Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sequins everywhere

I didn't make it back here this week because I have been sequinning. The girls have their dancing end of year concert in a couple of weeks and have a full dress rehearsal next week. Ashleigh's costume required alot of sequins. It has a very full skirt and I had to put sequins all over it. I thought it would never end!!!! But I have finally finished. I will take a photo at the dress rehearsal so you can see it.

Now onto weight matters. I lost 1.7 kgs this week. I was shocked. I have been naughty and have been jumping on the scales most days and I thought I would lose about 1 kg but this morning it showed I lost 1.7 kgs this week. So I am very happy with that. It takes it to 5.5 kgs in 3 weeks.

Ashleigh has started playing school cricket and had her first game last night. It's supposed to be a summer sport but it was absolutely freezing with a icy wind blowing. No-one was anywhere near rugged up enough so we were glad to get home.

This morning we went to our local kindy's annual garage sale. It was where all my kids went to kindy so it was lovely to go back and see all the teachers and lots of kids we knew. Nikki and Ashleigh had their faces painted as you can see from the photos. The kids all got some bargains. Jarryd got a buzz lightyear backpack for 50c and Nikki got a pair of Bratz ugg boots for 10c. Can you believe that? I think they were just happy to get rid of a lot of things because they had to pack everything up that wasn't sold and give it to charity.

Ashleigh is such a thinker. She walked around the brick brack stall for about 1/2 an hour before she decided what to buy with her money. She finished up with a gorgeous glass bell and a wine glass that she put juice in when she got home pretending it was wine. It was so funny. The kids all got toys for 5c each. Jarryd had to have a toy pool table which had cues but no balls. It was hilarious. We walked there but I rang Steve to come and get us because I couldn't have walked home with all the bags we had. It was a fun morning.

This afternoon, I met a friend and her kids at our new beach playground. It was a lovely day and the kids had a ball. Karen and I had a coffee and a chat while the kids played on the playground. I have taken a few photos so you can see what a gorgeous day it was here today.

Tomorrow I will be busy labelling and packing for Nikki's camp. She leaves Monday morning for 3 days. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute.

Daylight saving starts here tonight. Yahoo!!!!!! An extra hour of sunlight every day. That means summer is nearly here.

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