Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm back!!!!!

You can tell when people aren't focussed on weight loss. Like me, they retreat into self pity and hide away. I am ashamed to say I have put on about 5 kgs since I last posted. My head just wasn't in the right place to make an effort to lose this weight so why bother?????

Well it's time to bother.

We have a very exciting holiday planned for October next year. We have decided to fly to Cairns from Adelaide and drive all the way down to the Gold Coast. It will take us 3 weeks to get to the Gold Coast because of all the towns and places to see along the way and then we are going to spend a week on the Gold Coast.

So I have 51 weeks to lose this weight. I weighed in yesterday after week 1 and I lost 2.3 kgs!!!

No way am I going on a 4 week tropical holiday looking like this. I would be mistaken for one of the whales swimming off Hervey Bay - lol.

I am not a big fan of exercise - tell me what big person is. So I have made a deal with myself. Instead of going on long 1 hour walks which I dread, I am going to walk 1/2 an hour every day which so far I have been doing. I count food shopping night as a walk so really I am only getting out 6 days a week which is good.

I have also made up a diary counting down the weeks until October 5th - when we fly out so that is extra incentive to lose this weight. I WILL GET THERE!!!!!!

Now to other matters. Life is as busy as ever. Nikki just had her 10th birthday which I find hard to believe where that time has gone. I can see how much she is maturing. We do clash every now and then but I'm sure that is just those hormones kicking in. I really need to reason with her instead of flying off the handle at her when we don't agree. Oh well, I guess there will be lots to learn as we battle the teenage years ahead - lol.

Ashleigh and Jarryd are both doing well. We have just finished school holidays here. The kids are back at school tomorrow which will be a shock to their systems as we are very used to late nights and sleeping in.

It is Steve and my 12th wedding anniversary today. I must say I still feel as in love with him today as I did 12 years ago. I think it is a different love though. We have grown together but we still have our seperate lives which I think is very important. He goes on a couple of motorbike rallies every year and I go and visit my best friends in Melbourne a couple of times a year. It works well.

The weather is getting warmer too which I love. Roll on summer. We had a couple of 35 degree days last week and the kids got in the pool. But they soon got out because it was so cold - lol. We need lots of hot days to warm up the water.

Anyway I promise I will be back a couple of times a week to update.


Tania said...

YAY ... SHE'S BACK!!! :-)

I'm so pleased you're back journalling, congratulations on such a great loss too! You must be so pleased with yourself. Happy anniversary for yesterday, I didn't realise your anniversary was the day before ours, but we're only celebrating our 2nd! Oh and we will also be in Queensland October next year, we're planning to go to the Gold Coast in late October to celebrate our anniversary (going later to miss the Indy) and to take Lachlan to the theme parks while we still don't have to pay for his flights!

Thanks for all your support regarding Lachlan's allergies, it means a lot, I'll email you in the next couple of days to arrange a date to catch up ... i've been so slack/busy!

Karen said...

Hey Tina. ALl sounding good. I really want to be ina better place to by our queens land trip next year also. We caych up every few months maybe we need to set each othe a goal by the time we meet up.
Which i think we need to organise soon.
Anyway take care, stay well and see you soon

monsiri said...

hi .... this is the Republic of Korea. I can't read your journal, but I'll study hard .........
net time I can read your script.
I have a AU. tercher He called A.J.
See you late.... bye by!!