Friday, January 23, 2009

Slack Blogger

Thought I should take an updated photo of me. Like most overweight people, I shy away from cameras but like someone pointed out - WHY!!

Photos don't lie. This is how other people see me. So in this photo I see a slimmer face. When I work out how to put photos on the side of my blog, I will put a disgusting before photo and then I can add my progress photos.

So talking about progress, I lost 1 kg this week taking the total to 12.3 kgs. Very happy with that. I have upped the exercise in preparation for a fun walk I am doing in Melbourne with SamH. I have about 2-1/2 months so be able to walk 5 kms without stopping. I have done this distance but always stop 1/2 way for a coffee. Don't think I can do this on a fun walk - LOL

As I mentioned in the last post, Steve and I had marriage counselling last week. Initially I was disappointed he still can't see my side of things but after having dinner out that night with some friends, I decided to make the effort to try and do what he wants. Like going to bed together to talk instead of him going to bed and me sitting up watching TV or being on the computer. Must say, we are communicating much better and this week has been a good week for both of us. I know I am expecting too much for my blokes bloke of a husband to change completely but he has definitely made an effort. He has even come walking with me twice this week which is something he didn't do before. So we shall see how things progress, but I am feeling a lot more positive about things. I also talked to him again about yelling at the kids so we shall see how that goes when all 3 are home together.

Ashleigh and Jarryd have been at Steve's mum and dads this week and we are going over to pick them up tomorrow. Back Sunday in time to walk with Tania and then Monday I am going to walk 5 kms with another friend and see how long it takes me. That night there will be fireworks at our local beach for Australia Day. Then the kids are back to school on Monday.

Also tomorrow we are having our car airconditioning fixed. It needs a whole new condenser which is going to cost about $500. Bugger, more expense but I'm not complaining about this one because we are expecting a week of very high temps next week. I think it will be up to 40 on Wednesday.

I want to say to every one of you who reads my blog or comments on facebook that I couldn't do this weight loss journey without you. I have so many people I look to for inspiration and motivation and I feel that I am winning this battle because of you. Please leave me a comment if you visit my blog. I love reading blogs and love getting comments on mine.

Have a fantastic long weekend everyone.


Bonnie said...

Hi Tina--I found your blog through Kathie's. What a great blog you have--so open and honest. I really admire you for being able to do that. Congratulations on your weight loss! There are so many of us working on that this year--I am sure we can all make it. Blessings to you and your beautiful family! I have been through my own marital struggles before and am a trained counselor--if you ever want to just talk shoot me an email.


Tania said...

Tina, i'm so, so pleased that things are improving between you and Steve. I hope that things continue to be positive in your marriage and you work through this.

As to your weight loss - well you know I think you're super woman - working 5 days a week, juggling a home and family and still finding time to focus on yourself to achieve your weight loss goals - you've inspired me to believe I can do it too :-)

Hope you have a nice trip to Stansbury and peace is back in the house with all 3 kids home again. See you tomorrow night.

Trish said...


I am glad you updated your photo - you are looking terrific.

Hope things continue to improve with hubby


Joanne said...

Wow your face look so much thinner! You are looking great!

Khris said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I am planning on finding a WW next week to join. Have been on holidays for 3 months and put on more weight so have to start now and get motivated. I am checking out blogs to help with that and am pleased to have come across yours and others to inspire me. Hugs Khris