Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ashleigh's Party Photos

I love this photo of Ashleigh. We gave her the outfit for her birthday and her best friend gave her the scarfe. She looks very grown up.
Nikki's friend Madeline wanted to curl my hair and this is the result. Pretty good effort I thought. You would pay a fortune to get that done at the hairdresser.

Ashleigh and her best friend Olivia hamming it up for the camera.

Every birthday, we always take a nice group photo and then a silly group photo. Notice Nikki and her friend Madeline look the same in both!!

Nikki playing the chocolate game. The kids had so much fun with this game.


Chris H said...

Cute photos, your hair is gorgeous! And what is the chocolate game? Hmmm, maybe I don't need to know!

Tina said...

Chris, the chocolate game is when you have a block of plain chocolate and you have to eat one piece at a time with a knife and fork before the next person throws a 6. Every time you throw a 6 you run up, put a hat and scarfe on and eat as much chocolate as you can until the next person throw a 6.

The funniest game I've ever played.

Jenny said...

That game sounds hilarious. Your daughter looks like a young lady. Before you know it Tina, our kids will be all grown up - the time does indeed go too quickly.

HOpe things are going okay with you.

Tania said...

OMG - pregnancy brain must be kicking into overdrive here! I could have sworn I posted wishing Miss Ashleigh a happy birthday - but it's not here!

As belated as it is I hope my fellow Gemini had a great day and I remember the chocolate game only too well ... lol

See you for lunch tomorrow :-)