Saturday, March 19, 2011

For Chris H

These photos are on facebook but I know Chris doesn't use facebook much. The room is nearly finished. Just have the floorboards to do and then we can start moving stuff in. The photo of our existing family room shows how cluttered we are. So I can't wait to swing open those doors and finally have more room.

My poor neglected blog :(
Life just keeps getting in the way of updates here. I guess that why I prefer facebook. So easy to update on there.
We've had a crazy few weeks. Unfortunately not all good. Bullying has reared its ugly head again but not with Ashleigh this time.
Nikki has been the victim this time. She tries to be friends with everyone and it has backfired big time. She got caught in the middle of some of her friends fighting this week and 2 of these so called friends turned on her and verbally abused her nearly to the point of a physical punch up. Luckily it didn't get to that. The school were great and I got phone calls from the head of the middle school but unfortunately one of the girls father has bikie connections and they are intimidated by her family. In the school's words - 'We just don't know what to do'
This girl has had so many run ins with other kids and she is still there. The school told us they know Nikki is innocent and just got caught up in typical teenage lies and rumours but she has learnt a very valuable lesson. To keep out of things that don't concern her. She can't solve the world's problems as much as she wants to try.
It was Jarryd's 10th birthday last week. I can't believe my baby boy is 10!! Where did that time go. He had a laser skirmish party with 11 friends which was a huge hit. He asked for money because we bought him an ipod touch and he had to contribute some money towards it. Well he got so much money from family and friends he also managed to buy a new ds lite console and the new pokemon game. So he is a very happy boy.
Ashleigh has a part time job at a local footy club. A good friend of ours has taken over the contract to do all the meals on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so she will be doing some cooking, dishes, taking orders and taking out the meals. She is absolutely loving it and is getting $10 an hour cash in hand. She is saving for a laptop.
Steve is off to Alice Springs again for 2 weeks. He is getting a lot of breakdown work now so the finances are looking a bit stronger. Just as well. The mortgage has sky rocketed due to all the renovations we are doing. He has been offered another job within the company which is a step up and will get him off the tools but it means being the co-ordinator for all the jobs and he's not sure if he really wants to do it. He's asking for a big pay rise and along with the car that comes with it so we shall see. If they come to the party money wise, then it's meant to be.
My weight loss has stalled a bit. I haven't gain but haven't lost either in the last month. I know peri menapause is playing a huge part in that. I had a blood test the other day and my iron levels are way to low again so I'm back on iron tabs and have been told to eat 3 red meat meals a week. Hopefully that will boost things again when I have the next blood test in May.
I've been trying to post a YouTube link of Nikki playing ukele and singing on here but it's not playing the game. I'll keep trying. She is amazing and so many people have commented on facebook. She is so passionate about her music and I am very proud of her because she has never had any lessons. She has learnt to play the ukelele from the internet. She sure doesn't get her music ability from me!!!
Ok maybe blogger doesn't let you link YouTube so if you want to look go to my facebook page or search YouTube for ukelelefreakxo