Monday, December 11, 2006

We've got chicken pox again!!

It's been 18 days since Jarryd's chicken pox came out and I really thought Ashleigh might be immune. Just after I took the photo of Ashleigh with her dancing tropy, I noticed a spot on her back. After she had a shower, there were a couple more and this morning quite a few more. Bugger!!!

In a way I am glad she's got it because she is the last one in our family to have it, but the timing is rotton. It's the last week of school this week and she was looking forward to a class party tomorrow. Also the company Steve works for is having a children's christmas party on Sunday at the Semaphore water slide. I just hope she is past the contageous stage by then.

Oh well on a positive note, she should be ok for christmas day which is 2 weeks today.


mony said...

thanks for your support tina! hope the chicken pox have cleared by xmas. i was just trying to imagine xmas morning in your house. must be wonderful to watch those excited kiddies faces!

Jadey 0:-) said...

I hope those chicken Pox have cleared up. I heard by the time you see the chicken pox they are no longer contagious. Just a Pain in the butt. Double check that though it may be an old wives tale.

It seems to be rampant in schools at the moment. Same thing with friends kids all over the country in Primary school.

Nice to find you in Becks Blog last night - will read more another time :) Take Care