Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Very Relaxing Sunday

After a crazy day yesterday, I was looking forward to a much more relaxing day today and I got my wish. I organized to meet a friend at the kiosk at our local beach for coffee. It wasn't until I went outside this morning to put some washing on the line that I realized how cold and windy it was.

It was freezing!!!

Anyway I rugged the kids up and we went and met Karen and her daughter Krysten, one of Nikki's netball friends. So what is a kid to do on a cold, windy day when it's too cold to go on the beach or the playground....................

Play their nintendos of course!!

Not sure where blogger will put these photos but there is a photo of Ashleigh ice skating last week. She was so good. I couldn't believe it. She has never ice skated before but she roller bladed quite a lot so she has very good balance.

As soon as she got on the ice she was off. Doing laps while the other kids and even the big kids that were there, were falling down around her. Gosh some of those teenagers came down with a thud. The bigger they were, the harder they fell. By the end Ashleigh was doing twirls which I sort of caught on video. I might try and upload some video of her but because there were so many people there, it was hard to get a clear shot of her. Too many bodies in the way.

By the time she finished and took her skates off after 1-1/2 hours of skating without a break, she was in agony. Her feet were so sore and she was limping out. Lesson learnt, next time have a break and give feet a rest!!!

On the way home from our coffee date, we dropped into West Lakes, our local shopping centre because Nikki wanted to buy this book of dresses that you make. She had saved her pocket money and luckily Dymocks were having a 20% sale off of kids books. It's hard to see from the photo but you make little dresses from different sorts of patterned paper and decorate them and hang them on tiny hangers. Really cute and something to get the girls away from nintendos, computers and TV during the holidays.

I can't promise I will update much during the week. Back to work for me while these lazy children get to have holidays.

Have a great week bloggers.


Tania said...

Oh, I could have imagined how cold it was at your local kiosk yesterday! I met some friends at Fellini's in North Adelaide for lunch and it was FREEZING in there!

Hope the kids enjoy their break :-)

Kate said...

look at you - posting all over the place!

and pics too! well done!!

the little dresses look very cute!

K x