Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Long Overdue Update

This may sound very boring to some but on Friday we went for a walk over our new Port River Bridge. It was a huge day for people in our area because they have been building this bridge for over 3 years and it is finally open. It was a freezing cold day as you can see by how we are all rugged up.

This Bridge cuts about 10 minutes off my trip to work every day so it is very exciting to finally be open. Ashleigh was involved in the opening ceremony. She made this flag and along with lots of other local school kids, they displayed the flags.

In other exciting news, Ashleigh's budgie has laid her first egg. She is going to be a mummy. Sky (pictured with Ashleigh) and Barney, her new bird have been going for it for weeks. The kids have been fascinated - LOL!!
So we went out and got a nesting box and she has been sitting on the egg. So hopefully, we will have a baby budgie very soon.

What else has been happening???

Everyone in our house has coughs and sniffles. It is so cold here and thankfully we have had lots of rain with it so that's good. God knows, we need the rain so desperately.

After reading about a few bloggers decluttering, namely Chris H and Kate, I got into the decluttering mode as well. I have so many piles of clothes that the kids have grown out of, I sorted and photgraphed them and listed them on ebay. Very time consuming, but I have listed some good things so hopefully I will get good money for them. I have 2 pairs of tap shoes and 2 pairs of jazz shoes that are listed and so far there is a lot of interest, so it will be good to get rid of them.

And then spend again. In the last week, Nikki and Ashleigh have needed new sandshoes. Everything Ashleigh has put on so far in this cold weather has been far too short so she has grown the most in the last 12 months. I wish I could put a brick on their heads. I am so enjoying this stage of being a mummy.

I got a letter today from Medicare Dental Care for teens!!! What the???? How did Nikki get to be nearly a teenager? I am entering the next phase of my life with trepidation. I know all you mums of teens and even my mum will say 'It only get's worse!!' I have been thinking so much about my eldest daughter becoming independent and living her life - not mine. I don't think I like it :(

Please any mother of teenagers - I need advice. Don't be shy - jump right in and leave a comment. Come on I know I have a lot of lurkers. Please stop by and say hi.

I need to get creative with this blog. I need colour in my life!!

And for all you Collingwood people, thankyou, thankyou for taking the spotlight off my team - Port Adelaide. I'm looking to next year now with the talent in our team. Some of those young boys are good eye candy. Isn't that why us women go to the football!!

Anyway I better go and get tea ready. Home made pizza tonight. My eating went off the rails this weekend. Ashleigh bought home the fundraising chocolate. Bad idea Ashleigh!! Evil stuff.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Kate said...

I can't even imagine having teenagers, it seems so far away! I'm sure it will creep up on me before I know it!

Well done with the decluttering! It feels great huh? Good on you for getting the stuff on to ebay, that's the hard thing. The worst is over now!

I remember those fundraising chocolate days - VERY evil! ;)

K xx

Chris H said...

Good luck selling all your stuff on ebay.... awww to the egg, I hope it hatches. You guys do look cold!

Jenny said...

Hi Tina, thanks for the update. Your life isn't boring, it's your life and that makes it special. I have never been to a bridge opening, but a couple of new ones have opened here of late, and I can only begin to imagine they time they would save on our old and very clogged roads. Did you notice that when you were here - the roads are basically shit! Especially when you compare us to the Gold Coast.

Hope the egg hatches - how cool is that.

Billy-Joe just turned twelve the other weekend, I am not ready for the whole teenage thing. I keep warning him and telling him how revolting some teenagers can be (I have had the displeasure of working with some in the past!) Mmmm, not sure brainwashing is an accepted form of parenting lol, but I will give it a try. My kids are all 'thinkers' which is good, they think about things and analyze things and have a good understanding of how I work - I just hope that holds us in good stead for the future.

Glad to hear you guys are getting some rain.

Tania said...

Michael was curious about something to do with the Port bridge and I was going to email you to ask about it, you must be loving the time saving in driving to work now - it just gets quicker and quicker for you :-)

Well done on the decluttering and selling on ebay - i've been buying there for years and after some of recent great buys i've decided i'm going to start selling some of Lachie's smaller clothes on there too!

That trip of yours must be getting closer and closer - will speak soon so we can arrange a catch up.

gunnadoit said...

Hi, thought i would send a "hello" to you as i have been lurking around quite a few blogs of late.

Wow you guys look so cold down there in Vic. I'm from Sydney and its cold here too but not too bad most days. Its mainly the nights that are pretty cold. However we are off to Hawaii next week which is their summer so probably will be complaining about how hot it

Anyway nice to have read your blogs and have saved your link and will keep reading.


Tania said...

Me again - I just had a funny thought! I've just been searching ebay and placed some Bob the Builder items in my watch list for Lachie from your suburb and then thought they could be some of Jarryd's items you've listed ... lol ... you'll know if it's me cos I just sent an email with my address and Michael's name asking if you accept local pickup - how ironic if it is :-) Speak soon!