Friday, July 04, 2008

End of Term 2

Jarryd put a bit too much bubble bath in the water and this is what I saw after I asked him to get in the bath!!

It's traditional with our family to have a Wendy's icecream cake for our family birthdays. As you can see I took the photo after Ashleigh blew out the candles. Derrrrrr!!!

Wow it's hard to believe that the kids have just finished term 2 at school. As at 2.15pm they were officially on school holidays. Yahoo!!!

I love the holidays. Even though I have to work, it is so good not to have the school routine for 2 whole weeks. I am so lucky that my mum has the kids most of the time during the holidays and because she only lives 15 minutes away, most mornings she comes down and picks the kids up. Steve has managed to get 2 days off in both weeks so it will be bliss on those days when I can get up for work and leave my family sleeping and just get myself ready, instead of getting 4 people ready to leave the house.

There are quite a few pictures on at the moment that the kids want to see so Steve can do that with them. I think Kung Fu Panda is at the top of the list, followed by Get Smart, Speed Racer and Indianna Jones. They will have to pick 2 because the finances won't stretch that far. We are lucky though, there is a cinema in our area that does all movies and all sessions for $7 a ticket.

Nothing much planed for this weekend. Nikki and Jarryd both have 11am soccer games tomorrow in different venues and because Steve is working, it's going to be a juggle of dropping off and picking up. Then nothing planned for the rest of the weekend.

My kids were given fishing rods each from by Melbourne friend Lee when she was over a few weeks ago and we haven't had the chance to get out and try them much yet so I think we will do that on Sunday.

I'll have to make sure I take the camera with me.

You may have noticed that I put a location feeder on my blog just out of interest to see if anyone is reading my blog. I have been very surprised to see that there are quite a few overseas people that click on my blog for whatever reason. Now if you are one of these people, overseas or Australian, please, please leave a comment. I love reading new blogs. I now know that people are reading but rarely commenting. Please just drop by and say hi and I will do the same on your blog. I have made so many fantastic blog friends both here and overseas. It really is a great community.

Have a great weekend bloggers.


Chris H said...

LOL at the bubble head! Hey thank you so much for your lovely comments over the past week, Stew and I really apprecaiated them. HUGS to you.

Jenny said...

The holidays are just wonderful aren't they? I love counting down to them during the term, not that I wish time away, but I look forward to the break so much.

Enjoy your relaxed routine, even though you have to work.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I had another bone scan which came up clear, so I'm no closer to finding out my problem. Thanks for dropping by.

Tania said...

YAY for school holidays - mental note Tania, DON'T go near Marion during your lunch break for the next two weeks ... lol

Hope the kids have a fabulous time on holidays and you get to luxuriate in those slightly more restful mornings.

Kate said...

Isn't it sad when you look forward to only having to get your self ready for work and not - 4 other people?!

LOL, enjoy the (sort of) break, while it lasts. ANy chance of you having a day off too?

The cake looks yum too! I didn't know wedy's did them!
K xx