Sunday, August 10, 2008

Winter Is Making Me Sick and Miserable!!

When I went out to get the paper this morning, I found that it had been hailing. So I decided to play a trick on the children.

I took some photos and told them it had snowed!!

They were so excited. I am so evil.

We have had so much rain over the last week which is unreal but I am over it now. It is cold and wet and today it only got to 11 deg. If we get much more, Steve will have to drain some out of the pool. It is full to the brim.

I have developed a chesty cough and very clogged head. I have felt like crap today but I am going to tough it out for a couple more days and hopefully I won't need to go to the doctor. Being asthmatic I usually get a couple of chest infections during winter but can mostly fight them off without having to get antibiotics.

Jarryd had to play soccer in the rain again yesterday and I felt so sorry for him. He was in the backline and because his team is so good, the ball hardly ever came down to him. I felt like taking a towel out to him to dry him off. He was standing on the field all by himself - dripping and looking so miserable!!
The blogger in me was so pissed off that I didn't have the camera - LOL.

We had a few friends over last night for a meal and a card night. This is something we used to do every couple of months but lately it has been more like every 6 months. It had been ages. Everyone bought a dish. I made laab - a spicy thai chicken dish served with rice and tuna mornay. Someone else bought lasagna and the other couple got a cheesecake from the Cheesecake shop. It was a great night and I think we won a little bit of money.

Speaking of money, my ebay auctions are doing really well. I have sold over $200 so far. Pity ebay have taken $50 of that in fees. And I still have a lot of interest in the things still going.

I bought myself a treadmill on ebay. I have been watching one that was pickup near us and it started at $300. A hardly used York brand. It had no bids for days and then there were a couple yesterday. I went in at the last minute and got it for $406. Considering I had $500 to spend, I was very happy with that.

Not that I feel well enough to be exercising right now, but as soon as we get it I am going to start with 20 minutes a day and build it up from there.

Not much else to report this week. I have finished sequinning Ashleigh's dance costume for her competition next Sunday. They have a full dress rehearsal tomorrow night so hopefully it is right and I don't have to do any more to it.

Jarryd has 3 birthday parties next weekend so he is going to be very busy. Steve is playing golf on Sunday so next weekend is shaping up to be very busy for me.

Have a great week bloggers and stay warm.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Long Overdue Update

This may sound very boring to some but on Friday we went for a walk over our new Port River Bridge. It was a huge day for people in our area because they have been building this bridge for over 3 years and it is finally open. It was a freezing cold day as you can see by how we are all rugged up.

This Bridge cuts about 10 minutes off my trip to work every day so it is very exciting to finally be open. Ashleigh was involved in the opening ceremony. She made this flag and along with lots of other local school kids, they displayed the flags.

In other exciting news, Ashleigh's budgie has laid her first egg. She is going to be a mummy. Sky (pictured with Ashleigh) and Barney, her new bird have been going for it for weeks. The kids have been fascinated - LOL!!
So we went out and got a nesting box and she has been sitting on the egg. So hopefully, we will have a baby budgie very soon.

What else has been happening???

Everyone in our house has coughs and sniffles. It is so cold here and thankfully we have had lots of rain with it so that's good. God knows, we need the rain so desperately.

After reading about a few bloggers decluttering, namely Chris H and Kate, I got into the decluttering mode as well. I have so many piles of clothes that the kids have grown out of, I sorted and photgraphed them and listed them on ebay. Very time consuming, but I have listed some good things so hopefully I will get good money for them. I have 2 pairs of tap shoes and 2 pairs of jazz shoes that are listed and so far there is a lot of interest, so it will be good to get rid of them.

And then spend again. In the last week, Nikki and Ashleigh have needed new sandshoes. Everything Ashleigh has put on so far in this cold weather has been far too short so she has grown the most in the last 12 months. I wish I could put a brick on their heads. I am so enjoying this stage of being a mummy.

I got a letter today from Medicare Dental Care for teens!!! What the???? How did Nikki get to be nearly a teenager? I am entering the next phase of my life with trepidation. I know all you mums of teens and even my mum will say 'It only get's worse!!' I have been thinking so much about my eldest daughter becoming independent and living her life - not mine. I don't think I like it :(

Please any mother of teenagers - I need advice. Don't be shy - jump right in and leave a comment. Come on I know I have a lot of lurkers. Please stop by and say hi.

I need to get creative with this blog. I need colour in my life!!

And for all you Collingwood people, thankyou, thankyou for taking the spotlight off my team - Port Adelaide. I'm looking to next year now with the talent in our team. Some of those young boys are good eye candy. Isn't that why us women go to the football!!

Anyway I better go and get tea ready. Home made pizza tonight. My eating went off the rails this weekend. Ashleigh bought home the fundraising chocolate. Bad idea Ashleigh!! Evil stuff.

Enjoy the rest of your week.