Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Great Result

Well after 2 gains, I decided to put everything into it this week. I tracked everything and the result...................

2.7 kgs loss taking the total to 23.8 kgs gone.

I made the decision to commit 100% and it paid off. Now I just have to back it up next week.

One of the big things that has helped the hunger this week is home made vege soup. I made a big pot full of vegetables and added 1 cup of barley to bulk it up. I'm really enjoying it in this very cold weather. Nothing like a big cup of steaming hot soup to warm you up.

Speaking of the weather. It has been shocking here in Adelaide in the last 2 days. Yesterday we had some very strong winds and lots of rain. We so need the rain but I hate it when it is so windy. We live in a beachside suburb and copped a lot of damage about 10 mins from here. One street had about 15 concrete power lines flattened. We lost our power for most of yesterday. It did go on in time to watched 'Packed to the Rafters' last night. Just as well!!

When I got home from work this afternoon, it was out again but soon found out it was just us. Because they still haven't finished the work on the shed, the filter for the pool is still out in the weather. Because of all the rain, the temporary power cord from the pergola to the filter had filled with water and tripped the safety switch. Luckily it was easy fixed when Steve got home.

My 5 year old nephew is waiting on tests results to see if he has swine flu. He started school this term and a child at his school was diagnosed last week after an overseas holiday. My nephew is a very active child and was falling asleep at school yesterday and had very high temps. So him and my sister are in quarantine. Luckily we haven't seen them for a couple of weeks although my mum has been in contact with them on the weekend. So we will be keeping away for a week or so. Test results should be back tomorrow.

School finishes here for the term on Friday. Where did this term go?? Nikki and Jarryd are heading over to Stansbury to stay with Steve's parents for the first week. I wish this year would slow down because my big girl will be finishing year 7 at the end of this year which means she is off to high school next year. That makes me very sad. I can still clearly remember her first day at school and now she is only 6 months away from finishing her primary years.

I'm really looking forward to the holidays though. All the sport stops for a couple of weeks which means no Saturday games and no practices during the week. Bliss!!

Have a great week everyone.


Chris H said...

Well done on the loss.. you deserved it!
Soup... now there's an idea! Must make some.

jill said...

Hi Tina way to og on such a great loss, doesn't the school year just fly, sad really. Year7 is our first year of hih school in NSW, weird how all states are different. Keep up the good work the race is still on for under 100. Jillxx

Martine said...

Well done. When we do all the right things the scales reward us - 100% commitment is the key - look at Janice Hayley. Martine

samantha said...

Hi Tina
Well done on your loss this week I am making another pot of vegie soup tomorrow too this time I might add the barly for a little bulk to keep me satisfied for longer! I can't believe how fast this year is flying and its time to get back into it seriously as you said 100% gets the results! take care mate! Sam x

Trish said...

Well done Tina - I live on vege soup during winter


LellyJ said...

Hi Tina

Just wanted to say you've inspired me! I have been plodding along losing 100 grams here or there lately but as another blogger put it have been more focused on fitting in the naughty treat than making sure that I'm doing the right thing. I'm going to really try and recommit and see if I can have a stellar lose this week like you. Well done!

LellyJ said...

Hmmm meant to say stellar LOSS like you!

Jadey 0:-) said...

Well done on the huge loss miss and the total overall so far!

Tania said...

Congrats again on your loss mate, that's an impressive total, you should be very proud.

Hope all went well with the test and the quarantine has been lifted.

Enjoy having some more time to yourself over the next couple of weeks - see you tomorrow night!