Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Winter Sux!!

I hate Winter!!!

There is nothing good about winter. My kids are sick. I am miserable and I need a holiday!!!!

Sorry but that's how I feel.

I have decided to try and lift my mood by getting into the blog habbit. I love reading and commenting on blogs but as I have said before, I don't enjoy updating my blog. So am going to do little posts more often and make it more of a journal.

My weight has crept back up a bit in the last couple of months so I'm going to blog more about that too. And how I'm going to get it back under control.

Anyway, I'm off to the end of term night for Girl Guides with Ashleigh. They are going skating.

I've made some unreal blogger friends and it's amazing when an event happens, how excited I get. I've not met many bloggers but I feel like I know some of you like an old friend.

So I really want to send a huge congratulations to 2 bloggers who have just had babies.

Beckie and Lisa. May your new baby boys bring a lifetime of happiness to you both. Welcome to the real world and blogger world - Morrison and William.

Also to Chris H in NZ who is in hospital. You sure gave your family and us bloggers a scare. I hope you are feeling so much better now and I can't wait till you get home and can get back to blogging. I miss reading your stories every day but Stew has done an unreal job updating us.

I'll be back later to upload some photos.


Kate said...

I hear you about the sick kids thing. It's awful!

Sorry you're a bit down. Pity you couldn't have come over for the meet the other week. We should have them more often, so you can meet some more blogas! ;)

I've been blogging more often lately, don't really know why, but I am enjoying it. Don't you go disappearing on us!

Guides... oh, that takes me back! Skating sounds cool. We were never allowed to do anything cool... always straight down the line, by the (hand)book! Our leaders were all OLD!

*Big cheer up hugs* your way,
K x

LisaB said...

Thankyou darling! :) Sorry it has taken so long to get around to reading again....and I will leave more comments too! I always read eventually, but because I use the google reader application, i rarely actually go to the blog to comment.
Hope you are well xxx