Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Love/Hate Easter

I love easter because my precious children are so excited getting reading for the easter bunny. Nikki went to so much trouble making name tags for everyone and Ashleigh got things ready for the easter bunny to eat.

Not the greatest photo of me but this is the first pair of jeans I have worn in 30 years!! So exciting.
This week I lost 600g taking the total to 21.2 kgs. I am feeling so good about the way things are going. I can see lots of differences in my body and my fitness.
But this week is Easter!!
And I am struggling. I have been able to limit chocolate for just over 5 months now without too much trouble. But yesterday was like a green light to eat as much chocolate as I can. I think I had it in my head for the last few weeks that easter was going to be a hard time and has definitely sabotaged myself. The kids have chocolate already and I have been picking and sneaking just like I used to. Though having said that, I was chatting to some friends online tonight and the last few years I have had to replace bags of eggs before easter because I have opened them and eaten them. This year that hasn't happened so that's a win!!
So tomorrow when the kids get their eggs from the easter bunny, I will get them to hide them in their bedrooms so I can't see them in my face. What is it about easter chocolate. It tastes so much better than normal chocolate - LOL!!
I am not stressing about eating chocolate. It's not something I do every day anymore. Easter is once a year and I will get back on track. I am not going to put 21.2 kgs back on this weekend!!!
The insurance company has settled the claim for the shed and the ball is rolling. We have builders coming in on Tuesday to bulldoze the shed. I can't wait. Everytime I go out the back door I can smell the smoke still and looking at it is just a sad reminder of what happened. Steve is excited to be moving on and he is looking forward to a spending spree at Bunnings as soon as the new shed is built.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful easter break.


chelsea-k said...
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Martine said...

You go girl. You look fabulous. Saw Tania yesterday - she will fill you in on my happenings and will post a blog today sometime. Well done and look at those legs. Be proud of what you have achieved. Martine x

chelsea-k said...

sorry about that i fluffed up! tina you look gorgeous and amazing. bet steve cant keep his hands of his wife!! LOL hope you all have a wonderful easter catch you soon X :-)leanne

chelsea-k said...

sorry about that i fluffed up! tina you look gorgeous and amazing. bet steve cant keep his hands of his wife!! LOL hope you all have a wonderful easter catch you soon X :-)leanne

Kate said...

I love the carrots for the easter bunny, so cute.

You are looking lovely in the jeans too. Don't stress about the chocolate - enjoy it!

Happy Easter to you and your family :)

Chris H said...

You look fantastic girl! Have a wonderful Easter... don't eat too much chocolate!

Tania said...

LOL ... of course easter chocolate tastes better - I mean it's the one time of the year where we grow up believing that we "have" to eat the stuff! I made a conscious decision this year and stuck to it too - no chocolate for us at all, I bought for the kids, bought a little more than they needed and thought we could help them share it (but my sharing ends tonight).

Glad to hear that the insurance claim was settled so quickly - I bet Steve is really looking forward to his spending spree.

You look SENSATIONAL - i'm so looking forward to seeing how much weight you can lose in a year - the way you're going I think you'll have lost at least 40kgs by the time you celebrate your first anniversary.

See you tomorrow morning!

Jenny said...

I never have chocolate in the house normally. I will be very happy when the good stuff is gone. I'll leave the kids' cheaper chocs alone, just the cadbury's and the old gold box that Peter bought for me lol....... When they're gone, they're gone!Have a nice Easter, and eat the choc without guilt Tina - then it's back to normal.

Janene said...

Check you out in your jeans! You are looking amazing!! Well done Tina :)

Jo said...

Look at you - you are looking fabulous. Well done!! Thankfully I don't have a problem with easter as I am not a chocolate lover!! Jo xx

jmehaley said...

Hey Tina you look awesome in those jeans, damn hot lol. You are truly glowing. Great feeling indeed. Keep going strong.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Hi Tina!!! Yes I know..long time no hear... But wow... you look fantastic!! You are glowing...
It is a wonderful feeling to wear jeans again isnt it!!
Sorry to hear about your much loved pet... and also for the fire..
And now for the 12 yr old.. I have a 12 year ld son.. couldnt get abetter child.. now my 8 yr old daughter is another matter.. So I feel for you!!