Monday, March 13, 2006

Busy Weekend

Wow again I've been reminded that I haven't updated this blog for ages. Life is just so busy.

Firstly my weigh in last Tuesday and I stayed exactly the same. I was a little relieved because I had been naughty the previous week and my scales said I had put on. So I pulled my finger out and from Friday to Tuesday I tracked like mad. So I guess I made up for being naughty.

Nikki had her 1st netball final last Friday and it was so exciting. They won by 1 goal and are now into the Grand Final this Friday night. The team and parents and grandparents were all so excited. It was like they had already won the grand final. But like I tell Nikki, as wonderful as it will be to win the grand final, at least they have made it there so that is a huge achievement in itself.

My baby boy turned 5 yesterday and we had a huge day in the Lehmann household. We had a family bbq for lunch with Steve's parents coming over from Stansbury (2 hours from Adelaide) Then we had another 8 kindy kids here in the afternoon. We had a jumping castle which was a huge hit and the kids all had a great time. From past experience, I have always had trouble with savoury party food like pies and sausage rolls so this time I only bought 12 party pies and 12 sausage rolls. The kids mainly ate the sweet food which I have no trouble avoiding and there weren't that many left overs. What was left over my kids had for tea.

By the time everyone left and I cleaned up, I was exhausted. It was a very humid day and I think I earnt a heap of bonus points. So I enjoyed every moment I spent in the spa when it was all over.

I still haven't heard anything about our electricity bill saga. I rang TXU on Feb 28th because that was the day the $10,000 bill was due. I thought I would do the courtesy of letting them know we had a faulty meter. The girl I spoke to was very helpful in contrast to the bitch that I spoke to when I got the bill. After telling her of the way I was treated, she asked me if I wanted to put in a formal complaint. I told her I did and she told me that management would be in contact with me within 48 hours. Well that was 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting. TYPICAL!!!!!!

I'm not sure about weigh in tomorrow night. TTOM for me next week and I can feel myself bloating up already. So I think it will be an interesting weigh in this week. I'll be back to let you know how I went.

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