Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Picture Post

How good are these photos?

I can't take the credit. My BFF, Lee,took them on Sunday at Largs beach.

We had a fantastic relaxing afternoon sipping coffee and waiting for the sun to set. Well worth the wait!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Hate the Cold!!!

These photos were taken at my birthday on April 25th. How cool is the chicken skewer my brother had. It was massive. I had a lovely day. We went out for lunch with my family and then back to mums for coffee and cake.

Bring back the hot weather anyday. I promise never to complain again - LOL!!

It has been freezing the last couple of days. Nikki played soccer this morning by the lake at West Lakes and the wind was blasting across the lake. It was icy. I guess I had better get used to it. Nikki and Jarryd are both playing soccer this year. Nikki's team have won both games and Jarryd's team have had 1 win and a draw today.
Steve is in Darwin at the moment. One of his best mates lives up there and that was his birthday present this year. I have no idea why I let him go up there without me when it is so bloody freezing down here. He rang when he got there yesterday and was happy to tell me it was 32 deg while I was all rugged up with the heaters going at work. I think it was about 12 deg. YUK!!! I am definitely a summer girl.
Nothing very exciting has been happening here. The days just keep flying past in a blur of work, kids school, kids sport and trying to catch up with friends in any spare time I have. I must confess I was looking forward to doing nothing this weekend with Steve away, but that's not going to happen. Soccer this morning and then I did manage to sit down this afternoon and watch Port get beaten by Hawthorn :( Tomorrow was going to be a pj day but I have to pick up Nikki from a sleepover party in the morning. Then Jarryd wants to see a friend of his who broke his arm very badly this week. And I have arranged to catch up with a friend for coffee in the afternoon. So there goes my weekend!!
So life is rolling along here as busy as ever. I have an appointment on Friday for a smear which I have been putting off. Naughty me. I must get them to check my iron levels as well because I haven't had that checked for about 6 months. Not looking forward to that appointment. Oh well, I know it has to be done.
If you can be bothered, please go to my daughter Ashleigh's blog and say hi. She is so much better at updating than me and I think she has done a great job of her blog.
Have a great weekend everyone.