Friday, February 10, 2006

My weekend starts

I don't work Friday and I love being home with my baby. My baby is nearly 5 and is starting school on 1st May. I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand I know it is the next step in life but he's my baby!!!!

I walked the kids to school and am pottering around the house. Then I'm going to walk back from school via the playground so the kids can have a play and mummy can have a coffee at the kiosk. We have a great walk that I do often with my kids. It takes about 20 mins and we are at the beach with a playground, kiosk, jetty, bbq facilities and toilets. I can sit outside under the umbrella's watching the kids. It's my favourite place with the kids.

I am doing well again this week with my eating. It's funny, I have been counting points and the last week I have sort of been doing no count. 3 set meals a day with snacks in between. Snacks have been mostly fruit but if I have eaten anything else it is all within the 21 points extra per week (or 3 per day)

I'm sure if you are committed to do the right thing it does become a habbit. How long do they say to break a habbit?? Well this is my 6th week.

I am very inspired reading other people's blogs and the girls on the ww website are unreal. I really feel like there is a huge group of 30+ women (kgs that is) that are going to get to goal together. Wow what a party that will be!!!

Ok off to get some lunch and work out how to put photos on this blog - lol.


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