Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Close!!

I took Ashleigh and Jarryd on a walk with a fellow ww friend and her kids on Saturday morning and stopped at one of the many beach playgrounds we go to.

I am very happy to report a 1.6 kg loss this week taking the total now to 19.4 kgs. So close to 20 kgs gone forever. I guess I went against all the rules this week and didn't eat enough so I am very happy to have lost that much.

I have felt quite depressed about losing our dog. She was so much a part of our family and it's just so hard to get used to not having her around. When I am depressed or anxious about things I just don't feel like eating. I have been having 3 meals a day but just haven't felt hungry for much else. Oh well, like I said, I have stopped counting points anyway so I'll just keep going with what I am feeling and see where it takes me.
I've been tagged by Carlton and Jo, so I'll have a think about it and post it at a later date.
Have a great weekend everyone.


Martine said...


Congrulations on the great weight loss this week. Despite the difficult week you still managed to lose so that is a great achievement. I still struggle to get my head around the fact that eating not enough sometimes is as bad as eating too much, my losses are better now I eat more. Well done and ensure you reward yourself with something nice when you get to the 20 kg mark. I can imagine how pleased you are with your progress. Martine x

Chris H said...

A great loss mate... next week should see you hit the 20!

Jenny said...

Hello Dear Tina. You are doing great. I'm sorry you are feeling so down about your dear dog. It's natural though, and you just have to allow yourself to grieve. If you are eating three meals per day, you are still doing the right thing. I always enjoy it when I don't 'have' to snack in between meals. It's a nice feeling to just not crave stuff all the time. Hope you have a lovely weekend Tina.

chelsea-k said...

hey tina its chelsea,congrats on 1.6. ive created a blog and u r welcome to follow its, its,
see you soon

Tania said...

Congrats on the loss Tina, so pleased for you with what you're achieving.

Saying goodbye to Bonnie was always going to be tough on you and it will take time for you all to adjust, I do hope that things get easier for you all soon.

Look forward to catching up with you on Sunday.

Chris H said...

12 and telling you to go to hell eh? Hate to say it but it will get worse, and she will even 'forget' to come and say sorry eventually. Enjoy having some control still... cos it ain't gunna last. Try to remember too that the more you come down on them (like grounding them) the worse they will rebel. I NEVER grounded any of mine... they would have just climbed out the window if I did! Live and learn.... and grow a bloody thick skin.
I hope your's don't turn out as nasty as some of mine mate.

Jadey 0:-) said...

Congrats on the loss hun - 20kg gone is such an excciting marker. Have you got a reward in place for yourself?