Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And Nikki's masterpiece.
Father christmas put these cool bath crayons in their stockings. These are Jarryd's drawings. They also got tablets to change the colour of the water.

This is my favourite decoration on our tree.

My brother gave Nikki and Ashleigh this stunning fairy night light. They really love it.

Jarryd has all the characters from the Ice Age 2 movie and this completed his set. Crash and Eddie.

Just some of the things the kids got for christmas.

It's Over for Another Year

Well christmas has come and gone once again. All the build up, shopping, cooking, wrapping presents and sending cards and it's over so quickly.

We were all very spoilt again. Father christmas did make it to our house. The children must have been good this year - lol. Nikki got a nintendo DS, Ashleigh got a Little Pet Shop Get Better Centre and Jarryd got a fast talking Lightning McQueen from the cars movie. In fact, he got lots of cars stuff this year - a towel, dvd, t-shirt, jocks, stickers, textas and other cars from the movie. We gave him a simpsons scooter. Nikki got a camera from us (the old film type!!!) which she was thrilled with and a huge 100 pack of gel pens, dvd, beanie kid, makeup, clothes and lots more. We gave Ashleigh some fairy books, a barbie set, dvd, clothes and beanie kids.

I gave Steve a ticket to the Roger Waters concert (Pink Floyd - I think), a $50 I-Tunes card and lots of chocolates. I got very spoilt by Steve and the kids. I got a floating lilo for the pool, a Robbie Williams cd and front and side shades for the car.

We had a lovely lunch with my mum, grandma and sister. We caught up with my brother and his family christmas eve and had a bbq and seafood dinner. Then we drove 2 hours to Stansbury to have tea with Steve's family which was great to catch up with everyone over there. It's been far to long since we have been there and we all love it over there. I just wish we could have stayed longer but Steve had to go back to work today so we came home late yesterday afternoon.

The only problem with christmas presents is finding room for them. We had a bit of a cleanup today because the house looked like a bomb had gone off in nearly every room. Because christmas day is such a rush for us, we walked out of the house and left it as it was when the kids opened all their presents in the morning. Unfortunately the fairies didn't come and clean up while we were gone.

The kids have lots to keep them occupied for the next few weeks with all their presents.

I have 3 weeks off - one week is nearly gone already. I have a good friend over from Melbourne with her kids so I'm going to spend some time with her and also lots of other people with kids we can catch up with. I also intend to spend a couple of days doing absolutely nothing. How often do you get to do that?????

Not sure what we are doing new years eve yet. It's going to be hot so we might have a few people over here to use the pool and have a bbq.

I think I have put on about 5 kgs - lol. Not really but I have eaten lots - mostly good stuff but too much of it. And also a few chocolates have crept in. I'll start afresh in the new year and get right back into it. There is something about the new year to kick start things again.

I've posted a few photos of christmas but I'm disappointed again with the red eyes in some of the photos. I really must remember to see if there is a way to stop it from doing that.

Not sure if I will be back before new years eve because there is a bit on in the next few days so if I don't I shall see you next year.

Friday, December 22, 2006

3 More Sleeps

I can't believe it is only 3 more sleeps until christmas. We are so excited in our house. I am fairly organized. All the presents are bought and wrapped and under the tree. Just have the food shopping to do and I will tackle the shops sometime tomorrow.

The best part is that I am officially on holidays now. I have 3 weeks off. 3 weeks with absolutely nothing planned. Steve only has the public holidays off so we are only going over to Stansbury for christmas day and will come back boxing day. I intend to spend lots of quality time with the kids. We might go to the pictures - lots of kids movies on at the moment, the beach, parks and catch up with friends. And hopefully lots of sleep ins.

We broke up from work today. We had a nice staff lunch and then a few drinks. It was very casual and relaxed and I even got a $100 coles myer gift voucher from my boss. I have no idea what to spend it on yet but I'm sure it won't be too hard to think of something. We also had a dinner last Saturday night in the city which was great. All the food and drinks were paid for. I love this time of year. It makes all the hard work during the year worthwhile.

Ashleigh is almost over the chicken pox. She definitely isn't contagious anymore but still has a few spots that are slowly disappearing but she may still have a few in the christmas photos.

We have my brother and his family coming over for tea christmas eve because we won't see them christmas day this year. Then we will have lunch on christmas day with my mum, grandma and sister and her little boy and then we drive 2 hours to Stansbury after lunch to spend christmas tea with Steve's family. I don't mind driving on christmas day. We have done it for the past 3 years. There is very little traffic on the road. Everyone travels out on Boxing day.

I doubt I will get the chance to post again until after christmas, so I will post some photos of the kids and their chrissy presents.

I wish everyone a very happy and safe christmas and new year. I hope you all have a wonderful family christmas.

Monday, December 11, 2006

We've got chicken pox again!!

It's been 18 days since Jarryd's chicken pox came out and I really thought Ashleigh might be immune. Just after I took the photo of Ashleigh with her dancing tropy, I noticed a spot on her back. After she had a shower, there were a couple more and this morning quite a few more. Bugger!!!

In a way I am glad she's got it because she is the last one in our family to have it, but the timing is rotton. It's the last week of school this week and she was looking forward to a class party tomorrow. Also the company Steve works for is having a children's christmas party on Sunday at the Semaphore water slide. I just hope she is past the contageous stage by then.

Oh well on a positive note, she should be ok for christmas day which is 2 weeks today.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

We get to keep this trophy at our house for 12 months. We are very proud of our little girl.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

It must be silly season

I'm sorry it's been so long between posts again but I haven't had one night home this week. It's been crazy.

Quick run down..........

Monday night I caught up with some friends for tea. We used to go out for tea once a month but lately it's been once every two or three months. We had a great night catching up. We went to a stonegrill pub and for anyone who hasn't had stonegrill, you really need to try it. It's where you cook your own meat or fish or chicken on a very hot stone at your table. It's fun and very tasty. After tea I put $5 in the pokies and won $95 so I was very happy with that.

Tuesday night was the Robbie Williams concert here in Adelaide. I didn't get a ticket and a work friend and I decided to go and sit outside. It was a balmy night but the wind came up and it got a little cold. I forgot to take a jacket but it wasn't too bad. During the first encore, they opened up the gates and we got in. What we saw was amazing and he looked soooooo hot. It came across that he was really enjoying himself and so was the huge crowd. I haven't heard a bad word about the concert and I know heaps of people that went.

Wednesday night was the dancing trophy presentation night. Every girl got a trophy so it was a bit drawn out but a good night, especially since Ashleigh got one of the pepetual trophies. It's huge and has her name engraved on it. She gets to keep it for twelve months. I was so proud when they called out her name and she was so cute. She wouldn't let it go. She was dancing around with it after the presentations. I will take a photo and post it later. It's nearly bigger than her.

Thursday night was the school end of year event. Usually these things are very boring and drawn out, but this year was fantastic. Every class had a different era from the twenties to the naughties (00's) and it was amazing. Music from every era so it catered for everyone. Nikki was the narrator from the 30's and her class had a few dances to do. Jarryd did 'Singing in the Rain' from the 50's and Ashleigh did 'Rocky' from the 70's. A very enjoyable night. Unfortunately I forgot the camera because I had 5 mins to get changed and to the school when I got home from work.

Friday would have been netball but Nikki's team had a bye and because it was 38 deg, Ashleigh's cricket was cancelled. I did manage to finish off the last of the christmas shopping during the day. Yahoo!!!!!!

Today it got to 41.5 deg and we spent the day in the pool. We've had a few of the kids friends here as well. I also managed to write out my christmas cards. It is still quite hot and one of our air conditioners has decided to spit the dummy. So I have moved the kids out into the family room because it is far too hot in the front of the house where the bedrooms are. Steve has gone out to his work christmas show so goodness knows what time he will be home. I decided not to go because partners had to pay $60 and it's our work show next week. It would have been too hard to get babysitters two weeks in a row.

I have decided to have a break from weighing myself until after christmas. I don't want to stress about what I am eating and drinking so I'll try and do the best I can, but I'm not going to miss out. Christmas comes once a year (thank goodness) and I want to enjoy myself. Life is too short. I know I have put on a little bit but it will come off again in the new year. I still have that goal of looking good in bathers for out Qld holiday. Only 42 weeks and 6 days to go.

The good thing is that everything stops this week until the kids go back to school at the end of January. No dancing or netball or cricket and soon no work for me for 3 weeks. We break up on Dec 22nd and I don't have to go back until Jan 15th.

So much for a quick update. I will be back soon with some of our latest photos.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had to post this photo of my jacaranda tree. I planted it when we moved in 8 years ago and this year we finally have some flowers. I am so proud - lol.

The photos don't really show too much but he did have alot on his back, tummy, face, head and backs of his legs.

Latest News

Jarryd is recovering well from the chicken pox. I don't think he has had a really bad dose. I guess it could have been a lot worse. The first night I gave him a carb soda bath to help with the itching. (Mum's old wives tale) but I think it made it worse not better. He had a dreadful night. Crying and scratching all night. We got very little sleep that night. Over the weekend I gave him some clarantyne which did wonders. No scratching at all.

We've had lots of hot weather here and the kids have spent nearly every day in the pool. On Sunday I took the girls for a walk. We had a street fair on at Semaphore and I parked the car at our local beach and walked along the beach. It took about 25 mins and it was quite warm although there was a nice breeze blowing. We walked up and down the street and then walked back to the car and the girls whinged all the way back!!! I outdid them and I was very proud of myself. Sure I was hot but I felt good.

I had a loss of 2 kgs this week which takes the total to 7.6 kgs in 7 weeks. I must confess I haven't been walking anywhere near as much as I should be, but life is just too busy at the moment. I have been doing as much as I can.

I got most of my christmas shopping finished on Friday. Mum had Jarryd and I was on a mission. It feels good to get it done. Now I just have to wrap everything and write cards. The kids have been getting cards from schoolfriends so I guess that will be the next thing. Sit them down and get them to write out cards. I hate that job. But it is nice to receive christmas cards so I always make the effort. Why is it always left to us women. I don't think Steve has wrapped a present or written a card in the 14 years we have been together. Or shopped for that matter. I'll be lucky if he takes the kids out to get me something - well I will have to remind him. Hopeless but lovable.

We are going strawberry picking this weekend (postponed from last weekend) so I will take the camera and post some photos. Yum!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

We've got Chicken Pox!!!!

Jarryd has chicken pox. Bugger!!

I was sort of expecting it. 3 kids in his class have had it over the last 2 weeks. I have been checking him every day and he was clear this morning but when I picked him up from mum tonight, I saw a few spots which are rapidly multiplying. Lucky I have tomorrow off and also next Tuesday. Steve will take a couple of sickies as well but I know Ashleigh will be next.

Steve got chicken pox when Ashleigh was 1 week old and passed them on to Nikki. Ashleigh didn't get it because she was too little and being breastfed.

So I guess the next few weeks will be so much fun - not. I have bought some calemine lotion and bicarb soda which is apparently good to put in the bath to help the itching.

I'll be back on the weekend to update.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Putting up the Christmas Tree

The kids have been hassling me for a couple of weeks now to put up the christmas tree, so today was the day. How come it is so easy to put up the tree and the kids are so enthusiastic to help but when the time comes to take it down, they lose interest very quickly - lol.

Trip to the Magic Cave

On Friday mum and I took the kids to see Santa. It was my 1st day off in 2 weeks and the kids had a pupil free day. I thought there wouldn't be too many people there but I thought wrong. We lined up for over an hour. Luckily mum was with me because she took the kids on all the rides while I stayed in the line. They had free merry go round and horse rides. It is a lovely experience and the kids always look forward to it but I think next year we will go in on a Monday. The staff told us that Monday and Tuesdays are always quiet. Typical!!

We finally got to see Santa and Nikki has asked for a Nintendo DS, Ashleigh asked for a Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Centre and Jarryd asked for Lightening Mcqeeen from the Cars movie. We had a great time and the kids went on all the rides many times. Ashleigh took a liking to David the talking tree. She couldn't work out how she could ask him questions and he would talk back. When I took the photo of her talking to the tree he called out 'Cheese' Too funny. She went to talk to him about 10 times so I'm sure whoever was talking into the microphone thought she was so cute. She even went and said goodbye and she would see him next year.

Oh the innocence of children.

This is Ashleigh's other costume. Unfortunately we didn't get a photo at the concert so we took it at home.

Nikki and Ashleigh's costumes. The colourful one Ashleigh is wearing is the one I had to sequin. Unfortunately you can't see all the sequins in this photo but it came up very sparkly on the stage.

The girls had to have a crazy hat for the opening number so we created some flower hats. This is Ashleigh's.

Where has the time gone??

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. It has probably been the busiest 2 weeks in ages.

Firstly my weight journey. Last Saturday weigh in I lost .3 but this week was a bit of a disaster. I put on 800g. I think my busy lifestyle of the last couple of weeks and lack of exercise have caught up with me. I'm glad the last couple of weeks are behind me. I shouldn't use it as an excuse for gaining weight but it hasn't been a normal two weeks. Also one of the reasons I haven't had time to post here.

The girls had their dancing concert last Sunday and had extra rehearsals during that week. Our usual week consists of netball practice, 2 netball games for Nikki, cricket practice and game for Ashleigh and dancing for both of the girls. So add a couple of extra dance practices and me having to work extra hours, it has been a tough couple of weeks. I am so glad dancing is over for the year. The concert made it all worthwhile because it went so well.

We had a few too many take away meals and I haven't been walking for over a week. So no more excuses!!! I have to keep focussing on our Queensland holiday. I have to fit into those bathers - lol.

The dancing concert was unreal. I wish I could have taken photos of the girls performances but they don't allow cameras in the theatre. The pictures I have were all taken backstage by the girls. It was a huge day and the girls were exhausted. They had to be at the theatre at 9am in the morning for rehearsals and we didn't get home until 6pm.

Steve went away that weekend on a motorbike rally to Portland in Victoria. He didn't get back until Tuesday morning so it was even harder having the 3 kids totally by myself for 5 days. I don't know how single mums do it all the time, but then again, I guess in some situations they get to be without the kids when the fathers have them on weekends.

I had to work extra hours last week which I hated. One of the guys in the office is on holidays and the other girl in the office had a very sick mother and had 3 days off to look after her. So I had to cover her. The extra money was nice but I wouldn't want to do it all the time.

Our kids had a pupil free day on Friday so I took them to the magic cave to see Father Christmas. I am charging up the camera so I will post more about that when I upload the photos.

So I am looking forward to this week being a little quieter and back to normal. I intend to make every effort to walk every day as I was doing and enjoying. I'll be back later to post some photos of our visit to Santa and the kids putting the christmas tree up.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This is Jarryd's masterpiece. How cute!!!

The kids had a great time drawing on the road. Nikki didn't quite spell christmas right - lol.

The photo doesn't do this float justice. The flowers were spectacular and all fresh.

Pageant day

We had the best day yesterday. It started at 5.45am when I got the kids out of bed. They were so excited. It's a tradition to take them to the christmas pageant and we wanted to get up there early to get front row seats.

It didn't start until 9.45am but the time went so quickly. We took game boys, colouring books and food and drinks so they were very busy. Another tradition is taking chalk and all the kids do drawings on the road. We go to the same spot every year and have got to know some of the families around us quite well.

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining down. We have a great spot under a tree so we are always in the shade and there is a cafe behind us so we can get coffee. I have put some of the photos here. There were about 50 floats so these are just a few of my favourites. Unfortunately the camera battery died just before father christmas came along so I didn't get a photo of him.

Onto weight loss matters. I lost 600g this week which takes the total to 6.1 kgs in 4 weeks. I'm still walking alot. I walked the kids to school on Friday and then I spent the whole day christmas shopping. I was so tired when I got home but I still managed to walk to get the kids from school which is a 1/2 hour round trip. My feet were aching Friday night.

I have done well with my christmas shopping. I know it's still 7 weeks away but I have been watching the catalogues and I don't think I have bought anything at full price. Steve is going to be easy this year. He has already bought a ticket to the Roger Waters concert in February (Pink Floyd). That was $100 and also James Hird the essendon footballer is releasing his book at West Lakes in a couple of weeks so I bought him a ticket for that. It's pretty good value because you get the book and James Hird will autograph it. Also it's at a cafe so food and drink is included as well all for $40. The book alone is $45. I guess I will be driving him and picking him up that night.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me this year - lol. I usually do my christmas shopping the week before.

Yesterday was a very full day. Not only did we have the pageant, Jarryd had a birthday party in the afternoon and then we had a family friend's 7th birthday party at night. I made the kids have a sleep in the afternoon, which they all did after telling me they weren't tired. Thank goodness they did because we didn't get home until 11.30pm. They wouldn't have made it if they didn't have a sleep because of our early start to the day.

We are off for a walk to the beach soon. It's another gorgeous day here. Steve is playing golf so I'm going to take the kids to the beach and have a coffee while they play on the playground.

I'll be back later in the week.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I walked........

in the rain!!!!!

Something I would normally use as an excuse. It decided to rain for the first time in ages as I was coming home from work tonight. As I was very limited in my time to walk tonight, I decided to grab the umbrella and set off. Luckily it wasn't windy so it was quite nice. Also the smells from all the gardens screaming out for rain was amazing. Unfortunately it didn't last very long. We so need a big downpour. SA is on water restrictions for the first time in ages. I can't remember the last time it really rained. A few spots here and there, but nothing that helps.

Nikki came back from her school camp this afternoon and she is exhausted. I don't think she had much sleep the last 2 nights. Sounds like they had a fantastic time though. I'm glad she's home. I was really surprised how much everyone here missed her the last 3 days. Ashleigh and Jarryd both commented that they missed her and couldn't wait until she got home. I hope they remember that next time she annoys them - lol.

I'll be back on the weekend to update my weigh in result. We have a huge day on Saturday. It is our annual christmas pageant saturday morning and we plan to get up around 6am so we can get a good spot. I'll post some photos. Then we have a party in the afternoon and a party at night. So it's going to be a busy weekend.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The beach is behind us and there is a great cafe on the other side so it is an excellent spot to entertain the kids and have a coffee at the same time.

This photo shows what a gorgeous day it was in Adelaide today. Though I did see on the weather tonight that it was only about 17 deg today. That's why we all have jumpers on.

Nikki had her face painted too but she looks a bit ghostly. It's meant to be stars and moons but it had worn off quite a lot when this photo was taken.

Check out this slippery dip. It's built into the ground and the kids have to climb up the rocks to get up to the top.

Ashleigh had her face painted at the kindy garage sale today.

Sequins everywhere

I didn't make it back here this week because I have been sequinning. The girls have their dancing end of year concert in a couple of weeks and have a full dress rehearsal next week. Ashleigh's costume required alot of sequins. It has a very full skirt and I had to put sequins all over it. I thought it would never end!!!! But I have finally finished. I will take a photo at the dress rehearsal so you can see it.

Now onto weight matters. I lost 1.7 kgs this week. I was shocked. I have been naughty and have been jumping on the scales most days and I thought I would lose about 1 kg but this morning it showed I lost 1.7 kgs this week. So I am very happy with that. It takes it to 5.5 kgs in 3 weeks.

Ashleigh has started playing school cricket and had her first game last night. It's supposed to be a summer sport but it was absolutely freezing with a icy wind blowing. No-one was anywhere near rugged up enough so we were glad to get home.

This morning we went to our local kindy's annual garage sale. It was where all my kids went to kindy so it was lovely to go back and see all the teachers and lots of kids we knew. Nikki and Ashleigh had their faces painted as you can see from the photos. The kids all got some bargains. Jarryd got a buzz lightyear backpack for 50c and Nikki got a pair of Bratz ugg boots for 10c. Can you believe that? I think they were just happy to get rid of a lot of things because they had to pack everything up that wasn't sold and give it to charity.

Ashleigh is such a thinker. She walked around the brick brack stall for about 1/2 an hour before she decided what to buy with her money. She finished up with a gorgeous glass bell and a wine glass that she put juice in when she got home pretending it was wine. It was so funny. The kids all got toys for 5c each. Jarryd had to have a toy pool table which had cues but no balls. It was hilarious. We walked there but I rang Steve to come and get us because I couldn't have walked home with all the bags we had. It was a fun morning.

This afternoon, I met a friend and her kids at our new beach playground. It was a lovely day and the kids had a ball. Karen and I had a coffee and a chat while the kids played on the playground. I have taken a few photos so you can see what a gorgeous day it was here today.

Tomorrow I will be busy labelling and packing for Nikki's camp. She leaves Monday morning for 3 days. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute.

Daylight saving starts here tonight. Yahoo!!!!!! An extra hour of sunlight every day. That means summer is nearly here.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weigh in Day

I'm very pleased to say I lost 1.5 kgs this week. I have been so good. Walking every day and really watching what I am eating.

I do worry about the fact that I always seem to lose the first 10 or so kgs relatively easily and then go back to my old ways. What is is with that??? It's like I say to myself - you have done well so you can relax now. Well I can't relax because I still have a long way to go. I really have to try and get past that point this time.

The walking is going well. I have been going out by myself most nights as soon as I get home from work, just before I cook tea. I have started to incorporate my walks with things I have to do. I had a hairdresser appointment this morning and I walked to that and I have a dentist appointment on Monday so I'll walk there as well. I also have walked the kids to school and back home again on my day off. Unfortunately that's only once a week.

As I said I went to the hairdresser this morning and had some foils put in my hair. I'll have to get the kids to take a photo and put it on here, but I really do try and avoid cameras - lol. I had lunch with a friend on Friday who commented that there aren't enough photos of me on here, but I just hate most photos of myself. I will do my best to change that situation.

I managed to do some christmas shopping yesterday. Isn't that scary?? K-Mart had 25% off toys so I got a few things. I really do need to make a list because it's only 9 weeks or so to go.

We have a very quiet weekend this weekend for a change. It sure is starting to get busy the closer it gets to christmas.

Steve has gone to visit some friends tonight and the kids are watching 'Scooby Doo' so I'm catching up on emails and blogs. I really need to do some work on the girls dancing costumes because it's only 3 weeks until the concert. Ashleigh's costume needs sequinning and Nikki put hers on a couple of weeks ago and she has grown about an inch in 2 months so the pants look like ankle freezers. I have to try and take the straps down a bit or it will need a fake hem put on it. A few people have commented how much she has grown lately and now we have proof - lol.

I'm taking the kids for a walk to the beach tomorrow. It's going to be a gorgeous day.

Back mid week to update.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My feet hurt!!

I decided to walk to the closest supermarket this afternoon because I was cooking a stir fry for tea and didn't have any hoikken noodles which the kids love. I have only been walking for about 1/2 an hour each day for the last 10days or so so I'm not super fit yet - lol.

Well I totally underestimated the time because I was really dragging my feet by the time I got back. It took about 70 mins there and back. Poor kids didn't get tea until 7pm tonight.

I was bragging about my long walk over tea and Steve estimated it to be about 6 or 7 kms and then he had to add that that's what he walks every day with his job. Gee thanks for the compliment!!!!

Talking about husbands, I finally got some flowers and a card today for my anniversary on Sunday. Oh well, better late than never. I did drop alot of hints though. He sure knew that I wasn't happy when he forgot to bring something home on Sunday after I let him play golf all day.

Food wise things are going well. I have resisted all the chocolate that I gave Steve for his anniversary present. I have been having salads with tuna for lunch or crispbreads with tuna and tomato and quite enjoying them. I have also been eating lots of fruit and even bought some bananas for a treat.

Ashleigh started training for school cricket after school today. She came out of school yesterday pleading with me to play cricket of all things. She was so excited so I couldn't say no. Just another thing to juggle each week. Steve will have to help out though because she plays Friday nights which is the same night as Nikki's netball for the summer season which is starting this friday.

That's why I love school holidays so much, everything stops for 2 weeks. It's wonderful!!

Be back later in the week to update again.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Recent photos

This is Jarryd's 1st school photo and I think it one of the best photos of my 3 children together. Nikki and I had a fight about how her hair was going to look that day and she went off to school crying so I was hoping that she wouldn't have red eyes in the photo.

It turned out well - thank goodness.

I felt very guilty after about our fight but she wanted a punk hairstyle and I wouldn't let her - can you imagine why not!!!!!!

Ashleigh's 8th birthday party in June. She had a bowling party. I love this photo. Pity about the dirty face - lol.

This was Ashleigh's 8th birthday present from her Nana and Pa (Steve's parents)

A fairy garden!!

We had a small family holiday in Tanunda last month in the Barossa Valley and this was taken at a place called Story Book Cottage which was an unreal place. The kids had a ball.

I'm back!!!!!

You can tell when people aren't focussed on weight loss. Like me, they retreat into self pity and hide away. I am ashamed to say I have put on about 5 kgs since I last posted. My head just wasn't in the right place to make an effort to lose this weight so why bother?????

Well it's time to bother.

We have a very exciting holiday planned for October next year. We have decided to fly to Cairns from Adelaide and drive all the way down to the Gold Coast. It will take us 3 weeks to get to the Gold Coast because of all the towns and places to see along the way and then we are going to spend a week on the Gold Coast.

So I have 51 weeks to lose this weight. I weighed in yesterday after week 1 and I lost 2.3 kgs!!!

No way am I going on a 4 week tropical holiday looking like this. I would be mistaken for one of the whales swimming off Hervey Bay - lol.

I am not a big fan of exercise - tell me what big person is. So I have made a deal with myself. Instead of going on long 1 hour walks which I dread, I am going to walk 1/2 an hour every day which so far I have been doing. I count food shopping night as a walk so really I am only getting out 6 days a week which is good.

I have also made up a diary counting down the weeks until October 5th - when we fly out so that is extra incentive to lose this weight. I WILL GET THERE!!!!!!

Now to other matters. Life is as busy as ever. Nikki just had her 10th birthday which I find hard to believe where that time has gone. I can see how much she is maturing. We do clash every now and then but I'm sure that is just those hormones kicking in. I really need to reason with her instead of flying off the handle at her when we don't agree. Oh well, I guess there will be lots to learn as we battle the teenage years ahead - lol.

Ashleigh and Jarryd are both doing well. We have just finished school holidays here. The kids are back at school tomorrow which will be a shock to their systems as we are very used to late nights and sleeping in.

It is Steve and my 12th wedding anniversary today. I must say I still feel as in love with him today as I did 12 years ago. I think it is a different love though. We have grown together but we still have our seperate lives which I think is very important. He goes on a couple of motorbike rallies every year and I go and visit my best friends in Melbourne a couple of times a year. It works well.

The weather is getting warmer too which I love. Roll on summer. We had a couple of 35 degree days last week and the kids got in the pool. But they soon got out because it was so cold - lol. We need lots of hot days to warm up the water.

Anyway I promise I will be back a couple of times a week to update.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Watch this space

Well, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I am on my way back. I have maintained within about 5 kgs for the last 2 months and now feel as if I have been revitalised.

Spring is on it's way and we are planning a family holiday somewhere!!!!! Not sure where but we really need a holiday.

I hate winter. That's probably why I have been hibernating - lol. I will be back with an update soon. I promise.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Change of direction

Again after promising to post every week, it's been nearly a month since I have posted. I think I will have to get into the habbit of making shorter posts more often.

Firstly I have had to make a tough decision again. Because Steve has dropped $100 per week pay because he has gone from night shift back to day shift, I have had to reaccess our finances. Unfortunately at the moment I just can't afford to go to ww meetings. My 1st 10 week package has run out and I just can't afford to renew it. I certainly haven't given up. I am going to weigh every Sat morning and take a picture of my scales and email it to a friend to keep me honest.

I weighed this morning and have lost .3. Unfortunately my scales are 1 kg heavier than the ww scales so that would have been 1.3 kgs, but I have to go off of the scales I am weighing on. I have now lost 8.9 kgs since the beginning of January. I had a huge setback over easter. Totally lost the plot and ate far too much chocolate so I did put on a bit. But I have now lost most of that and am only .5 kg off where I was a month ago.

I have a new walking partner who is unreal and very reliable. We try to walk twice a week and I walk by myself or with the kids another 2 times a week. I am feeling heaps fitter now. We do a walk between the Semaphore and Largs Bay jettys which I used to dread but now I do it with ease.

Jarryd started school 2 weeks ago and is loving it. He has made some new friends and I am very happy with his teacher and the class he is in. I really thought I would have some seperation problems with him because I did when he started kindy, but that hasn't happened. He doesn't need me - boo hoo!!!

Nikki has started winter netball at ETSA park which is where the Thunderbirds play. Unfortunately it is on a Saturday morning and we have to leave home at 8am which is quite rude when it is sooooo cold. Her team has won their first 3 matches now so that is a great start.

I hope all the mums have a fantastic mothers day tomorrow. I have told my kids I want a sleep in so they had better not wake me up to give me their presents - lol. And a very happy first mothers day to Tania.

I have posted a photo of the kids on Jarryd's 1st day of school. It's not the best photo. I have a real problem with my camera with red eyes. Maybe one day when we have some money I will invest in a new digital camera.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jarryd's last kindy day.

what a poser!!

Easter 2006

easter eggs everywhere.

Where to Start!!!

It never ceases to amaze me where the time goes. When I started this blog I promised to update weekly. Well that hasn't happened.

I must admit that when I'm not on track with my weight loss, I feel a bit as if I just can't be bothered with anything. That includes this blog, the ww forum and my ww group in oz I belong to. I guess we all feel like that to a certain extent.

During Jan and Feb I managed to lose just over 9 kgs. In March I lost the grand total of 200g and I must admit I have gone backwards so far in April. I have put on about 1 kg in the last 2 weeks. I made the decision on Friday that I would get through easter with no pressure about eating easter eggs which I knew there was no way I would be able to resist and get back on track after that. I even wrote out my weekly plan as of yesterday and have included every meal and snack and I am happy to say I am definitely back on track. I didn't weigh in tonight (yes I am a chicken) but I fully intend to record a loss next Tuesday.

In response to Jami's question re April 13th, I did survive Jarryd's last day at kindy. (Thanks for asking Jami) I was quite surprised how calm I was. Jarryd was so excited so I guess that made it easier for me to say goodbye to everyone. And I know we can always go back and visit and join in on the fundraising functions they have from time to time. My baby is so ready for school which is great because I really thought I would have problems with him. He is in the same class as a good friend of his so that helps.

Arpil has been a very busy month so far. It was Steve's birthday on the 8th, my nephew's 2nd birthday on the 7th, easter and then my birthday next Tuesday (Anzac Day)

We went to Stansbury for easter to stay with Steve's family. It is 2 hours from Adelaide and we had a great weekend. We even managed to come home without the kids - lol. No we didn't lose them on the way. They are staying with Steve's parents this week. Our school holidays have just started. Unfortunately I still have to work, but it is unreal just to get up in the morning and get myself ready. Instead of getting 3 kids ready as well. Steve and I are going out for dinner on Friday night for my birthday. Not sure where yet but I'm sure it will be thai. Yummo. The kids are coming home on Saturday and by then I will be missing them like crazy. It is so quiet here!!

This afternoon I went to visit Tania and finally got to meet her little man Lachlan who is already 6 weeks old. He is just gorgeous and I had cuddles. Aren't they just so precious when they are that little?? Tania is doing great for a first time mum and Lachlan is thriving.

Thanks to the people who have visited and left messages. Don't give up on me - lol. I haven't given up. Just got sidetracked for a while. I will be back next Tuesday to let you know how I went this week. Please leave a comment if you visit. It's nice to know you are interested enough to read my blog.

See you next week.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Update at last!!

Again, it's been ages since I have updated. I guess I have been putting everything else first as usual.

I have put on .4 in the last 2 weeks. I really haven't been tracking as well as I should which is always the biggest reason my weight starts to creep up again. Though I guess .4 in 2 weeks isn't as bad as it could have been if I wasn't following the programme. I am still exercising as much as usual which is another reason I haven't gained too much. I have virtually stayed the same for the last month, but I have lost 8.8 kgs in 11 weeks so I guess that's not too bad. Just need to get my head back in the right place again.

We've had a bit of sickness in our house. The kids have had sniffles and sore throats - nothing too serious. As I said, I always seem to put myself last and tend to get very run down sometimes. I had a sore throat and croaky throat last week but feel better now.

My baby boy had his first school visit on Friday and he just loved it. I knew he would. He is in a class with one of his best friends from kindy who started school in term 1 so I'm really happy they are back together again. It will make me feel heaps better on May 1st when he starts school full time. I know he will cope far better than me.

Also April 13th is going to be a very emotional day for me. That is the day Jarryd finishes kindy ending my association with the kindy all 3 of my kids went to. I have loved our time there and I know the kids have too so it's going to be a very sad day. I cried when Ashleigh finished so I'm sure I'll be a mess when Jarryd finishes.

Nikki played in her 1st netball grand final last friday. It was a very close game but they were beaten in the last quarter and lost by 6 goals in the end. Nobody really minded because they all got a trophy and got to go to Hungry Jacks after.

Anyway not a lot has been happening here lately. I'm looking forward to catching up with a fellow blogger friend of mine who had her 1st baby 2 weeks ago. A little boy called Lachlan James and from the photo I have seen, he is just gorgeous. Congratulations again Tania and Michael.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Busy Weekend

Wow again I've been reminded that I haven't updated this blog for ages. Life is just so busy.

Firstly my weigh in last Tuesday and I stayed exactly the same. I was a little relieved because I had been naughty the previous week and my scales said I had put on. So I pulled my finger out and from Friday to Tuesday I tracked like mad. So I guess I made up for being naughty.

Nikki had her 1st netball final last Friday and it was so exciting. They won by 1 goal and are now into the Grand Final this Friday night. The team and parents and grandparents were all so excited. It was like they had already won the grand final. But like I tell Nikki, as wonderful as it will be to win the grand final, at least they have made it there so that is a huge achievement in itself.

My baby boy turned 5 yesterday and we had a huge day in the Lehmann household. We had a family bbq for lunch with Steve's parents coming over from Stansbury (2 hours from Adelaide) Then we had another 8 kindy kids here in the afternoon. We had a jumping castle which was a huge hit and the kids all had a great time. From past experience, I have always had trouble with savoury party food like pies and sausage rolls so this time I only bought 12 party pies and 12 sausage rolls. The kids mainly ate the sweet food which I have no trouble avoiding and there weren't that many left overs. What was left over my kids had for tea.

By the time everyone left and I cleaned up, I was exhausted. It was a very humid day and I think I earnt a heap of bonus points. So I enjoyed every moment I spent in the spa when it was all over.

I still haven't heard anything about our electricity bill saga. I rang TXU on Feb 28th because that was the day the $10,000 bill was due. I thought I would do the courtesy of letting them know we had a faulty meter. The girl I spoke to was very helpful in contrast to the bitch that I spoke to when I got the bill. After telling her of the way I was treated, she asked me if I wanted to put in a formal complaint. I told her I did and she told me that management would be in contact with me within 48 hours. Well that was 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting. TYPICAL!!!!!!

I'm not sure about weigh in tomorrow night. TTOM for me next week and I can feel myself bloating up already. So I think it will be an interesting weigh in this week. I'll be back to let you know how I went.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Update at last

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated. It's been very busy.

Firstly and most importantly I weighed in last week and lost 400g bringing the total to 9.2 kgs. I was very happy with that because I had a bit to eat and drink the Sunday before weigh in and I really thought I might not lose.

Steve and I were lucky enough to go and watch the NAB cup football game between the Adelaide Crows and Port Power in a corporate box. But because my team were getting dismally beaten I just had to drown my sorrows - lol. What can you do when you are getting free alcohol?? DRINK. And that's what I did. Naughty me. Then all the food came out which was very point UNfriendly. Wedges, fried chicken drumettes and a cheese and dried fruit and nut platter. I thought I controlled myself with the food better than the drink and I didn't have lunch so it couldn't be that bad, could it? We did park the car a fair way from the ground so I could get in some exercise so that was one good thing.

I caught up with a couple of friends from the ww in oz group last Saturday Karen and Pauline and it was so good to catch up. It had been ages. We are planning a get together in Melbourne the last weekend in August and the 3 of us are going to fly over and back together. Should be fun.

I have kept up my exercise routine. I am religiously doing aqua twice a week which I will increase next week to three times a week adding a Sunday morning class. I couldn't do it this morning because Steve was playing golf. Also walking Monday night with the netball mums (Nikki's netball not mine - lol), Tuesday night after work and before weigh in, Friday to and from school and Sunday I take the kids to the beach. I didn't walk today because it was fairly hot and Jarryd wasn't 100% so I did and hour of gardening instead. Let me tell you, I was sweating more than any walk I do.

As I said it's been hot here so we have spent most of the weekend in the pool. I just hope it's not too hot next Sunday because it is Jarryd's 5th birthday and we are having a party with about 8 kindy kids and I have booked a jumping castle. They are predicting 38 for Sat so I'll see what the forcast says later in the week.

We had some friends here this afternoon for a swim and they suggested we have a bbq tea. I had taken out a pork fillet to roast so that will have to wait until tomorrow night. The 2 families that came said they would bring the meat and I provided a tossed salad and the bread. They also brought dessert. Well there was nothing at all ww friendly. The meat was sausages, pork spareribs, satay chicken wings and chilli chicken wings. I had 2 tiny chilli wings and filled my plate with tossed salad. Dessert was a cheesecake shop Apple Strudel and I didn't have any of that either. And I gave all the leftovers to the guests to take home.

I always seem to do better with my food when we have company. Weird isn't it?? But I guess they all know I am doing weight watchers and I feel very strong when other people are around watching me. Why is it then that I struggle when I am by myself and always feel the urge to pick at things that aren't good for me??? I guess when I can conquer that constant struggle, will be the time I lose this darn weight for good.

Another busy week ahead of school, work, girls netball and dancing and my exercise. The kids have a pupil free day on Friday which is a bit of bad timing because I was going to do the shopping for Jarryd's party without the girls. Oh well they will just have to help me (or hinder as the case will be - lol) Then next Monday is Adelaide Cup holiday so we have a 4 day weekend in the Lehmann house except for Steve. He has to work Friday.

I'm a bit worried about weigh in this week. I seem to have put on about 700g according to my scales. I think my bad weekend last week has caught up with me. Also I need to get that tracker going again. Been a bit slack with that in the last couple of weeks. I have tracked all weekend though and still have 2 days to go so maybe the damage won't be too bad.

I'll update mid week and let you know how I go.

And good luck to Tania this week. Her baby was due a few days ago and she's going to be induced on Thursday if nothing happens. Fingers crossed for the natural birth you want.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good news at last

We had our meter tested today and surprise, surpise it is faulty. Can I sue them for stress!!!!

The best words I have heard in ages from the repairman - 'I have good news' That is an understatement.

He replaced the meter and now I have to fight it out with TXU to work out if I have paid them too much in the last 18 months - 2 years. Goodness knows how long the meter has been faulty. We have been advised to check the meter weekly and get an average daily reading and then try and sort it out with TXU. I can see a fight happening. I am not going to pay them one more cent because they did a reading last September and should have picked up then that we had a problem.

Anyway I still managed to do an aqua class tonight with Steve running the girls around to dancing for a change. I really felt good. Like a release of all the tension.

I did treat myself to a bowl of icecream tonight. And boy did I enjoy it. I have been good with my eating today so I know it fitted into my points.

I also want to let Tania know (a fellow blogging friend) that I am thinking of you at the moment. Her baby is due in a few days and I am so excited for her and Michael. Can't wait to hear the good news.

Have a great day tomorrow. I know I will.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I love this photo of Nikki. She is such a water baby.
This is our project from last year. Took a lot of hard work because the paving and timber screen was done by Steve with a little help from his friends. We have spent heaps of time in the pool this year and the kids love it, even going in on days that are on the cool side.

What a HELL week!!!!

Well where do I start!!!!

On a good note. I lost another 600g at weigh in tonight taking the total to 8.8 kgs. I'm really going to try extra hard to get to 10 kgs next week. I was pleased with that loss because of TTOM and a very stressful week.

It started last Thursday when I got the shock of my life with a $9,900 electricity bill in the mail. I thought it was a joke because there were 4 bills starting with $1700, then $5500, then $7900, then the big one - nearly $10,000. Apparently according to TXU, they have been grossly underestimating our bills for the last 12 months and have cancelled all the accounts from last year and reissued them taking off the $1700 we had already paid. That makes it approx $3000 per quarter.

WHAT THE????????????????

When I rang TXU, they were so rude. The girl told me there was nothing wrong with the bill or the meter. HELLO!!!!!
Anyway we are having someone here tomorrow testing the meter and I just pray they find a problem or I don't know what we will do. I have had so many people telling me that maybe someone is tapping into the power, I am starting to believe it. But it can't be possible. We have an inside meter so how could that happen??

Anyway I worried myself sick on Friday and didn't sleep Friday night. I got up Saturday morning thinking I was having a heart attack. I had heart palpitations and couldn't seem to take a deep breath. I got myself to the doctor and she was convinced I was having a panic attack and has prescribed valium. My blood pressure and pulse were ok so I guess I wasn't having a heart attack - thank goodness. I wasn't sure about taking the valium but because it is only 2mg I started Sunday and it has really helped. I am sleeping so much better and am feeling much calmer.

In hindsight I think I have been having these attacks since dad died in August. I haven't been coping with things like I should be - which is understandable considering what we went through with dad. I asked the doctor if it was possible it is my heart and she said for peace of mind I could have an ECG which I am doing on Friday. I still have the heart flutters but I guess I will know for sure on Friday if there is a problem there.

I have kept up my exercise - walked on Friday, Sunday, Monday and tonight. And aqua Saturday and tomorrow night as well. If anything I haven't eaten enough points this week because I just haven't felt like eating.

So we'll know the result of the meter test tomorrow and if there isn't a problem I will be taking it further because no household can use $3000 of power per quarter, especially if they have gas hot water and cooking. And no we are not growing something illegal - lol.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

And now that I know how, one of my gorgeous kids. But I'm not biased!!!!!

I have worked out how to upload photos. It wasn't really that hard - lol.

This is a photo of myself and my 4 year old son Jarryd.

Thanks Bikinidreamer.

A big loss this week!!!!!

Weigh in last night and I must say I was shocked to get on those scales and be told I had lost 1.8 kgs this week. I was so happy. I knew I had been very good and had done lots of exercise so I guess it was just confirmation of my good week. The meeting was very interesting. All about portion sizes. The leader demonstrated the ww scales and I think we were all shocked to discover that a banana that was weighed (and that I guessed was 1 point) was actually 2 points!!!!
I would love to get some of those scales but at $99 they are a bit out of my price range at the moment.

So I have now lost 8.2 kgs in 6 weeks.

The weather here has been glorious and I have made the most of getting out for walks. Walked a lot Friday as I mentioned in the previous post. Then an aqua class on Saturday and lots of walking again on Sunday. My mum, sister and her little boy who is nearly 2 and myself and the kids went on a Port River dolphin cruise. It was 1.5 hours and I must admit it was a little boring by the end but we did get to see some dolphins on the way back. Then an aqua class again on Monday night and a walk to the beach last night before weigh in.

Steve and I didn't do anything for Valentine's day this year. The money is very tight at the moment and because it was a netball night for Nikki and ww night for me, we didn't even get to eat a meal together. Lol that's life when you are so busy.

I have also been meaning to mention another one of the most amazing support groups I have ever been involved with. Two years ago a gorgeous lady I met on the ww website started a yahoo group for people who have weight to lose. We have lost and gained members along the way, but I have made some lifetime friends. We met up this time last year in Melbourne and it was the best weekend. We all got on so well and plan to do it again sometime soon. We are always looking for new members so if anyone is interested, here is the link:

I must say the highlight of my week was walking to the beach with my 7 year old daughter Ashleigh yesterday. She kept stopping every 5 minutes to pick flowers out of people's gardens and giving them to me saying 'Happy Valentine's Day mummy.' I knew she shouldn't be picking flowers out of other people's gardens but I just couldn't tell her off.

Friday, February 10, 2006

My weekend starts

I don't work Friday and I love being home with my baby. My baby is nearly 5 and is starting school on 1st May. I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand I know it is the next step in life but he's my baby!!!!

I walked the kids to school and am pottering around the house. Then I'm going to walk back from school via the playground so the kids can have a play and mummy can have a coffee at the kiosk. We have a great walk that I do often with my kids. It takes about 20 mins and we are at the beach with a playground, kiosk, jetty, bbq facilities and toilets. I can sit outside under the umbrella's watching the kids. It's my favourite place with the kids.

I am doing well again this week with my eating. It's funny, I have been counting points and the last week I have sort of been doing no count. 3 set meals a day with snacks in between. Snacks have been mostly fruit but if I have eaten anything else it is all within the 21 points extra per week (or 3 per day)

I'm sure if you are committed to do the right thing it does become a habbit. How long do they say to break a habbit?? Well this is my 6th week.

I am very inspired reading other people's blogs and the girls on the ww website are unreal. I really feel like there is a huge group of 30+ women (kgs that is) that are going to get to goal together. Wow what a party that will be!!!

Ok off to get some lunch and work out how to put photos on this blog - lol.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

beginning the journey

This is very new to me. So many people on the ww website have started blogs so it has inspired me to start my own.

I have been doing ww for 5 weeks and so far I have lost 6.4 kgs. I feel as if I am doing really well and I am actually starting to enjoy exercising. I can't believe I just said that - lol.

I don't have a lot of support at home. My darling husband is a stick and can eat anything he likes. He refuses to walk with me becuase he has a very physical job and doesn't see the need. It would be nice though just for the support.

Luckily I have 3 gorgeous kids that come walking with me. They take scooters and we go for a 45 min walk to our local beach which has a playground and a kiosk. I usually reward myself with a skinny cappuchino.

I have also been doing aqua twice a week which I am loving.

I promise to update this blog at least weekly.