Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

After my gain last week, I went back to basics and drew up a weekly menu planner taking into account lots of filling foods. I stuck to it to the letter and was rewarded with a 1.7 kg loss this week. Woohoo!!!! The total now is 16.6 kgs in 17 weeks.

Looking back on my gain last week, I truly believe it to be fluid. Last Thursday, weigh in day, I ate very little, drank about 3 or 4 cups of coffee and hardly drank any water. I hardly went to the loo and looking back I know that was the problem. Martine left a message on my last post that was along the lines of............. It's sometimes good to have a gain so you can go back over things and reaccess. That's exactly what I did and was duly rewarded.

So I am one very happy girl here tonight.

Very busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to check out a stye like growth on the inside of one of my eyelids. It's on the bottom of my left eye. Of course I have been thinking horrible thoughts. That's me so I'm going to get it looked at to put my mind at ease. Then I'm off to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner with a couple of girlfriends.

Saturday I have a dentist appointment to get a long overdue filling. And then I'm going to the Port V Geelong NAB cup game. Is it still called the NAB cup - LOL!!!

Sunday will be flat out. I'm catching up with another friend for lunch and then Nikki has netball trials in the afternoon. Then my Sunday walk with Tania and Jo. Hopefully Tania will make it this week. We missed you last week.

I can't believe it is only 2 weeks until Jarryd's birthday. My baby boy is going to be 8 :(
Where did those 8 years go? We were going to have a party on the Saturday but he came home last night with an invitation for another party that day so it might have to be next weekend instead. OMG that only gives me a week to organize something!! It can't be nearly March.

Have a fantastic week bloggers and thanks so much for all your support about my weight loss. I have made so many wonderful friends on this journey. True friends!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Unexplained Gain

Andrew McLeod was great signing all the kids things and so patient. He even got handed a newborn baby to hold and have his photo taken - LOL
This was taken at the 20/20 cricket game for the bushfire appeal.

This is our gorgeous sunset the other night and skinny Jo at the kiosk after our walk.

I think I spoke too soon last week about 15.6 kgs gone forever!!

I put on 700g this week for absolutely no reason. I haven't done anything different and it isn't TTOM so I will move on. Nothing I can do about it now. Thanks Jo for making me realise that it's not all about the scales. I can see so many differences now in my body and my fitness so it's all good really. Just disappointing.

I have revisited my tracker because my leader advised me to change things around a bit. I might be having too much salt and in the last 2 days not enough water so I'm probably retaining fluid. Water isn't an issue most of the time but I do have days where I know I haven't had enough. Also I need to eat more fruit. Although I am staying within points, I can see I am eating too many water iceblocks and also too many cruskits.

Anyway I am not dwelling on the gain. Next week will be a loss for sure.

Steve surprised me on Valentines day with a gorgeous gold bracelet. Things are going very well with us. We have both worked on the things that bothers us and we are both much happier.
I have put a couple of photos on of the fundraiser we went to on Tuesday night. The Adelaide Crows and Port Power AFL teams had a 20/20 cricket game to raise money for the bushfire appeal. It was a great night and the kids got lots of players autographs. They raised a lot of money and it feels good to be able to donate some money.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Little Loss

Well after losing 4 kgs in the last 3 weeks, I was fully expecting a small loss this week because of TTOM. I lost 300g which I am very happy with. Taking the grand total to 15.6 kgs gone forever.

Nothing much interesting to report this week. Just the usual work and school routine. The kids have all settled very well into school and they are all happy with their teachers. Ashleigh, who was the subject of bullying last year is happier than ever. One of the girls who bullyed her is in her class again and Ashleigh has come home on many occasions saying how nice she is to her now. Not sure what has turned her around but I'm not complaining. I am very happy with the way the school handled this because splitting up the 2 girls this year has worked out very well for us.

I, like everyone else has been devistated by the fires in Victoria. My best friend in Melbourne knows a few families that have lost loved ones and some of the stories are very distressing. The only good thing to come out of all this is the way Australians are pulling together and helping these people who have been left with nothing. It is going to be ongoing for months and years to come but I know they will be looked after and not forgotten.

Just a short post because I am about to walk and get the kids from school so I'd better get going.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and a lovely Valentines Day for those who celebrate the one they love. Steve might even get lucky - hahahaha!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I've got my 10%

Sunset on Australia Day at Semaphore. The beginning of the heatwave

My new hair. I had it coloured last night and am very happy with the result. And yes I know my computer desk needs tidying - LOL!!!!

I am a very happy girl tonight. I lost 2 kgs taking the total in 14 weeks to 15.3 kgs and I got my 10%. I am loving this journey and the wonderful friends I am making so I really want to thank each and every one of you for your support.

I truly believe it has finally sunk in that I don't need all the crap I used to eat and I'm not craving or looking for the chips, chocolate and lollies anymore. I'm enjoying trying new, healthy food and I'm loving the way I am feeling.

We had an interesting week. For those that don't know, Ashleigh had an accident in the pool on Sunday night. She accidently got hit with a plastic water pistol and the bleeding from her nose wouldn't stop. To make matters worse, the blood was coming out of her tear duct which I have never seen before and it really freaked me out. I called an ambulance but because of the heatwave in Adelaide, they took over 40 minutes and it had finally stopped so I cancelled it. The next night, she woke up at 1.30am and the bleeding was worse so I called the ambulance again. Luckily they were only about 10 mins away and advised us to go to the hospital to get it checked on case it was broken. Luckily that was ruled out and it hasn't bled since but it was very scary.

The weather has cooled down a little. After 7 or 8 days of over 35 degs with most of those days over 40, the last couple of days have been around 33. Bliss!!! Although tomorrow is going to be 43 again. I'm over it!!!!

The kids have settled back into school and life is a blur of school, work, sport, homework and normal household duties but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love this busy time in my life.

Steve and I are getting on so much better. He is communicating better and life is good. He even surprised me by winning one of those travel auctions to Mildura which will be fun. Not sure when we will take it though, maybe later in the year in Spring.

Have a great weekend everyone.