Saturday, May 13, 2006

Change of direction

Again after promising to post every week, it's been nearly a month since I have posted. I think I will have to get into the habbit of making shorter posts more often.

Firstly I have had to make a tough decision again. Because Steve has dropped $100 per week pay because he has gone from night shift back to day shift, I have had to reaccess our finances. Unfortunately at the moment I just can't afford to go to ww meetings. My 1st 10 week package has run out and I just can't afford to renew it. I certainly haven't given up. I am going to weigh every Sat morning and take a picture of my scales and email it to a friend to keep me honest.

I weighed this morning and have lost .3. Unfortunately my scales are 1 kg heavier than the ww scales so that would have been 1.3 kgs, but I have to go off of the scales I am weighing on. I have now lost 8.9 kgs since the beginning of January. I had a huge setback over easter. Totally lost the plot and ate far too much chocolate so I did put on a bit. But I have now lost most of that and am only .5 kg off where I was a month ago.

I have a new walking partner who is unreal and very reliable. We try to walk twice a week and I walk by myself or with the kids another 2 times a week. I am feeling heaps fitter now. We do a walk between the Semaphore and Largs Bay jettys which I used to dread but now I do it with ease.

Jarryd started school 2 weeks ago and is loving it. He has made some new friends and I am very happy with his teacher and the class he is in. I really thought I would have some seperation problems with him because I did when he started kindy, but that hasn't happened. He doesn't need me - boo hoo!!!

Nikki has started winter netball at ETSA park which is where the Thunderbirds play. Unfortunately it is on a Saturday morning and we have to leave home at 8am which is quite rude when it is sooooo cold. Her team has won their first 3 matches now so that is a great start.

I hope all the mums have a fantastic mothers day tomorrow. I have told my kids I want a sleep in so they had better not wake me up to give me their presents - lol. And a very happy first mothers day to Tania.

I have posted a photo of the kids on Jarryd's 1st day of school. It's not the best photo. I have a real problem with my camera with red eyes. Maybe one day when we have some money I will invest in a new digital camera.


Tania said...

Hey Tina, great to hear from you! Good on you for maintaining the loss that you have even with a bit of a hiccup over Easter. I hope you have a FANTASTIC mother's day and enjoy your sleep in :-) I'm getting the best present ever - a good nights sleep with Michael doing all the feeds ... lol

Jami said...

You're doing brilliantly. As long as you still keep going with weight watchers as a life style, it doesn't matter that you don't go to meetings. I do WW @ home and I find my blog helps me be publicly accountable for what I'm doing! :-D