Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Sunday

We had a very productive day today. It was a glorious day here in Adelaide and we were up and out of the house by 10am. Mind you Steve left at 6.30am to play golf. Anyway I had organized to meet a friend at our local beach kiosk for a coffee this morning and I stood her up last week because I totally forgot we had arranged to meet. How bad is that?? I've never done that before. I blame old age!!

Ashleigh and Jarryd rode their bikes and I walked. I checked my mobile before I left and there was a message to say my friend couldn't meet us because her son was sick with an ear infection. We still went and I really enjoyed the walk in the sunshine. It used to be a 30 minute walk a few months ago but we got down there in 20 minutes today. Had a coffee and the kids had some chips for an early lunch. I had 5 chips and I tracked them - LOL!!

Then we had to drive to pick up Nikki from Port Wakefield. Half way point between Adelaide and Stansbury where she had been all week.

On the way up there I noticed a market garden shop and we dropped in on the way back. I spent $20 and came home with so much fruit, veg and even a 5 kg bag of spuds. Well worth the effort.

Jarryd has been missing Nikki so much. He told me Ashleigh's no fun because she doesn't fight back. She's the quiet, passive one. And Nikki and Jarryd are always tormenting each other. Well I kid not, within 5 mins of coming in the back door, Jarryd had sooked off to his room because of Nikki. Our peace has been shattered. It was so quiet without her.

I have been 100% on track so far this week. One thing that has been letting me down big time is drinking water. I was so busy at work last week, hours went past and I realised I hadn't even drunk one bottle of water. So this is day 2 of my water challenge. I challenged myself to drink 3 litres a day and so far, so good.

Back to work tomorrow but at least we have a few more coming back from holidays so hopefully the pressure will be off a bit.

Have a great week bloggers.


Cinders said...

$20 well spent by the sounds of things. I need to step up with my water consumpation also.

Chris H said...

Well done on staying on track, I'm sure the scales will reward you! Water... IKKKKK.

jill said...

Hi Tina I too struggle witht he water. I am loving my walks too at the moment. the kids enjoy them too.

Got love kids can't be with out each other then fight when togther.


P.S I finally updated my blog yeah for me

Tania said...

Wow - tell me where you got the fruit & veg from, I might have to go for a drive :-)

LOL @ Nikki tormenting Jarryd, just think you'll have peace again when Jarryd and Ashleigh go away!

Well done on your water challenge, those scales are going to be kind to you on Thursday!