Saturday, March 28, 2009

Woohoo I Did it!!!

Yes, I got to 20 kgs lost this week. Well 20.4 to be precise. Since the 31/10/08. So I am very happy with how far I have come in 5 months.

It's a great feeling and I am really starting to feel the difference now.

I'm off for a walk in about 5 minutes so just a quick update now. I'll be back later with some photos. It is the annual kite festival at Semaphore this weekend and we will be walking right past so I'm taking the camera. It's a gorgeous day so all the colourful kites will look fantastic.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!!

I lost 100g this week. Woohoo!!!!!!

You would think I lost 2 kgs wouldn't you? I had a blowout this weekend for the first time on this journey. It was Jarryd's party and out came the chicken nuggets, potato gems, chips, lollies and icecream cake. I had some of all of those and when I got on the scales Monday morning my weight was up about 1.5 kgs. I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about eating what I did because it's a very rare thing not an everyday thing.

So I made the decision to get back on track on Monday and by last night I had lost the 1.5 kgs + 100g extra. It was a great feeling.

I have another doctors appointment this afternoon to get my blood pressure checked again after it was slightly high 2 weeks ago. Not sure if it will have gone down. I feel my stress levels are definitely higher than usual and dealing with a 12 year old daughter who thinks she can say and do what she wants is not helping. I need to try and step back and not get involved in a yelling match with her because I am not going to win. I was the same at her age. Thanks Chris for your comment on my blog yesterday about this. I take on board what you said. I know you are talking from experience.

I have a fairly quiet weekend planned. Steve has had Hoyts picture tickets to use since October last year and they expire at the end of March so we are going to see something tomorrow. Then catching up with a lovely friend I met on the ww forums a couple of years ago for coffee on Sunday.

I'd better go. I want to go for a walk before I pick the kids up from school.

Have a great weekend everyone and please if you drop by, leave a comment to say hi. I know so many people read my blog by the location counter but so few leave messages. Even if you just say hi, I can then read your blog too. I love getting comments. I need to feel the love - LOL!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Close!!

I took Ashleigh and Jarryd on a walk with a fellow ww friend and her kids on Saturday morning and stopped at one of the many beach playgrounds we go to.

I am very happy to report a 1.6 kg loss this week taking the total now to 19.4 kgs. So close to 20 kgs gone forever. I guess I went against all the rules this week and didn't eat enough so I am very happy to have lost that much.

I have felt quite depressed about losing our dog. She was so much a part of our family and it's just so hard to get used to not having her around. When I am depressed or anxious about things I just don't feel like eating. I have been having 3 meals a day but just haven't felt hungry for much else. Oh well, like I said, I have stopped counting points anyway so I'll just keep going with what I am feeling and see where it takes me.
I've been tagged by Carlton and Jo, so I'll have a think about it and post it at a later date.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Bittersweet Weekend

Our night out on Saturday night with the ww girls

Saturday was truly one of the worst days of our lives. We had to have our german shepherd Bonnie put to sleep. She was nearly 15 years old and we had been expecting something like this to happen but it's still very hard to deal with. I came home Friday night after picking Ashleigh up from girls guides and she was dragging her back legs along the concrete. We knew straight away it was bad. Steve was out on a boys night so Nikki sat with her for hours. She didn't seem to be in pain or wasn't showing it. When Steve got home, he too sat with her for a few hours. I guess we all knew this would be goodbye. Saturday morning her breathing wasn't too good so we said our goodbyes and Steve took her to the vet. We knew she wouldn't come home.

Nikki was so upset. We all were but Nikki took it the hardest and cried most of the day. Nothing I could do but comfort her. Steve came back from the vet and broke down. I've never seen him like that. She was our first baby. We got her just after we got married 14 years ago. It's the little things that are so hard like her not greeting us when we drive in the roller door. Or she always sat out by the back door waiting for someone to come outside. And last night we had leftovers which I always put in Bonnie's bowl.
It is so very hard. She was one of our family!! RIP Bonnie. You will be very missed.

Onto a brighter note. We had a get together of some of the Adelaide weight watchers. We formed a facebook group with ladies who have or had over 30 kgs to lose. Derry, Sharon and Sonya are all very close or at goal and looked unreal. The others, Joanne, Jo, Tania, Kazz and myself are at various different stages of our journeys and we all looked hot too - LOL!!!

We had dinner at a thai restaurant and I think everyone really enjoyed their meals. Then onto Cibos for a coffee and a few of us headed to the casino. I had to catch a train home but a few of the others partied on and had a great night by all accounts. Thanks girls. It was just what I needed to take my mind off of things and I really enjoyed meeting the girls I hadn't met before. We'll definitely do it again soon.
Yesterday we had a family lunch for Jarryd's 8th birthday. It was a lovely day and Steve's parents and sister and kids drove over from the Yorke Peninsular for the day. My mum, grandma, sister, brother and SIL and their kids were there too so there were quite a few of us. Some of the kids went in the pool but I think it was pretty cold. It was a great day.
Then last night, Tania came over for our usual Sunday 5km walk. She brought her 6 month old daughter Mikayla with her and she was just delightful. Lots of smiles and chatting along the way. Thanks Tania. It was lovely to walk and chat about life.
This morning I caught up with a friend and her kids and we went for a walk in the sunshine and then came back to the Largs kiosk for coffee and got the kids some hot chips for lunch. It is a holiday here in Adelaide today for Adelaide Cup.
So like I said, it sure has been bittersweet this weekend!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Gotta Love Long Weekends

It's Adelaide cup weekend here. And Jarryd's birthday weekend. We have lots of family and a few friends here on Sunday so I have some cooking to do tomorrow. I will post some photos next post.

I had a 1.2 kg loss this week taking the total to 17.8 kgs. It was more than I hoped for considering I am on antibiotics for a stye in my eye. I am loving the freedom of not tracking. Well I am tracking but it's already done each day because I am following a broad menu plan that is up on my fridge. Basically 3 meals a day and fruit for snacks during the day and some sweeter things at night to combat the night munchies.

I had to go back to the doctor this afternoon to get my eye checked which is improving. I have to use this thick cream for 2 more weeks and then go back again. He checked my blood pressure and I was a bit shocked to see it had gone up a bit. 140/90. I don't know much about blood pressure because I've never been on the high side so not sure if it's anything to worry about. He asked if I was stressed. After coming home and thinking about it the answer is YES!!

I am dealing with a very head strong 12 year old who thinks she is 18 and can do what she wants and tells me often that she doesn't have any rights. I need to learn how to deal with this because at the moment I just blow up. I need to learn to ignore her because it's normal. I was the same. Always had to have the last say. And it is effecting my stress levels. I am getting crankier if someone drives slow in front of me and can feel myself getting stressed so much more these days. Any ideas for stress management????

I am off for a girls night tomorrow night with a group of Adelaide wwer's that are on various stages of our journeys. We are going to a thai restaurant for dinner and then we're going to hit the casino. I must remember the camera or Jo will kill me. So there will be photos.

Talking of photos. Lots have asked for progress photos. Do you know I still don't see a lot of difference. When you have 60 kgs to lose - 17.8 kgs is not alot. Yes that's right. I don't think I've admitted here that I have 60 kgs to lose.

I took progress photos at 10 kgs lost and I will do the same for 20 kgs and post them. But you might be lucky enough to see some from the girls night or Jarryd's party. If I can't avoid the camera that is - LOL!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.