Friday, January 30, 2009

Weigh In

Just a quickie to let you know I lost another 1 kg last night taking the total to 13.3 kgs lost in 13 weeks. Very happy with that because I know I am retaining fluid with this disgusting hot weather.

I guess you would have to live on Mars if you didn't know Adelaide is having a record breaking heatwave. It's day 4 of 40+ temperatures. Wednesday got to 45.6 deg and it was just disgusting. It was like a sauna outside. We are expecting a cool change next week of 39 deg!! Up until last night's 7 day forecast there is just no relief.

So our pool is getting a big workout. Thank god for a pool in this weather. Steve is always complaining about the maintenance he has to do on it but when you look at the fun we've all had in it this week, it sure makes it all worth it.

I haven't walked since Monday which I am missing. This weather really takes it out of me and I just have no energy by the time I get home from work. Plus most nights have still been 40 deg at 9pm so there is no way I'm walking in that. I have been trying to do some laps of the pool but it's hard when there are so many people in the pool all the time. Oh well, I'm not too worried. It will cool down eventually.

So needless to say, all we will be doing this weekend is staying at home in the air conditioning and pool. I just hope we can see a change come through by next weekend.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day

Ashleigh's pavlova dessert. Looks so good but I didn't even crave it.

We saw so many pelicans.

Ashleigh looking for crabs.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day off for Australia Day. We've had an awesome weekend.

Went to pick up the kids from Stansbury and had a great couple of days away. It was so good to see Ashleigh and Jarryd after a week with nana and pa. Steve's mum suggested we go to the pub for tea without the kids but 2 volunteered to come with us. We walked along the beach to the pub and it was so nice. Pelicans, albatros and lots of seagulls made the trip very enjoyable. I love living and holidaying so close to the beach. I am truly blessed.

I got stuck into the sparkling rose and Steve and I ended up a little drunk. God knows how - LOL!! Made for a very funny walk home. I should mention here that Steve's Aunty took the kids back to Steve's mums for us in the meantime.

And even better we came home with so much garfish that Steve's brother caught.

Tania came to get me last night and as we had organized a walk along the beach. We both had a surprise when Jo turned up as well. Good old facebook network. We were just going to do jetty to jetty which is 3 kms but Jo pushed us further to do the 5 km walk I'm training for. Now 5 kms might not seem much to some of you but hey I wasn't walking at all 3 months ago. It was so nice to have such great company on a gorgeous night. After we had a coffee at our local beach cafe and we were talking so much, we had no idea it was nearly 10pm. Thanks so much girls. I really look forward to making this a regular event.

So today I'm having a lazy one. Got rid of 2 kids but gained 1 and they are in the pool. Adelaide is in for a big heat wave me thinks. 41 for the next 3 days and then high 30's for the forseeable future. Thank god for the pool and the new air conditioning in the car.

Have a wonderful Australia Day everyone. I'm so glad I live in this wonderful country.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Slack Blogger

Thought I should take an updated photo of me. Like most overweight people, I shy away from cameras but like someone pointed out - WHY!!

Photos don't lie. This is how other people see me. So in this photo I see a slimmer face. When I work out how to put photos on the side of my blog, I will put a disgusting before photo and then I can add my progress photos.

So talking about progress, I lost 1 kg this week taking the total to 12.3 kgs. Very happy with that. I have upped the exercise in preparation for a fun walk I am doing in Melbourne with SamH. I have about 2-1/2 months so be able to walk 5 kms without stopping. I have done this distance but always stop 1/2 way for a coffee. Don't think I can do this on a fun walk - LOL

As I mentioned in the last post, Steve and I had marriage counselling last week. Initially I was disappointed he still can't see my side of things but after having dinner out that night with some friends, I decided to make the effort to try and do what he wants. Like going to bed together to talk instead of him going to bed and me sitting up watching TV or being on the computer. Must say, we are communicating much better and this week has been a good week for both of us. I know I am expecting too much for my blokes bloke of a husband to change completely but he has definitely made an effort. He has even come walking with me twice this week which is something he didn't do before. So we shall see how things progress, but I am feeling a lot more positive about things. I also talked to him again about yelling at the kids so we shall see how that goes when all 3 are home together.

Ashleigh and Jarryd have been at Steve's mum and dads this week and we are going over to pick them up tomorrow. Back Sunday in time to walk with Tania and then Monday I am going to walk 5 kms with another friend and see how long it takes me. That night there will be fireworks at our local beach for Australia Day. Then the kids are back to school on Monday.

Also tomorrow we are having our car airconditioning fixed. It needs a whole new condenser which is going to cost about $500. Bugger, more expense but I'm not complaining about this one because we are expecting a week of very high temps next week. I think it will be up to 40 on Wednesday.

I want to say to every one of you who reads my blog or comments on facebook that I couldn't do this weight loss journey without you. I have so many people I look to for inspiration and motivation and I feel that I am winning this battle because of you. Please leave me a comment if you visit my blog. I love reading blogs and love getting comments on mine.

Have a fantastic long weekend everyone.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weigh in Day

Well the scales are still heading in the right direction. I lost exactly the same as last week - 900g taking the total now to 11.3 kgs. I started fast start yesterday so it will be interesting to see what the scales say next Thursday.

I'm also still very much on track with drinking 3 litres of water a day and have even got all the girls in the office motivated with the ww principles. I'm trying to walk 4 times a week and I'm really enjoying my walk to the beach to see the sunsets. I read on another blog about a website called I googled it and have worked out the walks I do. I am managing about 3 kms at a time. The other night I walked from Grange Jetty to Henley Jetty with a friend. It felt a lot longer than my normal jetty to jetty walk I do from my local jetty and I was totally buggered when we finished. When I tracked it, it was 5 kms!! No wonder I was stuffed!!

All good though because another wonderful person I have met through the ww forums - Sam (her blog link is in my side bar) has asked me if I would like to do a fundraising walk with her when I am in Melbourne in a couple of months. It is 5.1 kms I think. So I definitely need to do some more of those 5 km jetty walks before then.

I can't believe next week is the last week of the school holidays. Ashleigh and Jarryd are heading over to Stansbury to stay with Nana and Pa next week so it will be a very quiet house next week. Just Nikki, Steve and I.

Speaking of Steve. We have our counselling session tomorrow afternoon and I am feeling strangely nervous. I really wonder what we will get out of it. Nothing has changed despite me sitting him down and spelling it out a month ago. I'll let you know how we get on.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Sunday

We had a very productive day today. It was a glorious day here in Adelaide and we were up and out of the house by 10am. Mind you Steve left at 6.30am to play golf. Anyway I had organized to meet a friend at our local beach kiosk for a coffee this morning and I stood her up last week because I totally forgot we had arranged to meet. How bad is that?? I've never done that before. I blame old age!!

Ashleigh and Jarryd rode their bikes and I walked. I checked my mobile before I left and there was a message to say my friend couldn't meet us because her son was sick with an ear infection. We still went and I really enjoyed the walk in the sunshine. It used to be a 30 minute walk a few months ago but we got down there in 20 minutes today. Had a coffee and the kids had some chips for an early lunch. I had 5 chips and I tracked them - LOL!!

Then we had to drive to pick up Nikki from Port Wakefield. Half way point between Adelaide and Stansbury where she had been all week.

On the way up there I noticed a market garden shop and we dropped in on the way back. I spent $20 and came home with so much fruit, veg and even a 5 kg bag of spuds. Well worth the effort.

Jarryd has been missing Nikki so much. He told me Ashleigh's no fun because she doesn't fight back. She's the quiet, passive one. And Nikki and Jarryd are always tormenting each other. Well I kid not, within 5 mins of coming in the back door, Jarryd had sooked off to his room because of Nikki. Our peace has been shattered. It was so quiet without her.

I have been 100% on track so far this week. One thing that has been letting me down big time is drinking water. I was so busy at work last week, hours went past and I realised I hadn't even drunk one bottle of water. So this is day 2 of my water challenge. I challenged myself to drink 3 litres a day and so far, so good.

Back to work tomorrow but at least we have a few more coming back from holidays so hopefully the pressure will be off a bit.

Have a great week bloggers.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Scales are Heading Down Again

I have just finished week 10 of weight watchers and this week I lost 900g taking the total to 10.4 kgs. Woohoo I finally made it to 10 kgs lost. I have been dancing around that figure for 2 weeks now. Christmas certainly didn't help.

I had a lightbulb moment this week. About a month ago I bought a couple of work shirts which I hadn't worn yet because I hadn't been at work. Just plain button up shirts. I buy them at a factory outlet and they don't size them by number, they size them by M, L, XL, etc. I bought XXL which I really wouldn't know what the equavalent number is. When I put one on on Monday morning, it was like a potato sack. It looked ridiculous and it was swimming on me. I took them back today and got XL. So although I haven't noticed a huge difference in my journey so far, I realise that is a victory. I have gone down a size. I really don't want to buy too many new clothes at the moment for obvious reasons.

So my first week back at work has been crazy. Like a lot of places at this time of year we are on skeleton staff. There are only 3 of us there instead of the usual 10. We can't keep up. There have been days where I haven't even had lunch because I am the only one in the office. Oh well, I only work 9-1 tomorrow and then we have a few more coming back next week.

Nikki has been in Stansbury all week by herself staying with her Nana and Pa (Steve's mum and dad) I don't think she wants to come home and I don't blame her. She has been swimming and kneeboarding for the first time. Apparently she was a pro and didn't fall off at all. She'll be back on Sunday and then next weekend we head back so Ashleigh and Jarryd can have a week over there. When they come back on the Australia Day long weekend, it will be the start of the new school year.

Steve and I finally have a counselling date. Next Friday the 16th. I am looking forward to it and will be writing down a list of points to bring up so I don't get sidetracked. Wonder what we will get out of it.

Well I'm off to update my weight watcher tracker and head to bed. It's been a long week.

Have a great weekend everyone.