Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good News at Last

This is what the girls and I got up to last night. Cleaning out the dress up box.
As you can see the girls had a ball, trying on heaps of different costumes.
Nikki got this devil costume in her showbag a couple of years ago.

The orange skirt and top Ashleigh is wearing is about 5 years old. I have a photo somewhere of Nikki and Ashleigh wearing matching outfits when they were 4 & 5. The skirt barely goes around her legs now - lol. Ashleigh's friend Mikayla is in the middle.

I got my test results back yesterday and I am very pleased to say my iron levels have nearly doubled in 6 weeks. I was so relieved and very happy because I have been doing all the right things to increase my iron rich foods. And it has paid off. The doctor has now taken me off of the iron tablets and I have to go back in 3 months for another blood test.

It has been another incredibly busy weekend. Yesterday we had Jarryd's soccer game in the morning and then I had to get Nikki from a party she went to at Glenelg. Then rushed back to get to the doctor. Ashleigh had a friend sleeping over last night. I thought it would be fun to get the kids involved in a job I have been putting off for ages. Cleaning out the dressup box area in our family room.

It had gotten to the stage where it was overflowing with crap like old shoes and bags that I cleaned out of my wardrobe when we got our new robes earlier this year. plus there was heaps of old clothes that the kids don't dress up in anymore so we put a lot of stuff in a goodwill bag and a lot of stuff in the bin. It entertained the kids for hours and got a long overdue job done at the same time.
Today Nikki had a dancing competition. She had to be in town at 1pm with hair and makeup done so as usual with us, it was a mad rush. Her troupe got a 1st place for their hip hop routine. I forgot my camera so no photos.
Then I had arranged to meet a friend I only get to see a couple of times a year at Norwood. Monique and I lived together about 20 years ago and our worlds have gone in such different directions but we have always kept in touch. She married a pilot and has travelled the world before coming back to Adelaide about 3 years ago. When she first got married they moved to Tonga and then a few years later they moved to Oman near Saudi Arabia. Her kids are a bit older than mine and are both at high school. It was great to catch up with her although we only had a couple of hours together. We had coffee at a cafe and my kids had an amazing piece of 'Death my chocolate' cake which they shared. I took a photo with my phone but don't have a computer connection to get the photo on the computer so I will try and get a lead and post the photo later because it looked amazing.
The best part of the day was watching my football team beat Geelong in an amazing finish. Luckily the cafe had 2 huge plasma screen TV's. GO POWER!!!!!!!!!
So now it's 10.20pm, kids are finally asleep and I'm ready for bed. The new week begins again. But the good thing is we are getting closer to Queensland. Only 5 weeks and 4 days to go!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Results Yet

Sorry for the lack of updates again, but it is an extra busy time of year here.

Firstly I get my test results back on Saturday so I will definitely post the results then. Thanks Am for asking and a huge congratulations on your exciting news.

Nikki has her dancing competition on Sunday and as usual it's been a mad rush getting costumes organised. Luckily Ashleigh's group weren't ready to be entered into the comps so I didn't have to worry about her costumes.

I can't believe it's only 6 weeks today until we go on our Queensland holiday. It's been a long time in the planning and now it's so close. Unfortunately we haven't saved as much money as we would have liked but thanks to extra money in our tax refunds, we should get by.

I'll be back on the weekend to let you all know the results of my iron blood test.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a Week!!

They say things come in three's. Well that sure came true this week.

On Wednesday Steve jammed his thumb in a forklift he was working on at work. He was sent for x-rays to see if it was broken but thankfully it wasn't. Just a bit squashed!!

You may notice from the photo that Jarryd has lost both his front teeth. Well there's a story to that. He was having a shower on Thursday night and I heard a thud followed by screaming. I raced in and he had slipped over and he was holding his mouth. There was blood pouring down his arm and all he could say was "my teeth" I grabbed a towel and got him out of the shower and shoved the towel in his mouth not realising that both of his front teeth were on the shower floor. The shower was still running so I rescued his teeth, turned the shower off and wrapped him in another towel. He was still screaming. I have never seen so much blood. Steve wasn't home but Nikki was wonderful and helped me out. He sat cuddled on my lap until he had calmed down enough for me to have a look at the damage. He had also cut inside the bottom of his lips in 2 places and I could see marks on the outside under his lips so he must have been mightly close to putting his teeth through his skin before they came out.

One of the teeth was wobbly but the other wasn't. I wasn't prepared to seeing my baby losing both front teeth. But as you can see from this photo, he is pretty proud of himself now.

Also during the week Nikki had a very heavy fall at school on the arm she broke in 2 places a couple of years ago. She has a huge graze around her elbow and as a precaution we took her to the doctor but after having a good feel around, he didn't think there was any damage. He told us to keep an eye on it and if it got painful or started to swell up, to get an x-ray done. Well of course, last night exactly that happened. She was in so much pain I decided to get her up to the childrens hospital to get it checked out. Mainly because they had all her records there from last time.
After an x-ray and 3 doctors looking at it, it was decided that there was an area of concern but it probably was normal gowth. Apparently elbow injuries in kids are hard to diagnose but they were happy that it was ok. She did have to have a tetnus injection because the graze was so bad and there was a risk of infection.

So it was one hell of a week!!

I got a bargain last week. This is the TV unit I bought off of ebay for $130. It is solid timber and it took 3 men to get it into the house. The photo doesn't show how big it is. It takes up nearly the whole wall of our lounge room.

I have been selling lots of the kids clothes on ebay. I have bought lots of things but have never had a go at selling and I have done very well in my first week. It has inspired me to go through all the kids drawers and have a clean out. I haven't even touched Jarryd's room yet.

Life is as busy as ever. We seem to have a kids birthday party nearly every weekend. This weekend Jarryd has 2 parties to go to. It sure gets expensive.

Speaking of money. This year I decided to do my tax online after doing it though ITP every year. We never have much to claim. I did mine first and it worked out I would get around $300 back which is standard for me. When I did Steve's it said he would get back nearly $4000!!! I was convinced I had done something wrong but we got our returns within a week and they were both correct. We can't work out why his was so high. He must be having more tax taken out than he should, but I'm not complaining about that. It has paid the school fees and the rates for the year and we have some over for our holiday. Yahoo!!!!

I have another blood test next Friday for my iron levels. They better have improved. I have been doing well with my iron enriched diet. So time will tell. I don't want to think about where we go if they have dropped again.

Steve is away playing golf this weekend. It was my brother's birthday yesterday and we had afternoon tea at mum's today. It was so good to catch up with my family. We just don't see each other enough. I see my mum a few times a week because she picks the kids up from school twice a week, but I hardly see my brother and his family. They don't love that far away but because of both our busy lives, it's hard to get together that often. So it was a great afternoon.

We are going to see Steve's family for Father's Day this year. They live in the country about 2 hours away and again we just don't get to see then enough. It was easter when we were last over there so it's long overdue.

September is the busiest month for us. I have 2 of my best friends who are having 40th's and we have about 10 other birthdays that month, Nikki's on the 1st October and then we go away on October 4th. So the next 8 weeks until we go away are going to be busier than ever. We sure will deserve a holiday after that!!

Have a great week everyone.