Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Busy Saturday

I did the soccer juggle this morning. Jarryd and Nikki both had matches around the same time at different venues so mum to the rescue. It was an early start to the day getting the kids ready and down to mums this morning. Nikki's team played a team that hasn't been beaten this year.
This team was full of african kids and man, can they run!! Anyway our team did a great job and scored 1 goal to their 5. But considering they had averaged 10 goals to nothing most games, I thought our kids did well.

This afternoon I decided to make a start on tackling our back yard. We are having a hard rubbish pick up on Wednesday and there is so much crap out the back, I've had enough. I filled a green bin with cuttings, weeds and leaves and made a pile of things that are going out with the rubbish. I have taken before photos so I will show you the after photos in a few weeks.

Then I went to K-Mart to put some toys on layby from the toy sales that are happening at the moment. They have layby until Xmas Eve and I have up until then to pay it off. I got everything I wanted for Jarryd and Ashleigh but I really struggled with Nikki this year. She will be 12 in October and has very much outgrown all the girly toys. Mind you she has never really been a girly girl.

So I think I will wait until just before Xmas and take her clothes shopping as our present to her this year. She is really into fashion so that should be fun.

So I'm pretty tired now. It's been a busy day.

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Chris H said...

Clothes shopping with your Mum is the best!!! My mum took me shopping in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago.... I am still a spoilt tart! I am sure she will LOVE IT.