Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Warning - Long Photo Post Ahead

The following photos are a few of the 450 photos we took. We had the most amazing holiday and we will all have lifetime memories.

Just a shame it goes so quickly.


Chris H said...

Awesome neat pictures girl!!! They will remind you of what an amazing time you all had for sure!!!!

Jenny said...

Tina, what an amazing holiday. Personally I prefer Movie World out of the theme parks. I would love to visit all the places you have visited. I have lived in Qld for 18 years and have never been further north than Bundaberg.

Hope you have managed the costume dramas for the week.

Miss Beck said...

I logged onto Google reader and it told me you had updated with 19 posts and I thought.... SURELY NOT!

What a fantastic holiday!!! WOW.

Pauline said...

Wonderful memories Tina and it is great that you record them. I loved Airlie Beach when we went up to Q over 30 years ago now. No doubt it has changed somewhat.
Catch up soon
Pauline xxxx

Tania said...

What great photos Tina, hope the kids have adjusted back into a routine, I had a hard enough time after only having 1 week off.

I got your email this morning and catching up before Christmas should be fine - i'll get back to you soon with some dates.