Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What a HELL week!!!!

Well where do I start!!!!

On a good note. I lost another 600g at weigh in tonight taking the total to 8.8 kgs. I'm really going to try extra hard to get to 10 kgs next week. I was pleased with that loss because of TTOM and a very stressful week.

It started last Thursday when I got the shock of my life with a $9,900 electricity bill in the mail. I thought it was a joke because there were 4 bills starting with $1700, then $5500, then $7900, then the big one - nearly $10,000. Apparently according to TXU, they have been grossly underestimating our bills for the last 12 months and have cancelled all the accounts from last year and reissued them taking off the $1700 we had already paid. That makes it approx $3000 per quarter.

WHAT THE????????????????

When I rang TXU, they were so rude. The girl told me there was nothing wrong with the bill or the meter. HELLO!!!!!
Anyway we are having someone here tomorrow testing the meter and I just pray they find a problem or I don't know what we will do. I have had so many people telling me that maybe someone is tapping into the power, I am starting to believe it. But it can't be possible. We have an inside meter so how could that happen??

Anyway I worried myself sick on Friday and didn't sleep Friday night. I got up Saturday morning thinking I was having a heart attack. I had heart palpitations and couldn't seem to take a deep breath. I got myself to the doctor and she was convinced I was having a panic attack and has prescribed valium. My blood pressure and pulse were ok so I guess I wasn't having a heart attack - thank goodness. I wasn't sure about taking the valium but because it is only 2mg I started Sunday and it has really helped. I am sleeping so much better and am feeling much calmer.

In hindsight I think I have been having these attacks since dad died in August. I haven't been coping with things like I should be - which is understandable considering what we went through with dad. I asked the doctor if it was possible it is my heart and she said for peace of mind I could have an ECG which I am doing on Friday. I still have the heart flutters but I guess I will know for sure on Friday if there is a problem there.

I have kept up my exercise - walked on Friday, Sunday, Monday and tonight. And aqua Saturday and tomorrow night as well. If anything I haven't eaten enough points this week because I just haven't felt like eating.

So we'll know the result of the meter test tomorrow and if there isn't a problem I will be taking it further because no household can use $3000 of power per quarter, especially if they have gas hot water and cooking. And no we are not growing something illegal - lol.

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MissyP said...

Hello You! That HAS to be CRAP re:electricity. Don't give in to them Tina. Love your blog... keep it, and the weight loss up. Great going. Haven't left comment before as I couldn't log in. Sorted now. Be back soon XXOO.