Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lucky Ashleigh!!

Even though Port lost today, Ashleigh had a win at the football. Nikki didn't want to go because we had a late night and she had heaps of homework to finish so Ashleigh came with me instead. We were hanging around the kids area before the game and there was someone with a microphone interviewing one of the injured players. Then he said they were going to give out some footballs. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time because Ashleigh was given a brand new leather Sherrin football signed by Nathan Krakour.

Steve reckons it's worth around $100, but I wouldn't pay that much for it!!!
She is very excited though and wants to take it to school tomorrow to make all the boys jealous - hahaha!!! Unfortunately the boys let us down again and got beaten by Fremantle.

I caught Jarryd playing with his sister's little pet shop toys the other night. He was funny because he didn't want his photo taken with girly toys. He is such a boy!!!

I've been a slack blogger again the last couple of weeks. Probably because I have nothing interesting to say. It's usually all about the kids and what they are doing so I feel like I'm kinda boring.

We went to a fantastic Christmas in July dinner last night with a friend I know through Nikki playing netball. We didn't know many people there but it was the kind of crowd that made you feel very welcome and interested in getting to know you. And the host and hostess, Karen and Gary thought of everything. There was so much food, it certainly felt like the feeling you get after lunch on Christmas day. Everyone took something and the table was all done up with lots of christmas decorations and the room was decorated with christmas lights. So a very impressive night.

I can't believe it's only 5 weeks until Steve and I go to Melbourne. I booked earlier this year when Jetstar were having a bring a friend sale. I only paid $80 for both airfares. We are dropping the kids off at Steve's parents so they will have a couple of days out of school. I have booked the first 2 weeks off in September and I am so hanging out for a holiday. I wish I could go back to working 4 days a week but I know we would go backwards again.

We did get a good amount back from our tax which paid off the credit card, paid school fees, 6 months worth of council rates and a little bit for Steve and I. He has bought some accessories for his bike and I am going to spend mine on a treadmill. Hopefully I will get a good second hand one for around $500. Surely there are heaps of treadmills out there that are hardly used!!

I have been extra good with my eating the last couple of weeks. I have been weighing every Monday and recording my weight but I'm not going to reveal anything except to say it is going down!! I'll post a monthy result at the end of each month.

Have a great week bloggers.


jill said...

Hi Tina Ashleigh looks so excited, hope she does well teasing all the boys today LOL. I love the photo of Jarred with the girls toys whats a boy with 2 sisters suppose to do.

The Xmas in July sounds nice, I ahve never been to anything for xmas in july.

Keep updating I know i Should seeya Jillxx

Jenny said...

Hey, I don't think your blog is boring and your life isn't dull. I always enjoy reading. Can't wait to get our tax cheques, isn't it great when you can pay off things and have a bit left over. I am going to subscribe to jetstar newsletters too, who knows, we may do something like you and Steve are doing too. I think it's really important to have some time away from the kidlets...

Tania said...

Well done Ashleigh! I bet Nikki wishes she had of gone now :-)

Wow - that time has flown, I bet you're counting down the weeks until your trip away.

Would love to catch up with you during the September holidays, though maybe I could persuade you to come here for lunch - not sure how far i'd be travelling by then ... lol

Miss Beck said...

Lucky Ashleigh indeed! Wow!

Whata fantastic refund. Im glad you have the chance to spoil yourselves too.

Your Christmas in July sounds like a beautiful party. I've never been to one but always thought they sounded lovely.