Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Weekend Gone

But I'm glad this one is over.

The girls had their end of year dancing concert today and it went really well. I have spent most of the week catching up on things I have missed over the last 3 weeks while we were away. So it has been rather chaotic.

Unfortunately I haven't got any photos to share because we had to drive around for over 1/2 an hour looking for a park so I didn't get backstage before the show started. And you aren't allowed to take photos when the kids are on stage.

The concert is held in the city and it was chaos in there today. Apart from it being rememberence day, there were markets on at the festival theatre and some sort of rally through the city so it was very busy.

And the best part . . . . . . . . . . . .

It's all over for another year. No more dancing on Monday and Wednesday nights.

I want to do a plug for my daughter Ashleigh's blog. She is getting very good at updating it herself and is very proud of herself so have a look and leave a message to say hello.

Have a great week everyone. It's getting hotter during the week and it's supposed to be mid 30's by the weekend. We might get a chance to get into the pool.


Chris H said...

It only has to be in the mid 20's for me to get into a pool...oh to have a pool! Maybe with our next home!

Chris H said...

It is the small things that matter mate, and I know your wee girl will really love getting some comments. You are welcome.

Beck's Blog said...

Hi Tina looks like you ahd a great trip .Glad you all enjoyed it...take care Beck XXX

Ralda James said...

great photo's of your holiday, Steven said, now you are back home you can do less on the keyboard and more in the kitchen.

Don't worry Tina the girls and I will take care of him for you.

Ralda James

Tania said...

Oh what a shame you didn't get to take photos of the girls! Hope they had a great time and no doubt you're enjoying the extra free time you have on your hands now.

No doubt your pool has been getting quite a good workout this last week - i've had enough already and summer's not even here yet.

Look forward to catching up with you all next Saturday.