Saturday, March 25, 2006

Update at last!!

Again, it's been ages since I have updated. I guess I have been putting everything else first as usual.

I have put on .4 in the last 2 weeks. I really haven't been tracking as well as I should which is always the biggest reason my weight starts to creep up again. Though I guess .4 in 2 weeks isn't as bad as it could have been if I wasn't following the programme. I am still exercising as much as usual which is another reason I haven't gained too much. I have virtually stayed the same for the last month, but I have lost 8.8 kgs in 11 weeks so I guess that's not too bad. Just need to get my head back in the right place again.

We've had a bit of sickness in our house. The kids have had sniffles and sore throats - nothing too serious. As I said, I always seem to put myself last and tend to get very run down sometimes. I had a sore throat and croaky throat last week but feel better now.

My baby boy had his first school visit on Friday and he just loved it. I knew he would. He is in a class with one of his best friends from kindy who started school in term 1 so I'm really happy they are back together again. It will make me feel heaps better on May 1st when he starts school full time. I know he will cope far better than me.

Also April 13th is going to be a very emotional day for me. That is the day Jarryd finishes kindy ending my association with the kindy all 3 of my kids went to. I have loved our time there and I know the kids have too so it's going to be a very sad day. I cried when Ashleigh finished so I'm sure I'll be a mess when Jarryd finishes.

Nikki played in her 1st netball grand final last friday. It was a very close game but they were beaten in the last quarter and lost by 6 goals in the end. Nobody really minded because they all got a trophy and got to go to Hungry Jacks after.

Anyway not a lot has been happening here lately. I'm looking forward to catching up with a fellow blogger friend of mine who had her 1st baby 2 weeks ago. A little boy called Lachlan James and from the photo I have seen, he is just gorgeous. Congratulations again Tania and Michael.


Tania said...

Hey Tina

Wow, i'm impressed! If I stopped tracking for 2 weeks i'd have gained heaps, good for you! Sorry to hear that you haven't been well but just think the positive side of Jarryd starting school soon is that Fridays can be "Tina days", very much deserved if you ask me! Thanks again for the congratulations we will have to catch up soon so you can meet little Lachlan!

Tania said...

Waiting ... waiting ... waiting ... some people are just impatient aren't they? :-) Hope all is going well, look forward to reading an update soon!

Jami said...

How did April 13th go?