Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slackest Blogger Award Goes to ME!!!

A few photos of our last few weeks...............

We made a cake tonight. A honeycomb vanilla cake. Might have the smallest sliver.

Ashleigh got her ears pierced today with some birthday money. She was braver than me!!
Our backyard is still a building site. Progress is being made though.

Not the best photo because of the flash, but I got my wedding and engagement rings remodeled with the Krudd money. I had lost diamonds in two rings and my engagement ring needed a lot of work because all the claws were breaking. It is 17 years old now!! Also I've had them joined together because I was so sick of them all spinning around my finger in different directions. I've also gone down 2 ring sizes.

Ashleigh's 11th birthday party.

This was our present to Ashleigh. A portable dvd player. A huge hit!!

Nikki's new bunkbed I got on ebay for $230. A brand new double futon. She has wanted a double bed for ages and now she also has her own room. Jarryd has to share with Ashleigh for a while until we can one day afford to build on another bedroom.
My weight loss is still going well. Although this month I have managed to gain 900g, then lose 2.7 kgs, then gain 1.2 kgs in 3 weeks. Nothing I am really doing different except a few comfort foods are creeping in with the colder weather. I made a pact with myself to challenge myself on the treadmill 5 nights a week which I have done for 2 weeks now. I have decided to get the EA Active wii game. I have been tossing up between that and the wii fit for a few weeks now so if anyone has an opinion either way, I would love to hear it.
Our backyard is finally starting to take some shape again 3 months after the fire. The shed is up and we have extended it a bit so Steve and his brother are concreting the extra bit tomorrow. Because they didn't rip up the old slab and it is not perfect, they have to come back and paint the concrete and then Steve can start moving things in. Wonder how long it will take to become cluttered again. NEVER I HOPE!!!!!
I must admit that I am again struggling with blogging. I just can't be bothered updating because I guess most people who read keep up with my life on facebook. Maybe I need to make it into more of a blog about my weight loss at the moment to keep me accountable and to motivate me to keep going. My main goal at the moment is to get my weight under 100 kgs. I have 10.6 kgs to go. I haven't been under 100 kgs for god knows how long!! I saw a friend today who I hadn't seen for a while and she told me she can really see the difference now. I know that is what is more important than what the scales say.
So I will be back sooner rather than later.


Carlton said...

No your not the slackest blogger, that award goes to me...

Great looking pictures and you can do it...

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Nope..I get the slack blogger award... Love the rings.. look gorgeous!

samantha said...

Hey Tina
So glad you have updated your blog and with photo's too. Your ring looks gorgeous. I hope Ashleighs ears are fine now, I know when Briannah got hers done I had to get a girlfriend to go in with her!!LOL I hate pain! Good luck with your treadmill challenge and I'm sure you'll be rewarded! Take Care mate

Sam xx

Jenny said...

It's fun to Facebook and blog, both fulfill a different purpose. We'll keep dropping by, so don't stress. Love the rings.....they look great. Your weight loss journey sounds like it's going in the right direction. You should be really proud of yourself Tina. I've never heard of the EA wii game...would like to know more about it. Is your treadmill inside? Mine is downstairs undercover but outside if that makes sense. I'm just bieng a wimp not using it at the moment's nowhere near as cold as you have it.

Chris H said...

I hate Facebook! so many lovely bloggers go there and we never hear from them again. I'm glad you bothered to come and do an update! I love hearing how things are going!

JustJo said...

Love the rings and the cake look sdivine! Any chance of the recipe??