used to. Though having said that, I was chatting to some friends online tonight and the last few years I have had to replace bags of eggs before easter because I have opened them and eaten them. This year that hasn't happened so that's a win!!
So tomorrow when the kids get their eggs from the easter bunny, I will get them to hide them in their bedrooms so I can't see them in my face. What is it about easter chocolate. It tastes so much better than normal chocolate - LOL!!
I am not stressing about eating chocolate. It's not something I do every day anymore. Easter is once a year and I will get back on track. I am not going to put 21.2 kgs back on this weekend!!!
The insurance company has settled the claim for the shed and the ball is rolling. We have builders coming in on Tuesday to bulldoze the shed. I can't wait. Everytime I go out the back door I can smell the smoke still and looking at it is just a sad reminder of what happened. Steve is excited to be moving on and he is looking forward to a spending spree at Bunnings as soon as the new shed is built.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful easter break.

Friday, April 03, 2009

What a Week!!!

Pictures from the kite festival last weekend. I was very disappointed with it compared to last year. The picture of the close up kite is the kite Nikki is flying.

What a mess!!!!

First up, I had another small loss at weigh in last night - 200g taking the grand total to 20.6 kgs. Very happy with that. TTOM is due tomorrow and it is consistant with the pattern every 4 weeks or so.
For those who haven't read my news on facebook, we have had an interesting week. We were awoken with a start out of a deep sleep at 2am Sunday morning by people banging on the door and windows. At first I thought it was yahoos in the street letting off firecrackers but when our hazy minds came too, we realized that Steve's shed at the back of our property was on fire and the firecrackers were acually exploding paint cans and all the flammables a hoarding mechanic has in his shed. Our saving grace was our wonderful back neighbour who's bedroom window is next to the shed. She smelt smoke and came out to investigate and rang the fire brigade. By the time we had herded 4 kids out the front (we had one extra sleeping over) we could hear the fire brigade coming.
Thanks to our neighbours very quick actions they were able to contain the fire to just the shed. I shudder to think what could have happened if it was a windy night. Luck was on our side because it was a very still night.
Our wonderful neighbours on the other side took the kids back to their place and got blankets and hot milo for everyone. Steve and I were just in shock.
It turns out it was an electrical fire possibly from a faulty pool light transformer. I cannot heaps enough praise on the firemen. Steve has 3 tonne of firewood between the back fence and the shed and it wasn't touched. They did an amazing job. The cops showed up and all they wanted to know was if it was hydroponics!! As soon as they establised it wasn't they took off.
Anyone who knows Steve will know what his shed looked like. He is a shocking hoarder and had 30 years of his life in that shed. He has lost so many memories, all his trade school workshop manuels, boxes and boxes of magazines, tools, 3 glass cases of die cast bikes and cars and all the usual shed stuff. We've estimated about $30,000 all up. The insurance company SGIC have been fantastic and have already sent money for the cleanup. The pool area is a mess too. Because the filter and pump were next to where the fire broke out, the filter is stuffed and making dreadful noises so that will all have to be replaced.
The only good thing is that Steve will be able to start again. Sure he won't be able to replace all his old stuff and collections, but he will be able to have a brand new shed and contents to try and keep in order this time. I hope he's learnt his lesson about hoarding!!
So now we have the long task ahead of demolishing the shed and starting again. I just wish I could click my fingers and it all be done!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Woohoo I Did it!!!

Yes, I got to 20 kgs lost this week. Well 20.4 to be precise. Since the 31/10/08. So I am very happy with how far I have come in 5 months.

It's a great feeling and I am really starting to feel the difference now.

I'm off for a walk in about 5 minutes so just a quick update now. I'll be back later with some photos. It is the annual kite festival at Semaphore this weekend and we will be walking right past so I'm taking the camera. It's a gorgeous day so all the colourful kites will look fantastic.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!!

I lost 100g this week. Woohoo!!!!!!

You would think I lost 2 kgs wouldn't you? I had a blowout this weekend for the first time on this journey. It was Jarryd's party and out came the chicken nuggets, potato gems, chips, lollies and icecream cake. I had some of all of those and when I got on the scales Monday morning my weight was up about 1.5 kgs. I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about eating what I did because it's a very rare thing not an everyday thing.

So I made the decision to get back on track on Monday and by last night I had lost the 1.5 kgs + 100g extra. It was a great feeling.

I have another doctors appointment this afternoon to get my blood pressure checked again after it was slightly high 2 weeks ago. Not sure if it will have gone down. I feel my stress levels are definitely higher than usual and dealing with a 12 year old daughter who thinks she can say and do what she wants is not helping. I need to try and step back and not get involved in a yelling match with her because I am not going to win. I was the same at her age. Thanks Chris for your comment on my blog yesterday about this. I take on board what you said. I know you are talking from experience.

I have a fairly quiet weekend planned. Steve has had Hoyts picture tickets to use since October last year and they expire at the end of March so we are going to see something tomorrow. Then catching up with a lovely friend I met on the ww forums a couple of years ago for coffee on Sunday.

I'd better go. I want to go for a walk before I pick the kids up from school.

Have a great weekend everyone and please if you drop by, leave a comment to say hi. I know so many people read my blog by the location counter but so few leave messages. Even if you just say hi, I can then read your blog too. I love getting comments. I need to feel the love - LOL!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Close!!

I took Ashleigh and Jarryd on a walk with a fellow ww friend and her kids on Saturday morning and stopped at one of the many beach playgrounds we go to.

I am very happy to report a 1.6 kg loss this week taking the total now to 19.4 kgs. So close to 20 kgs gone forever. I guess I went against all the rules this week and didn't eat enough so I am very happy to have lost that much.

I have felt quite depressed about losing our dog. She was so much a part of our family and it's just so hard to get used to not having her around. When I am depressed or anxious about things I just don't feel like eating. I have been having 3 meals a day but just haven't felt hungry for much else. Oh well, like I said, I have stopped counting points anyway so I'll just keep going with what I am feeling and see where it takes me.
I've been tagged by Carlton and Jo, so I'll have a think about it and post it at a later date.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Bittersweet Weekend

Our night out on Saturday night with the ww girls

Saturday was truly one of the worst days of our lives. We had to have our german shepherd Bonnie put to sleep. She was nearly 15 years old and we had been expecting something like this to happen but it's still very hard to deal with. I came home Friday night after picking Ashleigh up from girls guides and she was dragging her back legs along the concrete. We knew straight away it was bad. Steve was out on a boys night so Nikki sat with her for hours. She didn't seem to be in pain or wasn't showing it. When Steve got home, he too sat with her for a few hours. I guess we all knew this would be goodbye. Saturday morning her breathing wasn't too good so we said our goodbyes and Steve took her to the vet. We knew she wouldn't come home.

Nikki was so upset. We all were but Nikki took it the hardest and cried most of the day. Nothing I could do but comfort her. Steve came back from the vet and broke down. I've never seen him like that. She was our first baby. We got her just after we got married 14 years ago. It's the little things that are so hard like her not greeting us when we drive in the roller door. Or she always sat out by the back door waiting for someone to come outside. And last night we had leftovers which I always put in Bonnie's bowl.
It is so very hard. She was one of our family!! RIP Bonnie. You will be very missed.

Onto a brighter note. We had a get together of some of the Adelaide weight watchers. We formed a facebook group with ladies who have or had over 30 kgs to lose. Derry, Sharon and Sonya are all very close or at goal and looked unreal. The others, Joanne, Jo, Tania, Kazz and myself are at various different stages of our journeys and we all looked hot too - LOL!!!

We had dinner at a thai restaurant and I think everyone really enjoyed their meals. Then onto Cibos for a coffee and a few of us headed to the casino. I had to catch a train home but a few of the others partied on and had a great night by all accounts. Thanks girls. It was just what I needed to take my mind off of things and I really enjoyed meeting the girls I hadn't met before. We'll definitely do it again soon.
Yesterday we had a family lunch for Jarryd's 8th birthday. It was a lovely day and Steve's parents and sister and kids drove over from the Yorke Peninsular for the day. My mum, grandma, sister, brother and SIL and their kids were there too so there were quite a few of us. Some of the kids went in the pool but I think it was pretty cold. It was a great day.
Then last night, Tania came over for our usual Sunday 5km walk. She brought her 6 month old daughter Mikayla with her and she was just delightful. Lots of smiles and chatting along the way. Thanks Tania. It was lovely to walk and chat about life.
This morning I caught up with a friend and her kids and we went for a walk in the sunshine and then came back to the Largs kiosk for coffee and got the kids some hot chips for lunch. It is a holiday here in Adelaide today for Adelaide Cup.
So like I said, it sure has been bittersweet this weekend!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Gotta Love Long Weekends

It's Adelaide cup weekend here. And Jarryd's birthday weekend. We have lots of family and a few friends here on Sunday so I have some cooking to do tomorrow. I will post some photos next post.

I had a 1.2 kg loss this week taking the total to 17.8 kgs. It was more than I hoped for considering I am on antibiotics for a stye in my eye. I am loving the freedom of not tracking. Well I am tracking but it's already done each day because I am following a broad menu plan that is up on my fridge. Basically 3 meals a day and fruit for snacks during the day and some sweeter things at night to combat the night munchies.

I had to go back to the doctor this afternoon to get my eye checked which is improving. I have to use this thick cream for 2 more weeks and then go back again. He checked my blood pressure and I was a bit shocked to see it had gone up a bit. 140/90. I don't know much about blood pressure because I've never been on the high side so not sure if it's anything to worry about. He asked if I was stressed. After coming home and thinking about it the answer is YES!!

I am dealing with a very head strong 12 year old who thinks she is 18 and can do what she wants and tells me often that she doesn't have any rights. I need to learn how to deal with this because at the moment I just blow up. I need to learn to ignore her because it's normal. I was the same. Always had to have the last say. And it is effecting my stress levels. I am getting crankier if someone drives slow in front of me and can feel myself getting stressed so much more these days. Any ideas for stress management????

I am off for a girls night tomorrow night with a group of Adelaide wwer's that are on various stages of our journeys. We are going to a thai restaurant for dinner and then we're going to hit the casino. I must remember the camera or Jo will kill me. So there will be photos.

Talking of photos. Lots have asked for progress photos. Do you know I still don't see a lot of difference. When you have 60 kgs to lose - 17.8 kgs is not alot. Yes that's right. I don't think I've admitted here that I have 60 kgs to lose.

I took progress photos at 10 kgs lost and I will do the same for 20 kgs and post them. But you might be lucky enough to see some from the girls night or Jarryd's party. If I can't avoid the camera that is - LOL!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

After my gain last week, I went back to basics and drew up a weekly menu planner taking into account lots of filling foods. I stuck to it to the letter and was rewarded with a 1.7 kg loss this week. Woohoo!!!! The total now is 16.6 kgs in 17 weeks.

Looking back on my gain last week, I truly believe it to be fluid. Last Thursday, weigh in day, I ate very little, drank about 3 or 4 cups of coffee and hardly drank any water. I hardly went to the loo and looking back I know that was the problem. Martine left a message on my last post that was along the lines of............. It's sometimes good to have a gain so you can go back over things and reaccess. That's exactly what I did and was duly rewarded.

So I am one very happy girl here tonight.

Very busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to check out a stye like growth on the inside of one of my eyelids. It's on the bottom of my left eye. Of course I have been thinking horrible thoughts. That's me so I'm going to get it looked at to put my mind at ease. Then I'm off to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner with a couple of girlfriends.

Saturday I have a dentist appointment to get a long overdue filling. And then I'm going to the Port V Geelong NAB cup game. Is it still called the NAB cup - LOL!!!

Sunday will be flat out. I'm catching up with another friend for lunch and then Nikki has netball trials in the afternoon. Then my Sunday walk with Tania and Jo. Hopefully Tania will make it this week. We missed you last week.

I can't believe it is only 2 weeks until Jarryd's birthday. My baby boy is going to be 8 :(
Where did those 8 years go? We were going to have a party on the Saturday but he came home last night with an invitation for another party that day so it might have to be next weekend instead. OMG that only gives me a week to organize something!! It can't be nearly March.

Have a fantastic week bloggers and thanks so much for all your support about my weight loss. I have made so many wonderful friends on this journey. True friends!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Unexplained Gain

Andrew McLeod was great signing all the kids things and so patient. He even got handed a newborn baby to hold and have his photo taken - LOL
This was taken at the 20/20 cricket game for the bushfire appeal.

This is our gorgeous sunset the other night and skinny Jo at the kiosk after our walk.

I think I spoke too soon last week about 15.6 kgs gone forever!!

I put on 700g this week for absolutely no reason. I haven't done anything different and it isn't TTOM so I will move on. Nothing I can do about it now. Thanks Jo for making me realise that it's not all about the scales. I can see so many differences now in my body and my fitness so it's all good really. Just disappointing.

I have revisited my tracker because my leader advised me to change things around a bit. I might be having too much salt and in the last 2 days not enough water so I'm probably retaining fluid. Water isn't an issue most of the time but I do have days where I know I haven't had enough. Also I need to eat more fruit. Although I am staying within points, I can see I am eating too many water iceblocks and also too many cruskits.

Anyway I am not dwelling on the gain. Next week will be a loss for sure.

Steve surprised me on Valentines day with a gorgeous gold bracelet. Things are going very well with us. We have both worked on the things that bothers us and we are both much happier.
I have put a couple of photos on of the fundraiser we went to on Tuesday night. The Adelaide Crows and Port Power AFL teams had a 20/20 cricket game to raise money for the bushfire appeal. It was a great night and the kids got lots of players autographs. They raised a lot of money and it feels good to be able to donate some money.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Little Loss

Well after losing 4 kgs in the last 3 weeks, I was fully expecting a small loss this week because of TTOM. I lost 300g which I am very happy with. Taking the grand total to 15.6 kgs gone forever.

Nothing much interesting to report this week. Just the usual work and school routine. The kids have all settled very well into school and they are all happy with their teachers. Ashleigh, who was the subject of bullying last year is happier than ever. One of the girls who bullyed her is in her class again and Ashleigh has come home on many occasions saying how nice she is to her now. Not sure what has turned her around but I'm not complaining. I am very happy with the way the school handled this because splitting up the 2 girls this year has worked out very well for us.

I, like everyone else has been devistated by the fires in Victoria. My best friend in Melbourne knows a few families that have lost loved ones and some of the stories are very distressing. The only good thing to come out of all this is the way Australians are pulling together and helping these people who have been left with nothing. It is going to be ongoing for months and years to come but I know they will be looked after and not forgotten.

Just a short post because I am about to walk and get the kids from school so I'd better get going.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and a lovely Valentines Day for those who celebrate the one they love. Steve might even get lucky - hahahaha!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I've got my 10%

Sunset on Australia Day at Semaphore. The beginning of the heatwave

My new hair. I had it coloured last night and am very happy with the result. And yes I know my computer desk needs tidying - LOL!!!!

I am a very happy girl tonight. I lost 2 kgs taking the total in 14 weeks to 15.3 kgs and I got my 10%. I am loving this journey and the wonderful friends I am making so I really want to thank each and every one of you for your support.

I truly believe it has finally sunk in that I don't need all the crap I used to eat and I'm not craving or looking for the chips, chocolate and lollies anymore. I'm enjoying trying new, healthy food and I'm loving the way I am feeling.

We had an interesting week. For those that don't know, Ashleigh had an accident in the pool on Sunday night. She accidently got hit with a plastic water pistol and the bleeding from her nose wouldn't stop. To make matters worse, the blood was coming out of her tear duct which I have never seen before and it really freaked me out. I called an ambulance but because of the heatwave in Adelaide, they took over 40 minutes and it had finally stopped so I cancelled it. The next night, she woke up at 1.30am and the bleeding was worse so I called the ambulance again. Luckily they were only about 10 mins away and advised us to go to the hospital to get it checked on case it was broken. Luckily that was ruled out and it hasn't bled since but it was very scary.

The weather has cooled down a little. After 7 or 8 days of over 35 degs with most of those days over 40, the last couple of days have been around 33. Bliss!!! Although tomorrow is going to be 43 again. I'm over it!!!!

The kids have settled back into school and life is a blur of school, work, sport, homework and normal household duties but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love this busy time in my life.

Steve and I are getting on so much better. He is communicating better and life is good. He even surprised me by winning one of those travel auctions to Mildura which will be fun. Not sure when we will take it though, maybe later in the year in Spring.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Weigh In

Just a quickie to let you know I lost another 1 kg last night taking the total to 13.3 kgs lost in 13 weeks. Very happy with that because I know I am retaining fluid with this disgusting hot weather.

I guess you would have to live on Mars if you didn't know Adelaide is having a record breaking heatwave. It's day 4 of 40+ temperatures. Wednesday got to 45.6 deg and it was just disgusting. It was like a sauna outside. We are expecting a cool change next week of 39 deg!! Up until last night's 7 day forecast there is just no relief.

So our pool is getting a big workout. Thank god for a pool in this weather. Steve is always complaining about the maintenance he has to do on it but when you look at the fun we've all had in it this week, it sure makes it all worth it.

I haven't walked since Monday which I am missing. This weather really takes it out of me and I just have no energy by the time I get home from work. Plus most nights have still been 40 deg at 9pm so there is no way I'm walking in that. I have been trying to do some laps of the pool but it's hard when there are so many people in the pool all the time. Oh well, I'm not too worried. It will cool down eventually.

So needless to say, all we will be doing this weekend is staying at home in the air conditioning and pool. I just hope we can see a change come through by next weekend.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day

Ashleigh's pavlova dessert. Looks so good but I didn't even crave it.

We saw so many pelicans.

Ashleigh looking for crabs.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day off for Australia Day. We've had an awesome weekend.

Went to pick up the kids from Stansbury and had a great couple of days away. It was so good to see Ashleigh and Jarryd after a week with nana and pa. Steve's mum suggested we go to the pub for tea without the kids but 2 volunteered to come with us. We walked along the beach to the pub and it was so nice. Pelicans, albatros and lots of seagulls made the trip very enjoyable. I love living and holidaying so close to the beach. I am truly blessed.

I got stuck into the sparkling rose and Steve and I ended up a little drunk. God knows how - LOL!! Made for a very funny walk home. I should mention here that Steve's Aunty took the kids back to Steve's mums for us in the meantime.

And even better we came home with so much garfish that Steve's brother caught.

Tania came to get me last night and as we had organized a walk along the beach. We both had a surprise when Jo turned up as well. Good old facebook network. We were just going to do jetty to jetty which is 3 kms but Jo pushed us further to do the 5 km walk I'm training for. Now 5 kms might not seem much to some of you but hey I wasn't walking at all 3 months ago. It was so nice to have such great company on a gorgeous night. After we had a coffee at our local beach cafe and we were talking so much, we had no idea it was nearly 10pm. Thanks so much girls. I really look forward to making this a regular event.

So today I'm having a lazy one. Got rid of 2 kids but gained 1 and they are in the pool. Adelaide is in for a big heat wave me thinks. 41 for the next 3 days and then high 30's for the forseeable future. Thank god for the pool and the new air conditioning in the car.

Have a wonderful Australia Day everyone. I'm so glad I live in this wonderful country.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Slack Blogger

Thought I should take an updated photo of me. Like most overweight people, I shy away from cameras but like someone pointed out - WHY!!

Photos don't lie. This is how other people see me. So in this photo I see a slimmer face. When I work out how to put photos on the side of my blog, I will put a disgusting before photo and then I can add my progress photos.

So talking about progress, I lost 1 kg this week taking the total to 12.3 kgs. Very happy with that. I have upped the exercise in preparation for a fun walk I am doing in Melbourne with SamH. I have about 2-1/2 months so be able to walk 5 kms without stopping. I have done this distance but always stop 1/2 way for a coffee. Don't think I can do this on a fun walk - LOL

As I mentioned in the last post, Steve and I had marriage counselling last week. Initially I was disappointed he still can't see my side of things but after having dinner out that night with some friends, I decided to make the effort to try and do what he wants. Like going to bed together to talk instead of him going to bed and me sitting up watching TV or being on the computer. Must say, we are communicating much better and this week has been a good week for both of us. I know I am expecting too much for my blokes bloke of a husband to change completely but he has definitely made an effort. He has even come walking with me twice this week which is something he didn't do before. So we shall see how things progress, but I am feeling a lot more positive about things. I also talked to him again about yelling at the kids so we shall see how that goes when all 3 are home together.

Ashleigh and Jarryd have been at Steve's mum and dads this week and we are going over to pick them up tomorrow. Back Sunday in time to walk with Tania and then Monday I am going to walk 5 kms with another friend and see how long it takes me. That night there will be fireworks at our local beach for Australia Day. Then the kids are back to school on Monday.

Also tomorrow we are having our car airconditioning fixed. It needs a whole new condenser which is going to cost about $500. Bugger, more expense but I'm not complaining about this one because we are expecting a week of very high temps next week. I think it will be up to 40 on Wednesday.

I want to say to every one of you who reads my blog or comments on facebook that I couldn't do this weight loss journey without you. I have so many people I look to for inspiration and motivation and I feel that I am winning this battle because of you. Please leave me a comment if you visit my blog. I love reading blogs and love getting comments on mine.

Have a fantastic long weekend everyone.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weigh in Day

Well the scales are still heading in the right direction. I lost exactly the same as last week - 900g taking the total now to 11.3 kgs. I started fast start yesterday so it will be interesting to see what the scales say next Thursday.

I'm also still very much on track with drinking 3 litres of water a day and have even got all the girls in the office motivated with the ww principles. I'm trying to walk 4 times a week and I'm really enjoying my walk to the beach to see the sunsets. I read on another blog about a website called I googled it and have worked out the walks I do. I am managing about 3 kms at a time. The other night I walked from Grange Jetty to Henley Jetty with a friend. It felt a lot longer than my normal jetty to jetty walk I do from my local jetty and I was totally buggered when we finished. When I tracked it, it was 5 kms!! No wonder I was stuffed!!

All good though because another wonderful person I have met through the ww forums - Sam (her blog link is in my side bar) has asked me if I would like to do a fundraising walk with her when I am in Melbourne in a couple of months. It is 5.1 kms I think. So I definitely need to do some more of those 5 km jetty walks before then.

I can't believe next week is the last week of the school holidays. Ashleigh and Jarryd are heading over to Stansbury to stay with Nana and Pa next week so it will be a very quiet house next week. Just Nikki, Steve and I.

Speaking of Steve. We have our counselling session tomorrow afternoon and I am feeling strangely nervous. I really wonder what we will get out of it. Nothing has changed despite me sitting him down and spelling it out a month ago. I'll let you know how we get on.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Sunday

We had a very productive day today. It was a glorious day here in Adelaide and we were up and out of the house by 10am. Mind you Steve left at 6.30am to play golf. Anyway I had organized to meet a friend at our local beach kiosk for a coffee this morning and I stood her up last week because I totally forgot we had arranged to meet. How bad is that?? I've never done that before. I blame old age!!

Ashleigh and Jarryd rode their bikes and I walked. I checked my mobile before I left and there was a message to say my friend couldn't meet us because her son was sick with an ear infection. We still went and I really enjoyed the walk in the sunshine. It used to be a 30 minute walk a few months ago but we got down there in 20 minutes today. Had a coffee and the kids had some chips for an early lunch. I had 5 chips and I tracked them - LOL!!

Then we had to drive to pick up Nikki from Port Wakefield. Half way point between Adelaide and Stansbury where she had been all week.

On the way up there I noticed a market garden shop and we dropped in on the way back. I spent $20 and came home with so much fruit, veg and even a 5 kg bag of spuds. Well worth the effort.

Jarryd has been missing Nikki so much. He told me Ashleigh's no fun because she doesn't fight back. She's the quiet, passive one. And Nikki and Jarryd are always tormenting each other. Well I kid not, within 5 mins of coming in the back door, Jarryd had sooked off to his room because of Nikki. Our peace has been shattered. It was so quiet without her.

I have been 100% on track so far this week. One thing that has been letting me down big time is drinking water. I was so busy at work last week, hours went past and I realised I hadn't even drunk one bottle of water. So this is day 2 of my water challenge. I challenged myself to drink 3 litres a day and so far, so good.

Back to work tomorrow but at least we have a few more coming back from holidays so hopefully the pressure will be off a bit.

Have a great week bloggers.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Scales are Heading Down Again

I have just finished week 10 of weight watchers and this week I lost 900g taking the total to 10.4 kgs. Woohoo I finally made it to 10 kgs lost. I have been dancing around that figure for 2 weeks now. Christmas certainly didn't help.

I had a lightbulb moment this week. About a month ago I bought a couple of work shirts which I hadn't worn yet because I hadn't been at work. Just plain button up shirts. I buy them at a factory outlet and they don't size them by number, they size them by M, L, XL, etc. I bought XXL which I really wouldn't know what the equavalent number is. When I put one on on Monday morning, it was like a potato sack. It looked ridiculous and it was swimming on me. I took them back today and got XL. So although I haven't noticed a huge difference in my journey so far, I realise that is a victory. I have gone down a size. I really don't want to buy too many new clothes at the moment for obvious reasons.

So my first week back at work has been crazy. Like a lot of places at this time of year we are on skeleton staff. There are only 3 of us there instead of the usual 10. We can't keep up. There have been days where I haven't even had lunch because I am the only one in the office. Oh well, I only work 9-1 tomorrow and then we have a few more coming back next week.

Nikki has been in Stansbury all week by herself staying with her Nana and Pa (Steve's mum and dad) I don't think she wants to come home and I don't blame her. She has been swimming and kneeboarding for the first time. Apparently she was a pro and didn't fall off at all. She'll be back on Sunday and then next weekend we head back so Ashleigh and Jarryd can have a week over there. When they come back on the Australia Day long weekend, it will be the start of the new school year.

Steve and I finally have a counselling date. Next Friday the 16th. I am looking forward to it and will be writing down a list of points to bring up so I don't get sidetracked. Wonder what we will get out of it.

Well I'm off to update my weight watcher tracker and head to bed. It's been a long week.

Have a great weekend everyone.