Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Unexplained Gain

Andrew McLeod was great signing all the kids things and so patient. He even got handed a newborn baby to hold and have his photo taken - LOL
This was taken at the 20/20 cricket game for the bushfire appeal.

This is our gorgeous sunset the other night and skinny Jo at the kiosk after our walk.

I think I spoke too soon last week about 15.6 kgs gone forever!!

I put on 700g this week for absolutely no reason. I haven't done anything different and it isn't TTOM so I will move on. Nothing I can do about it now. Thanks Jo for making me realise that it's not all about the scales. I can see so many differences now in my body and my fitness so it's all good really. Just disappointing.

I have revisited my tracker because my leader advised me to change things around a bit. I might be having too much salt and in the last 2 days not enough water so I'm probably retaining fluid. Water isn't an issue most of the time but I do have days where I know I haven't had enough. Also I need to eat more fruit. Although I am staying within points, I can see I am eating too many water iceblocks and also too many cruskits.

Anyway I am not dwelling on the gain. Next week will be a loss for sure.

Steve surprised me on Valentines day with a gorgeous gold bracelet. Things are going very well with us. We have both worked on the things that bothers us and we are both much happier.
I have put a couple of photos on of the fundraiser we went to on Tuesday night. The Adelaide Crows and Port Power AFL teams had a 20/20 cricket game to raise money for the bushfire appeal. It was a great night and the kids got lots of players autographs. They raised a lot of money and it feels good to be able to donate some money.
Have a great weekend everyone.


samantha said...

Hi Tina
Glad to see you having so much fun walking with Jo and Tania, it really helps when you've got someone to talk to when you walk cause it doesn't seem like exercise! Jo is spot on with her view, its not always about the numbers on the scales, as you said your fitness and body shape has changed immensely for the better and you've got a great attitude to boot!! So stay positive and keep on doing what you've been doing! Sam x

Chris H said...

Move on from the little gain, they can happen for no apparent reason. How nice that you and the man are getting on so much better. It's nice to hear.

Joannes Journey said...

well we just both have to move on, I am not feeling well this morning nausia for some unknown reason
catch up soon

Miss LJ said...

Bugga about the gain, but at least you are assessing why, and I'm sure you will sort it out and have a good loss next week.

The 20/20 match looked like it would have been fun...! I wanted to go, but my fella had to play indoor cricket, so we did not make it.

Have a good week!!

samantha said...

me again just had to add you myself on to your blog followers again, you seem to have disappeared off mine for some reason! LOL
Sam x

Martine said...

Tina, remember I gained the week before for no reason. I know it is upsetting but look at the overall picture. I personally think gains are good in they make us revisit our food intake and it gives us a chance to look at our food overall and see ways of improvement. Your doing so well. Martine

Jenny said...

I love your attitude Tina. It's not the 'woe is me' kind of attitude of a weight gain, but a smart and sensible look at what you are doing. This week you will no doubt be in for a good loss. I was so excited to read that Steve had given you a Valentines gift. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day that often our marriages suffer. Good luck for the week ahead, although I know luck has nothing to do with it - it's all damn hard work.

Joanne said...

I just cannot get used to being called 'skinny Jo' and soon you are going to be called 'Tiny Tina' LOL.
Thanks for being a great walking bud and I am so happy you and hubby are working things out.
As for the gain, bah phoey, ignore it. No matter what the scales say, you know you are going what you need to do to get healthy.

Kate said...

Great job with the walking Tina :)

Maybe try and mix up your walking... try some hills or walk ON the beach in the sand for a better workout. You're body might just need a shake up...?!

K xx

Tania said...

Looks like you guys had a great night out at the cricket!

Just watch that 700 grams disappear again next week mate - you're doing such an awesome job on this journey and it's really starting to show too, i've definitely noticed a difference.

MissyP said...

Hi Tina. Forget the gain, my goodness - you are doing SO WELL. Can't wait to see you in the flesh. XXOO

Megan said...

Lovely pics! I have had my weight loss slow lately and had the same thought "i haven't done anything different" - but that was the problem!! i changed 2 minor things and lost 700g this week. Time for a change around maybe??