Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weigh in Day

I'm very pleased to say I lost 1.5 kgs this week. I have been so good. Walking every day and really watching what I am eating.

I do worry about the fact that I always seem to lose the first 10 or so kgs relatively easily and then go back to my old ways. What is is with that??? It's like I say to myself - you have done well so you can relax now. Well I can't relax because I still have a long way to go. I really have to try and get past that point this time.

The walking is going well. I have been going out by myself most nights as soon as I get home from work, just before I cook tea. I have started to incorporate my walks with things I have to do. I had a hairdresser appointment this morning and I walked to that and I have a dentist appointment on Monday so I'll walk there as well. I also have walked the kids to school and back home again on my day off. Unfortunately that's only once a week.

As I said I went to the hairdresser this morning and had some foils put in my hair. I'll have to get the kids to take a photo and put it on here, but I really do try and avoid cameras - lol. I had lunch with a friend on Friday who commented that there aren't enough photos of me on here, but I just hate most photos of myself. I will do my best to change that situation.

I managed to do some christmas shopping yesterday. Isn't that scary?? K-Mart had 25% off toys so I got a few things. I really do need to make a list because it's only 9 weeks or so to go.

We have a very quiet weekend this weekend for a change. It sure is starting to get busy the closer it gets to christmas.

Steve has gone to visit some friends tonight and the kids are watching 'Scooby Doo' so I'm catching up on emails and blogs. I really need to do some work on the girls dancing costumes because it's only 3 weeks until the concert. Ashleigh's costume needs sequinning and Nikki put hers on a couple of weeks ago and she has grown about an inch in 2 months so the pants look like ankle freezers. I have to try and take the straps down a bit or it will need a fake hem put on it. A few people have commented how much she has grown lately and now we have proof - lol.

I'm taking the kids for a walk to the beach tomorrow. It's going to be a gorgeous day.

Back mid week to update.


Tania said...

Now I know when you weigh in ... lol ... just ignore that part of my email! Congratulations on another great loss, and there's no way you're going to lose focus when you lose 10 kilos ... I won't let you!!!

Pretty scary thought about Christmas isn't it? It will be here before we know it, everyone thought I was crazy but I put all Lachlan's Christmas & Birthday presents on layby in July and have them all in my cupboard ... lol ... so the birthday presents might have been going a little bit overboard but I was excited about buying presents for his first Christmas and birthday.

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend - congrats again and here's to another great loss for you next week.

K said...

you did NOT just say that its 9 weeks till christmas!!!!!!!!!!!argh! MUST.BEGIN.CRAFTING!!!