Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

After my gain last week, I went back to basics and drew up a weekly menu planner taking into account lots of filling foods. I stuck to it to the letter and was rewarded with a 1.7 kg loss this week. Woohoo!!!! The total now is 16.6 kgs in 17 weeks.

Looking back on my gain last week, I truly believe it to be fluid. Last Thursday, weigh in day, I ate very little, drank about 3 or 4 cups of coffee and hardly drank any water. I hardly went to the loo and looking back I know that was the problem. Martine left a message on my last post that was along the lines of............. It's sometimes good to have a gain so you can go back over things and reaccess. That's exactly what I did and was duly rewarded.

So I am one very happy girl here tonight.

Very busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to check out a stye like growth on the inside of one of my eyelids. It's on the bottom of my left eye. Of course I have been thinking horrible thoughts. That's me so I'm going to get it looked at to put my mind at ease. Then I'm off to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner with a couple of girlfriends.

Saturday I have a dentist appointment to get a long overdue filling. And then I'm going to the Port V Geelong NAB cup game. Is it still called the NAB cup - LOL!!!

Sunday will be flat out. I'm catching up with another friend for lunch and then Nikki has netball trials in the afternoon. Then my Sunday walk with Tania and Jo. Hopefully Tania will make it this week. We missed you last week.

I can't believe it is only 2 weeks until Jarryd's birthday. My baby boy is going to be 8 :(
Where did those 8 years go? We were going to have a party on the Saturday but he came home last night with an invitation for another party that day so it might have to be next weekend instead. OMG that only gives me a week to organize something!! It can't be nearly March.

Have a fantastic week bloggers and thanks so much for all your support about my weight loss. I have made so many wonderful friends on this journey. True friends!!!


Cinders said...

Well done Tina - that's fantastic. My boy is 7 next week - where does the time go?

MissyP said...

Tina, you are shrinking!!!! Well done you. Can we PLEEEEASE have progress piccies? XXOO

Miss LJ said...

Well done!! Such a good loss, and you certainly show that sticking to healthy filling foods works!!
Enjoy your busy weekend.

kazz said...

As I said on facebook tina well done. Many years ago i ahd what I thought wa a sty on my bottom eyelid too ... turns out one of my tear ducts had blocked and got infectd...they drained it and after a few days I was fine. Hope they sort your eye all out and good to see you so "happy happy happy"

kazz =]

Jenny said...

Hope the doctor is able to reassure you about your stye thingie on your eyelid. Congratulations again with your weight loss. Your weekend sounds full but fun. Enjoy. I also echo the request for pictures.

Tania said...

FABULOUS loss mate! It's a great feeling when you can lose what you gained and so much more!

I heard about the footy on the radio this afternoon and instantly thought of you, I gathered you would probably be there :-) Hope you enjoy the game!

I'll be there with bells on for our walk on Sunday night, will be good to catch up.

And yep, I know how you feel - only 12 more sleeps and Lachie is 3 - how on earth did THAT happen?

Hope you're having a lovely dinner!

Chris H said...

Awesome loss chick. Hope you have a great weekend.

Shelley said...

What a fantastic loss for so far into your journey. Great job! And I agree with MissyP, we need some progress shots!