Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day

Ashleigh's pavlova dessert. Looks so good but I didn't even crave it.

We saw so many pelicans.

Ashleigh looking for crabs.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day off for Australia Day. We've had an awesome weekend.

Went to pick up the kids from Stansbury and had a great couple of days away. It was so good to see Ashleigh and Jarryd after a week with nana and pa. Steve's mum suggested we go to the pub for tea without the kids but 2 volunteered to come with us. We walked along the beach to the pub and it was so nice. Pelicans, albatros and lots of seagulls made the trip very enjoyable. I love living and holidaying so close to the beach. I am truly blessed.

I got stuck into the sparkling rose and Steve and I ended up a little drunk. God knows how - LOL!! Made for a very funny walk home. I should mention here that Steve's Aunty took the kids back to Steve's mums for us in the meantime.

And even better we came home with so much garfish that Steve's brother caught.

Tania came to get me last night and as we had organized a walk along the beach. We both had a surprise when Jo turned up as well. Good old facebook network. We were just going to do jetty to jetty which is 3 kms but Jo pushed us further to do the 5 km walk I'm training for. Now 5 kms might not seem much to some of you but hey I wasn't walking at all 3 months ago. It was so nice to have such great company on a gorgeous night. After we had a coffee at our local beach cafe and we were talking so much, we had no idea it was nearly 10pm. Thanks so much girls. I really look forward to making this a regular event.

So today I'm having a lazy one. Got rid of 2 kids but gained 1 and they are in the pool. Adelaide is in for a big heat wave me thinks. 41 for the next 3 days and then high 30's for the forseeable future. Thank god for the pool and the new air conditioning in the car.

Have a wonderful Australia Day everyone. I'm so glad I live in this wonderful country.


Chris H said...

*drooling*.. pavlova!
Your beach looks lovely, and the pelicans!
What neat birds they are. So cute looking.
Well done on the walk.

Jenny said...

I was very heartened by reading your last two posts. I pray that you and Steve continue to head in this direction. There is obviously love between you, otherwise neither of you would be trying. You may need to make a concerted effort to talk each week,and to even recap at the end of the week, how things have gone. I hope that Steve grows a little more patient with the kids. It is difficult when you both have different expectations of them.

Your beach looks lovely and your day sounds just perfect. Glad you had a lovely weekend. Stay cool in the following week, and I'm pleased the a/c is fixed in the car.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

So good to put an updated pic to a face!
Glad you and Steve are working on things... The first time I tried to get my ex to go to councilling he said.."you go... get yourself sorted and we will be fine"... !!!
Needless to say we are divorced now...
by the time he decided councilling might help it was too late for me...
No regrets...
keep smiling and get to bed early... if it helps.. do it!!!

Tania said...

I can almost imagine you and Steve walking along the beach in a drunken state ... lol

The walk was great on Sunday night wasn't it? I must be made because even in this heat wave i'm looking forward to doing it again on Sunday!

Enjoy the pool and your air conditioning in your car, this weather isn't easing off until at least this time next week :-( bring on winter I say ... lol