Sunday, November 18, 2007

Where did the Weekend Go??

We were in the pool this afternoon when Nikki's friend's dad came to pick her up. I asked what the time was and it was 6pm. I honestly thought it was about 3pm. Where did the day go??

We had a lovely relaxing day in the pool today. It was hot (not sure of the temp) and we had a few friends over and also my sister and her 3 year old boy so it was a great day. I sure didn't feel guilty about doing nothing today because yesterday was a big day doing a few jobs that needed doing.

I seem to go around in circles. By the time I finish all the tidying of rooms and all the other chores, it's time to start again. Like tidying of kids rooms. Why is that always such a big job? Our main problem is total lack of storage space in the girls room. It is bursting at the seams. So our next project is bunk beds for that room and then it frees up a wall so we can put built in robes. I can see a trip to Ikea coming up.

So yesterday we got lots of little jobs done like unpacking the suitcases properly and putting them away and emptying out the shoe basket (which was overflowing) and getting rid of all the shoes that don't fit anymore. I also swept around the pool and entertaining area. And our last job of the day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

After much pestering by the kids, we put up the christmas tree!!

We went to see Father Christmas Friday night so I guess it was ok to put up the tree. I know it's early to see Father Christmas but there is method in my madness. Firstly there were no lines, we walked straight in to the Magic Cave in the city. This is always packed most times we go and we usually have to line up. So it does pay to go early. And secondly I have put the kids presents away so this way they can't change their minds.

Nikki was going to ask for Bindeez (but can't now because of the recall) so she asked for a skateboard. Ashleigh asked for Rainbow Magic books and Jarryd asked for Lego.

I will take a photo of the tree and post it next time. It really does look nice.

Then after our big day yesterday we went to a quiz night last night. We had a great time and came home with lots of goodies.

So already it's back to work tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be 38 and 39 deg for the next 2 days. Roll on Christmas. I get another 2 weeks holiday!!

Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Weekend Gone

But I'm glad this one is over.

The girls had their end of year dancing concert today and it went really well. I have spent most of the week catching up on things I have missed over the last 3 weeks while we were away. So it has been rather chaotic.

Unfortunately I haven't got any photos to share because we had to drive around for over 1/2 an hour looking for a park so I didn't get backstage before the show started. And you aren't allowed to take photos when the kids are on stage.

The concert is held in the city and it was chaos in there today. Apart from it being rememberence day, there were markets on at the festival theatre and some sort of rally through the city so it was very busy.

And the best part . . . . . . . . . . . .

It's all over for another year. No more dancing on Monday and Wednesday nights.

I want to do a plug for my daughter Ashleigh's blog. She is getting very good at updating it herself and is very proud of herself so have a look and leave a message to say hello.

Have a great week everyone. It's getting hotter during the week and it's supposed to be mid 30's by the weekend. We might get a chance to get into the pool.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Warning - Long Photo Post Ahead

The following photos are a few of the 450 photos we took. We had the most amazing holiday and we will all have lifetime memories.

Just a shame it goes so quickly.
This was where we stayed for our 1st night. The Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas. We splurged big time and got a 3 bedroom apartment. It was beyond luxurious. This is the lounge but there was a formal dining room, a casual meals area, kitchen, 3 bedrooms - main with ensuite and spa. The main bedroom upstairs looked over the living area.

The whole resort is built around the water and it was just stunning. I wish we could have afforded to stay longer.
Our own private pool at the Sheraton. You can see our apartment in the background.

Our first encounter with a cane toad. He was swimming in the pool, but eventually got sucked into the filter - YUK!!!

We did a rainforest walk through Mossman George near Port Douglas which was exhausting but just stunning.

This is where Jarryd spent most of the walk because his new croc shoes were making blisters on his feet.

Poor Steve. He was shattered at the end!!!

The girls and I went snorkelling on the Barrier Reef. Another huge highlight for me.

This groper was very tame and was rather used to having his photo taken.

Sorry, but there is no way I was having my photo taken in my bathers.

We did a daytrip to Cape Tribulation which is the highest you can travel in Qld without a 4 wheel drive. The kids didn't get a chance to swim. A tourist bus driver said it's too risky even though the stingers don't really come in until November.

Jarryd was very interested - NOT!! He is playing his nintendo under that towel.
The marks in the sand are where the crabs dig their holes.

The swimming lagoon on the Cairns forshore. Most of the bigger cities have swimming pools on the foreshore because you can't swim in the ocean for 6 months of the year. Too dangerous for box jellyfish.

We went on the skyrail to Kuranda in Cairns.

A beautiful journey in a gondola on a cable through the rainforest.

This sign gave us a laugh every time we saw it.

Apparently cassuarys can do some serious damage to cars.

How good is this Water Park in Townsville. It's on the foreshore and it's free.

You can just see Jarryd in the photo of the water coming down. He is on the right with a red hat on.

This goana or lizard of whatever it is was walking around outside our door at our resort in Townsville. He was huge!!
The main street of Airlie Beach. Another beautiful place.
The Big Mango near Bowen. I was disappointed it mango season hadn't quite started.
Probably my favourite place of the holiday. Hamilton Island.

What a wonderful place. Very expensive though.

Ashleigh is standing on the balcany of our room so the view was wonderful.

We swam everyday in 1 of the 5 pools around us.

This was taken at the caravan park we stayed at in Hervey Bay. The grounds were just gorgeous and the kids spent ages feeding the birds and the turtles in the pond.

For us, caravan park accomodation was the way to go. Some of the cabins were more luxurious than the resorts.

Australia Zoo day. We had a wonderful day and I was surprised at how much there was to see and how much walking we did.

Somehow though it just didn't feel the same without Steve Irwin although his face is still everywhere in the park.

The view of the pool from our 22nd floor Surfers apartment. The pool was amazing. It's called Beaches in the sky and it's on the 5th floor.

The other photo is my cousin's backyard in Brisbane. It is a tropical oasis and this photo doesn't do it justice. They have been on so many gardening shows with their garden.
Movieworld day. I thought Movieworld was the best park this time around. Lots of characters for the kids to meet and Jarryd was lucky enough to be picked in the Bonnie & Clyde show.

It was a little rainy but we still had a fantastic day.

A couple of photos from Dreamworld and White Water World.
The girls went on every water ride so many times. They didn't stop all day.
Same with Dreamworld. Every ride and roller coaster.
And you are never too old for Wiggle World.

We had an unreal day at Currumbin.

I went there as a kid and remember the lorikeet feeding.

Jarryd was a bit upset because they jump over your arms and scratched him. Nikki was chosen for the snake show. She was very brave. I'm not so keen to have a snake around my neck.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Back to Reality

Home Sweet Home.

I can't really say I am happy to be back. I loved Queensland and wish I could have had longer, but all good things must come to an end.

I have lots of photos to post but that will have to wait for another day. We got home at 9.30pm last night and after a bit of unpacking and washing today, we had a birthday party to go to so I am stuffed.

Also it's going to take a bit of adjusting to daylight saving. Queensland don't have daylight saving and it was dark by 6.30pm up there. It was coming in dark tonight and I looked at my watch and it was 8.30pm and the kids hadn't even had tea!!!!

So right back into it tomorrow. Kids back at school and Steve and I back at work. Talk about coming home to a huge week. The girls have their end of year dancing concert next Sunday and Nikki has a full dress rehearsal tomorrow night and then Ashleigh's is on Wednesday night. I don't even have all the costumes yet. Let's hope they can remember their moves after 5 weeks off dancing.

I hope I don't have to sew any sequins!!!!

I'll be back soon with a huge photo post.