Friday, March 06, 2009

Gotta Love Long Weekends

It's Adelaide cup weekend here. And Jarryd's birthday weekend. We have lots of family and a few friends here on Sunday so I have some cooking to do tomorrow. I will post some photos next post.

I had a 1.2 kg loss this week taking the total to 17.8 kgs. It was more than I hoped for considering I am on antibiotics for a stye in my eye. I am loving the freedom of not tracking. Well I am tracking but it's already done each day because I am following a broad menu plan that is up on my fridge. Basically 3 meals a day and fruit for snacks during the day and some sweeter things at night to combat the night munchies.

I had to go back to the doctor this afternoon to get my eye checked which is improving. I have to use this thick cream for 2 more weeks and then go back again. He checked my blood pressure and I was a bit shocked to see it had gone up a bit. 140/90. I don't know much about blood pressure because I've never been on the high side so not sure if it's anything to worry about. He asked if I was stressed. After coming home and thinking about it the answer is YES!!

I am dealing with a very head strong 12 year old who thinks she is 18 and can do what she wants and tells me often that she doesn't have any rights. I need to learn how to deal with this because at the moment I just blow up. I need to learn to ignore her because it's normal. I was the same. Always had to have the last say. And it is effecting my stress levels. I am getting crankier if someone drives slow in front of me and can feel myself getting stressed so much more these days. Any ideas for stress management????

I am off for a girls night tomorrow night with a group of Adelaide wwer's that are on various stages of our journeys. We are going to a thai restaurant for dinner and then we're going to hit the casino. I must remember the camera or Jo will kill me. So there will be photos.

Talking of photos. Lots have asked for progress photos. Do you know I still don't see a lot of difference. When you have 60 kgs to lose - 17.8 kgs is not alot. Yes that's right. I don't think I've admitted here that I have 60 kgs to lose.

I took progress photos at 10 kgs lost and I will do the same for 20 kgs and post them. But you might be lucky enough to see some from the girls night or Jarryd's party. If I can't avoid the camera that is - LOL!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Miss LJ said...

Well done or your loss!! 17.8 is awesome...such an inspiration!! Enjoy your night out tomorrow - I can't make it, but look forward to seeing your photos.

have a fun long weekend - I'm just happy to have 3 days off work! Just planning a few nice walks up at the top of the torrens...should be lovely!

Cinders said...

Have a great weekend Tina. You are well on your way to losing the 60 kilos and I'm sure you can notice the 18 that's already gone. You're almost a third way there - that's truly fantastic :)

Jenny said...

Tina, your losses are fantastic. And your blood pressure should be coming down, not going up. My soon to be 13 year old has been headstrong for many years (just like his mother lol). I have very set views on how I intend to parent my kids, and although I am open to discussion, I will not argue, or get into a power struggle situation. In quiet moments, I will sit down and explain my thinking, but I also always add, that I am the adult and I don't need to justify myself to a child!! I have also told him that if he chooses to slam doors, or sulk, then it's his problem not mine. If he continues his bad behaviour by being rude to me, then I promptly remove something he loves, like his DS or computer time. Just a gentle reminder, is enough to pull him back into line. You have to know in your own heart that you are doing the right thing, you can't take responsibility and feel loads of guilt because of her reaction. Am I making sense lol? I am probably rambling. I have even gone so far, as to put the issues on the table and explain my expectations on each of them, and say that the boundaries aren't going to change until such time that they are old enough. In reference to rights - that one really gets to me. You have no rights at all unless you fulfill your responsibilities. And a preteen child has responsibilities, and they include being polite to you, showing respect, doing their chores without being harangued and changing their attitude! I have learned now to disassociate myself from Billy-Joe's bad moods, or him trying to make me feel guilty. Don't fall into the trap of power struggles,because you are teh adult and you are the boss! No question. Hope you can sort things out soon.