Saturday, October 28, 2006

The beach is behind us and there is a great cafe on the other side so it is an excellent spot to entertain the kids and have a coffee at the same time.

This photo shows what a gorgeous day it was in Adelaide today. Though I did see on the weather tonight that it was only about 17 deg today. That's why we all have jumpers on.

Nikki had her face painted too but she looks a bit ghostly. It's meant to be stars and moons but it had worn off quite a lot when this photo was taken.

Check out this slippery dip. It's built into the ground and the kids have to climb up the rocks to get up to the top.

Ashleigh had her face painted at the kindy garage sale today.

Sequins everywhere

I didn't make it back here this week because I have been sequinning. The girls have their dancing end of year concert in a couple of weeks and have a full dress rehearsal next week. Ashleigh's costume required alot of sequins. It has a very full skirt and I had to put sequins all over it. I thought it would never end!!!! But I have finally finished. I will take a photo at the dress rehearsal so you can see it.

Now onto weight matters. I lost 1.7 kgs this week. I was shocked. I have been naughty and have been jumping on the scales most days and I thought I would lose about 1 kg but this morning it showed I lost 1.7 kgs this week. So I am very happy with that. It takes it to 5.5 kgs in 3 weeks.

Ashleigh has started playing school cricket and had her first game last night. It's supposed to be a summer sport but it was absolutely freezing with a icy wind blowing. No-one was anywhere near rugged up enough so we were glad to get home.

This morning we went to our local kindy's annual garage sale. It was where all my kids went to kindy so it was lovely to go back and see all the teachers and lots of kids we knew. Nikki and Ashleigh had their faces painted as you can see from the photos. The kids all got some bargains. Jarryd got a buzz lightyear backpack for 50c and Nikki got a pair of Bratz ugg boots for 10c. Can you believe that? I think they were just happy to get rid of a lot of things because they had to pack everything up that wasn't sold and give it to charity.

Ashleigh is such a thinker. She walked around the brick brack stall for about 1/2 an hour before she decided what to buy with her money. She finished up with a gorgeous glass bell and a wine glass that she put juice in when she got home pretending it was wine. It was so funny. The kids all got toys for 5c each. Jarryd had to have a toy pool table which had cues but no balls. It was hilarious. We walked there but I rang Steve to come and get us because I couldn't have walked home with all the bags we had. It was a fun morning.

This afternoon, I met a friend and her kids at our new beach playground. It was a lovely day and the kids had a ball. Karen and I had a coffee and a chat while the kids played on the playground. I have taken a few photos so you can see what a gorgeous day it was here today.

Tomorrow I will be busy labelling and packing for Nikki's camp. She leaves Monday morning for 3 days. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute.

Daylight saving starts here tonight. Yahoo!!!!!! An extra hour of sunlight every day. That means summer is nearly here.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weigh in Day

I'm very pleased to say I lost 1.5 kgs this week. I have been so good. Walking every day and really watching what I am eating.

I do worry about the fact that I always seem to lose the first 10 or so kgs relatively easily and then go back to my old ways. What is is with that??? It's like I say to myself - you have done well so you can relax now. Well I can't relax because I still have a long way to go. I really have to try and get past that point this time.

The walking is going well. I have been going out by myself most nights as soon as I get home from work, just before I cook tea. I have started to incorporate my walks with things I have to do. I had a hairdresser appointment this morning and I walked to that and I have a dentist appointment on Monday so I'll walk there as well. I also have walked the kids to school and back home again on my day off. Unfortunately that's only once a week.

As I said I went to the hairdresser this morning and had some foils put in my hair. I'll have to get the kids to take a photo and put it on here, but I really do try and avoid cameras - lol. I had lunch with a friend on Friday who commented that there aren't enough photos of me on here, but I just hate most photos of myself. I will do my best to change that situation.

I managed to do some christmas shopping yesterday. Isn't that scary?? K-Mart had 25% off toys so I got a few things. I really do need to make a list because it's only 9 weeks or so to go.

We have a very quiet weekend this weekend for a change. It sure is starting to get busy the closer it gets to christmas.

Steve has gone to visit some friends tonight and the kids are watching 'Scooby Doo' so I'm catching up on emails and blogs. I really need to do some work on the girls dancing costumes because it's only 3 weeks until the concert. Ashleigh's costume needs sequinning and Nikki put hers on a couple of weeks ago and she has grown about an inch in 2 months so the pants look like ankle freezers. I have to try and take the straps down a bit or it will need a fake hem put on it. A few people have commented how much she has grown lately and now we have proof - lol.

I'm taking the kids for a walk to the beach tomorrow. It's going to be a gorgeous day.

Back mid week to update.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My feet hurt!!

I decided to walk to the closest supermarket this afternoon because I was cooking a stir fry for tea and didn't have any hoikken noodles which the kids love. I have only been walking for about 1/2 an hour each day for the last 10days or so so I'm not super fit yet - lol.

Well I totally underestimated the time because I was really dragging my feet by the time I got back. It took about 70 mins there and back. Poor kids didn't get tea until 7pm tonight.

I was bragging about my long walk over tea and Steve estimated it to be about 6 or 7 kms and then he had to add that that's what he walks every day with his job. Gee thanks for the compliment!!!!

Talking about husbands, I finally got some flowers and a card today for my anniversary on Sunday. Oh well, better late than never. I did drop alot of hints though. He sure knew that I wasn't happy when he forgot to bring something home on Sunday after I let him play golf all day.

Food wise things are going well. I have resisted all the chocolate that I gave Steve for his anniversary present. I have been having salads with tuna for lunch or crispbreads with tuna and tomato and quite enjoying them. I have also been eating lots of fruit and even bought some bananas for a treat.

Ashleigh started training for school cricket after school today. She came out of school yesterday pleading with me to play cricket of all things. She was so excited so I couldn't say no. Just another thing to juggle each week. Steve will have to help out though because she plays Friday nights which is the same night as Nikki's netball for the summer season which is starting this friday.

That's why I love school holidays so much, everything stops for 2 weeks. It's wonderful!!

Be back later in the week to update again.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Recent photos

This is Jarryd's 1st school photo and I think it one of the best photos of my 3 children together. Nikki and I had a fight about how her hair was going to look that day and she went off to school crying so I was hoping that she wouldn't have red eyes in the photo.

It turned out well - thank goodness.

I felt very guilty after about our fight but she wanted a punk hairstyle and I wouldn't let her - can you imagine why not!!!!!!

Ashleigh's 8th birthday party in June. She had a bowling party. I love this photo. Pity about the dirty face - lol.

This was Ashleigh's 8th birthday present from her Nana and Pa (Steve's parents)

A fairy garden!!

We had a small family holiday in Tanunda last month in the Barossa Valley and this was taken at a place called Story Book Cottage which was an unreal place. The kids had a ball.

I'm back!!!!!

You can tell when people aren't focussed on weight loss. Like me, they retreat into self pity and hide away. I am ashamed to say I have put on about 5 kgs since I last posted. My head just wasn't in the right place to make an effort to lose this weight so why bother?????

Well it's time to bother.

We have a very exciting holiday planned for October next year. We have decided to fly to Cairns from Adelaide and drive all the way down to the Gold Coast. It will take us 3 weeks to get to the Gold Coast because of all the towns and places to see along the way and then we are going to spend a week on the Gold Coast.

So I have 51 weeks to lose this weight. I weighed in yesterday after week 1 and I lost 2.3 kgs!!!

No way am I going on a 4 week tropical holiday looking like this. I would be mistaken for one of the whales swimming off Hervey Bay - lol.

I am not a big fan of exercise - tell me what big person is. So I have made a deal with myself. Instead of going on long 1 hour walks which I dread, I am going to walk 1/2 an hour every day which so far I have been doing. I count food shopping night as a walk so really I am only getting out 6 days a week which is good.

I have also made up a diary counting down the weeks until October 5th - when we fly out so that is extra incentive to lose this weight. I WILL GET THERE!!!!!!

Now to other matters. Life is as busy as ever. Nikki just had her 10th birthday which I find hard to believe where that time has gone. I can see how much she is maturing. We do clash every now and then but I'm sure that is just those hormones kicking in. I really need to reason with her instead of flying off the handle at her when we don't agree. Oh well, I guess there will be lots to learn as we battle the teenage years ahead - lol.

Ashleigh and Jarryd are both doing well. We have just finished school holidays here. The kids are back at school tomorrow which will be a shock to their systems as we are very used to late nights and sleeping in.

It is Steve and my 12th wedding anniversary today. I must say I still feel as in love with him today as I did 12 years ago. I think it is a different love though. We have grown together but we still have our seperate lives which I think is very important. He goes on a couple of motorbike rallies every year and I go and visit my best friends in Melbourne a couple of times a year. It works well.

The weather is getting warmer too which I love. Roll on summer. We had a couple of 35 degree days last week and the kids got in the pool. But they soon got out because it was so cold - lol. We need lots of hot days to warm up the water.

Anyway I promise I will be back a couple of times a week to update.