Sunday, November 19, 2006

Trip to the Magic Cave

On Friday mum and I took the kids to see Santa. It was my 1st day off in 2 weeks and the kids had a pupil free day. I thought there wouldn't be too many people there but I thought wrong. We lined up for over an hour. Luckily mum was with me because she took the kids on all the rides while I stayed in the line. They had free merry go round and horse rides. It is a lovely experience and the kids always look forward to it but I think next year we will go in on a Monday. The staff told us that Monday and Tuesdays are always quiet. Typical!!

We finally got to see Santa and Nikki has asked for a Nintendo DS, Ashleigh asked for a Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Centre and Jarryd asked for Lightening Mcqeeen from the Cars movie. We had a great time and the kids went on all the rides many times. Ashleigh took a liking to David the talking tree. She couldn't work out how she could ask him questions and he would talk back. When I took the photo of her talking to the tree he called out 'Cheese' Too funny. She went to talk to him about 10 times so I'm sure whoever was talking into the microphone thought she was so cute. She even went and said goodbye and she would see him next year.

Oh the innocence of children.

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