Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Track

Why do the old habbits creep back in without me even realising it?

I find myself reaching for that bag of chips without thinking, or biscuits. without giving it a second thought it is in my mouth. I want this so badly but yet again I am doing things to sabotage myself getting further in this journey. I have been stuck around the same weight for 3 months now and I have no-one to blame but myself.

I had an interesting weigh in this week. I wore my sandshoes instead of my usual thongs. It is getting a bit cold to be wearing thongs at night in the middle of winter. I truly thought I could weigh in socks. I knew I couldn't weigh barefoot but thought socks were ok. Wrong!! I had to weigh in my sandshoes and I gained 600g which was recorded in my book. After the weigh in, I asked if I could weigh my sandshoes and guess what?? They weighed 600g. So technically I stayed the same this week.

I have made a pact with myself that I will track every day. I have been struggling with wanting to eat chocolate or sweet things at night. Janice from the ww forums suggested meringue nests with ww chocolate mousse and it really did the trick.

So I am very determined to have a loss this week. I have still lost just over 20 kgs but I look at what could have been in the last few months and to be honest it really depresses me. I know everyone goes through a slump in their journeys and when this happens I tend to give up. Not this time. I have made so many new and wonderful friends this time around and the support is amazing so there is no giving up.

Not much happening this weekend, thank goodness. The usual soccer and netball on Saturday but nothing planned for Sunday at this stage. It will be nice to have a quiet day and hopefully catch up on some cooking. With the help of Nikki and Ashleigh, we have been baking cakes and biscuits for their lunch boxes. I have also been making vegetable soup which I am loving and it is good to take to work on these cold days.

I'll be back after weigh in on Tuesday night to update hopefully with a nice loss. I am certainly due for one.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Chris H said...

I went around all the shoe shops with my kitchen scales until I found the LIGHTEST slip ons available so that I could wear them to WW!!!
I am glad you are persevering with your journey, it will be so worth it !

Martine said...

Hi Tina. Understand from past experience. Good for you for being aware of what is happening. Perhaps vary your foods around a bit and if you feel like chocolate for a few days if you can increase the protein, that does cure my sugar cravings. Take care and catch up soon. Good news about Tania's loss last week. Martine x

angelfisherjo said...

Yes, good comment on the lightest slip ons- try ballet flats! As long as you know they are just shoe weight, don't let it bother you anyway.. from next week, wearing the same shoes you will be able to tell the real losses/and gains.

Have a great week :)

Trace said...

Well done Tina. You are doing a great job.
Why don't you take your thongs with you and put them on at your meeting before your weigh in?
That way you can change back into your warm shoes.
I have seen a lady at our meeting come in her high heels, then change to her slippers.
I still wear thongs as well as what I wore in summer. I just wear a jumper over the top and take it off before being weighed.
Keep up the good work.

samantha said...

Hey Tina!
I have found myself having those cravings this week! i also made up a big pot of points free vegie soupto try and help with this problem and so far has sort of helped, might give the birds nests a try and maybe some more fruit might help with it too!We should set ourselves a challenge starting this week seeing as though there is only just under 12 weeks till our melbourne meet n greet my goal is to be under 100 which is probably aiming a bit high with 11kgs to go but I love a challenge and without briannah here for most of the school holidays i am going to exercise every day for the whole two weeks!! my god we'll be looking fine for that weekend!! LOL Take care mate Sam xx

Tania said...

So great to see you back blogging more again mate - I admit i've been struggling with it myself and am making a more concerted effort!

I think you've done fabulously well with your journey and are too hard on yourself. When you know there's a long road ahead it can get tough - I really think the secret is to track everything and plan the things you want into it - it avoids the craving.

If there's ever anything I can do for you or you just want to vent i'm never far away. It's great going to meetings with you :-)