Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had to post this photo of my jacaranda tree. I planted it when we moved in 8 years ago and this year we finally have some flowers. I am so proud - lol.

The photos don't really show too much but he did have alot on his back, tummy, face, head and backs of his legs.

Latest News

Jarryd is recovering well from the chicken pox. I don't think he has had a really bad dose. I guess it could have been a lot worse. The first night I gave him a carb soda bath to help with the itching. (Mum's old wives tale) but I think it made it worse not better. He had a dreadful night. Crying and scratching all night. We got very little sleep that night. Over the weekend I gave him some clarantyne which did wonders. No scratching at all.

We've had lots of hot weather here and the kids have spent nearly every day in the pool. On Sunday I took the girls for a walk. We had a street fair on at Semaphore and I parked the car at our local beach and walked along the beach. It took about 25 mins and it was quite warm although there was a nice breeze blowing. We walked up and down the street and then walked back to the car and the girls whinged all the way back!!! I outdid them and I was very proud of myself. Sure I was hot but I felt good.

I had a loss of 2 kgs this week which takes the total to 7.6 kgs in 7 weeks. I must confess I haven't been walking anywhere near as much as I should be, but life is just too busy at the moment. I have been doing as much as I can.

I got most of my christmas shopping finished on Friday. Mum had Jarryd and I was on a mission. It feels good to get it done. Now I just have to wrap everything and write cards. The kids have been getting cards from schoolfriends so I guess that will be the next thing. Sit them down and get them to write out cards. I hate that job. But it is nice to receive christmas cards so I always make the effort. Why is it always left to us women. I don't think Steve has wrapped a present or written a card in the 14 years we have been together. Or shopped for that matter. I'll be lucky if he takes the kids out to get me something - well I will have to remind him. Hopeless but lovable.

We are going strawberry picking this weekend (postponed from last weekend) so I will take the camera and post some photos. Yum!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

We've got Chicken Pox!!!!

Jarryd has chicken pox. Bugger!!

I was sort of expecting it. 3 kids in his class have had it over the last 2 weeks. I have been checking him every day and he was clear this morning but when I picked him up from mum tonight, I saw a few spots which are rapidly multiplying. Lucky I have tomorrow off and also next Tuesday. Steve will take a couple of sickies as well but I know Ashleigh will be next.

Steve got chicken pox when Ashleigh was 1 week old and passed them on to Nikki. Ashleigh didn't get it because she was too little and being breastfed.

So I guess the next few weeks will be so much fun - not. I have bought some calemine lotion and bicarb soda which is apparently good to put in the bath to help the itching.

I'll be back on the weekend to update.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Putting up the Christmas Tree

The kids have been hassling me for a couple of weeks now to put up the christmas tree, so today was the day. How come it is so easy to put up the tree and the kids are so enthusiastic to help but when the time comes to take it down, they lose interest very quickly - lol.

Trip to the Magic Cave

On Friday mum and I took the kids to see Santa. It was my 1st day off in 2 weeks and the kids had a pupil free day. I thought there wouldn't be too many people there but I thought wrong. We lined up for over an hour. Luckily mum was with me because she took the kids on all the rides while I stayed in the line. They had free merry go round and horse rides. It is a lovely experience and the kids always look forward to it but I think next year we will go in on a Monday. The staff told us that Monday and Tuesdays are always quiet. Typical!!

We finally got to see Santa and Nikki has asked for a Nintendo DS, Ashleigh asked for a Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Centre and Jarryd asked for Lightening Mcqeeen from the Cars movie. We had a great time and the kids went on all the rides many times. Ashleigh took a liking to David the talking tree. She couldn't work out how she could ask him questions and he would talk back. When I took the photo of her talking to the tree he called out 'Cheese' Too funny. She went to talk to him about 10 times so I'm sure whoever was talking into the microphone thought she was so cute. She even went and said goodbye and she would see him next year.

Oh the innocence of children.

This is Ashleigh's other costume. Unfortunately we didn't get a photo at the concert so we took it at home.

Nikki and Ashleigh's costumes. The colourful one Ashleigh is wearing is the one I had to sequin. Unfortunately you can't see all the sequins in this photo but it came up very sparkly on the stage.

The girls had to have a crazy hat for the opening number so we created some flower hats. This is Ashleigh's.

Where has the time gone??

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. It has probably been the busiest 2 weeks in ages.

Firstly my weight journey. Last Saturday weigh in I lost .3 but this week was a bit of a disaster. I put on 800g. I think my busy lifestyle of the last couple of weeks and lack of exercise have caught up with me. I'm glad the last couple of weeks are behind me. I shouldn't use it as an excuse for gaining weight but it hasn't been a normal two weeks. Also one of the reasons I haven't had time to post here.

The girls had their dancing concert last Sunday and had extra rehearsals during that week. Our usual week consists of netball practice, 2 netball games for Nikki, cricket practice and game for Ashleigh and dancing for both of the girls. So add a couple of extra dance practices and me having to work extra hours, it has been a tough couple of weeks. I am so glad dancing is over for the year. The concert made it all worthwhile because it went so well.

We had a few too many take away meals and I haven't been walking for over a week. So no more excuses!!! I have to keep focussing on our Queensland holiday. I have to fit into those bathers - lol.

The dancing concert was unreal. I wish I could have taken photos of the girls performances but they don't allow cameras in the theatre. The pictures I have were all taken backstage by the girls. It was a huge day and the girls were exhausted. They had to be at the theatre at 9am in the morning for rehearsals and we didn't get home until 6pm.

Steve went away that weekend on a motorbike rally to Portland in Victoria. He didn't get back until Tuesday morning so it was even harder having the 3 kids totally by myself for 5 days. I don't know how single mums do it all the time, but then again, I guess in some situations they get to be without the kids when the fathers have them on weekends.

I had to work extra hours last week which I hated. One of the guys in the office is on holidays and the other girl in the office had a very sick mother and had 3 days off to look after her. So I had to cover her. The extra money was nice but I wouldn't want to do it all the time.

Our kids had a pupil free day on Friday so I took them to the magic cave to see Father Christmas. I am charging up the camera so I will post more about that when I upload the photos.

So I am looking forward to this week being a little quieter and back to normal. I intend to make every effort to walk every day as I was doing and enjoying. I'll be back later to post some photos of our visit to Santa and the kids putting the christmas tree up.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This is Jarryd's masterpiece. How cute!!!

The kids had a great time drawing on the road. Nikki didn't quite spell christmas right - lol.

The photo doesn't do this float justice. The flowers were spectacular and all fresh.

Pageant day

We had the best day yesterday. It started at 5.45am when I got the kids out of bed. They were so excited. It's a tradition to take them to the christmas pageant and we wanted to get up there early to get front row seats.

It didn't start until 9.45am but the time went so quickly. We took game boys, colouring books and food and drinks so they were very busy. Another tradition is taking chalk and all the kids do drawings on the road. We go to the same spot every year and have got to know some of the families around us quite well.

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining down. We have a great spot under a tree so we are always in the shade and there is a cafe behind us so we can get coffee. I have put some of the photos here. There were about 50 floats so these are just a few of my favourites. Unfortunately the camera battery died just before father christmas came along so I didn't get a photo of him.

Onto weight loss matters. I lost 600g this week which takes the total to 6.1 kgs in 4 weeks. I'm still walking alot. I walked the kids to school on Friday and then I spent the whole day christmas shopping. I was so tired when I got home but I still managed to walk to get the kids from school which is a 1/2 hour round trip. My feet were aching Friday night.

I have done well with my christmas shopping. I know it's still 7 weeks away but I have been watching the catalogues and I don't think I have bought anything at full price. Steve is going to be easy this year. He has already bought a ticket to the Roger Waters concert in February (Pink Floyd). That was $100 and also James Hird the essendon footballer is releasing his book at West Lakes in a couple of weeks so I bought him a ticket for that. It's pretty good value because you get the book and James Hird will autograph it. Also it's at a cafe so food and drink is included as well all for $40. The book alone is $45. I guess I will be driving him and picking him up that night.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me this year - lol. I usually do my christmas shopping the week before.

Yesterday was a very full day. Not only did we have the pageant, Jarryd had a birthday party in the afternoon and then we had a family friend's 7th birthday party at night. I made the kids have a sleep in the afternoon, which they all did after telling me they weren't tired. Thank goodness they did because we didn't get home until 11.30pm. They wouldn't have made it if they didn't have a sleep because of our early start to the day.

We are off for a walk to the beach soon. It's another gorgeous day here. Steve is playing golf so I'm going to take the kids to the beach and have a coffee while they play on the playground.

I'll be back later in the week.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I walked........

in the rain!!!!!

Something I would normally use as an excuse. It decided to rain for the first time in ages as I was coming home from work tonight. As I was very limited in my time to walk tonight, I decided to grab the umbrella and set off. Luckily it wasn't windy so it was quite nice. Also the smells from all the gardens screaming out for rain was amazing. Unfortunately it didn't last very long. We so need a big downpour. SA is on water restrictions for the first time in ages. I can't remember the last time it really rained. A few spots here and there, but nothing that helps.

Nikki came back from her school camp this afternoon and she is exhausted. I don't think she had much sleep the last 2 nights. Sounds like they had a fantastic time though. I'm glad she's home. I was really surprised how much everyone here missed her the last 3 days. Ashleigh and Jarryd both commented that they missed her and couldn't wait until she got home. I hope they remember that next time she annoys them - lol.

I'll be back on the weekend to update my weigh in result. We have a huge day on Saturday. It is our annual christmas pageant saturday morning and we plan to get up around 6am so we can get a good spot. I'll post some photos. Then we have a party in the afternoon and a party at night. So it's going to be a busy weekend.