Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Love Weekends - Why do they go sooooo quick??

This is what we have been doing all weekend!!!

Hanging out in our pyjamas and trackies. It has been so cold and if it wasn't for having to go and see my useless football team play last night and then having to pick Nikki up from a party today, I doubt I would have got dressed at all.

It was freezing cold last night. I had that many layers on I would have hated to have jumped on the scales. I thought about staying home in front of the heater watching Port play North Melbourne, but I am too loyal to my team. I mean they might just make us rugged up against the bitter cold fans, have something to cheer about for a change. But NO!! Of course not!! It would be different if you could see them putting in 100% because that's why they get paid the big dollars but no. Again we leave disappointed.

Sorry for the huge whinge but I have paid good money to see an AFL team perform this year!!!

I'm convinced they are playing for draft picks.

I have been doing a bit more gardening this weekend. Just planted a couple of plants from pots. I have a beautiful pink frangapani that was in a pot by the pool, so I transferred it into the ground by the spa. I need Steve to dig out a couple of dead tree ferns I have in 2 wine barrels and I am going to fill them up with strawberry plants.

I need to go to the nursery but I know I will spend too much money.

Nikki went to a sleepover party last night with very little sleep. When I picked her up the father of the girl who had the party said he threatened them for the last time at 3am. I am so not having any sleepover parties again.

Steve played golf today. Actually it was a perfect, sunny winters day today, just very cold. We've had a lot of rain this week which was very much needed. I think I suffer from winter depression. I have very little inclination to go anywhere!! I like pottering around the house and yard. I guess because we always have lots of people here in summer because of the pool, I find it so nice to hibernate in winter. I must be part bear!!!

Second week of school holidays coming up. Steve has a couple of days off again so he will take them to the pictures. I think Speed Racer or Get Smart this time. They saw Indiana Jones last week. I have a week off in early September. Steve and I are going to Melbourne for 4 days and the kids will be going to Stansbury with Steve's parents. It's not really that far away considering we are in the middle of July.

I am still waiting for Steve's group certificate so I can do our tax online. It will be interesting to see how much extra we get from Kevin Rudd like he promised us struggling working families. I just hope we have some over after we pay the school fees and credit card.

I am still waiting to get the decluttering bug like a few bloggers. I feel very sad that it hasn't hit yet!!!!

Have a great week.


Chris H said...

Sorry I can't pass on the 'decluttering bug' to you... mine left ages ago... all decluttered and still nowhere to go! Your kids look so cute in their layers.

Tania said...

LOL ... they go so quickly because we love them so much!

I'm not talking footy this weekend either and I didn't brave the weather to see my team get beaten ... lol

Don't you just love weekends like that? Where you just lounge around for most of it? I plan to do just that for the first week or two of my maternity leave, assuming of course we don't have an early arrival.

Jenny said...

I won't complain that we had a few days of cold weather lol - it doesn't compare to what you are having. Nonetheless I love spending many hours in my pjs on days I don't have to go anywhere - just blissful.

I too can't wait to do my tax online, look forward to reducing the credit card too.

Tania said...

Hey look on the bright side - this weekend must be a little bit better (football wise), it's MY bloody team that let me down this time ... lol