Monday, July 07, 2008

Port Power Kids Day

I know this could be very boring to some people but to my Port Power mad daughter and myself it was very exciting!!

This afternoon the Port Power Club had a event for the junior members. Unfortunately because of the rain a few things had to be cancelled on the oval but the highlight of the day was getting to meet all the players and getting their autographs.

The players were great with the kids and Nikki got every autograph on her guernsey.
Some of the players were unreal with the kids and had a good chat to them. Nikki was too embarrased to have her photo taken with the players so this is the closest I got with her head in some of the photos - LOL. All the kids got pies and pasties and doughnuts (All very healthy) and flavoured milk to drink.

There would have been a footy clinic on the oval with the players but because of the rain that was cancelled. But overall it was a great afternoon.


Chris H said...

Isn't it lovely what they will do for the kids. Your girl looks so cute with her autographed shirt.

Tania said...

Oh how cool - I bet Nikki loves her new collection of autographs. Has mum been enjoying her peaceful mornings without rushing around? Sure hope so!

just janene said...

Just thought I'd stop and say "hi" - I linked through to your blog from a comment you left on Chris H's blog :)