Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Up, Down, Up, Down

That is the story of my last 4 weeks. The scales are ultimately moving in the right direction. I lost 1.8 kgs this week but that was after a 1.3 kg gain last week. Very frustrating!! I am 700g off of losing 25 kgs and I want to get there so badly.

I look back on this journey. I lost 20 kgs in 5 months and it has taken me 4 months to lose the last 4.3 kgs. Having said that, I am now at 108 kgs which is the lowest I have been in a very long time.

My mission for the next month is to string 4 losses together in a row. I am so sick of yoyoing. I have no-one to blame but myself for this. I really don't know why I lose the plot but I am sure I am not alone. I do know that I get my best results when I track HONESTLY!! This is something I intend to put a lot more effort into.

I look at how far I have come in the last 9 months and do feel proud. I was on the treadmill tonight before I got picked up for weight watchers and my friend Karen was very surprised at how much I have improved in that area. We were regular walking partners in summer and she commented there was no way I was able to exercise like that 6 months ago. I do enjoy the treadmill because I push myself to levels higher than I would if I was walking along the beach.

I have joined a challenge on the weight watchers website to lose 15 kgs by christmas. It is 23 weeks until christmas. How scary is that. If I lose 15 kgs that will take my total weight loss to 40 kgs. I think it is totally doable and I am going to do it. My main motivation is Steve's works christmas party. It would be 12 months since I have seen a lot of these people and I want to blow them away!!

Onto other news. We have know for a while that Ashleigh will have to have braces but now the time has come. Her 2 eye teeth haven't come down because they have nowhere to go. She has to have 4 double teeth taken out asap and then a month after that the braces go on. She is very scared to have these teeth out and so am I. They will do 2 at a time in the chair so she will need to be very brave. Originally we thought she would have to have a top and bottom plate for 12 months prior to all this to make room but after having full dental xrays done, it won't be necessary so I guess that is one thing on our side. It will be a long, expensive process as many of you probably know from experience. My poor baby!!

My nephew did indeed have swine flu but has recovered and didn't pass it around to anyone thank goodness. We thought my mum might have been next because she was in contact with him 2 days before he got sick, but 2 weeks on, she is fine. It has been a dreadful winter for sickness. Nikki has been coughing for the last few days. No other symptoms, just a very annoying dry cough.

We are well into the second week of the school holidays and as usual they have flown. Nikki and Jarryd were supposed to go to Steve's mums for the first week but we got a phone call the day we were due to take them over to say Steve's uncle had collapsed at home and wasn't expected to last the night. He has very advanced cancer. Nearly 2 weeks later, he is still lingering. Existing on morphine. The doctors are amazed he is still going. Just awful for everyone around him. They don't let animals suffer like this!!! I don't get it.

Steve is off on a motorbike rally this weekend. Why he is going camping in the middle of winter is beyond me. Couldn't think of anything worse. I just hope the rain lets up so they don't get too drenched. We have had a lot of rain here in Adelaide in the last few weeks. Very badly needed but still not enough to break the drought.

I'll be back next week to let you know if I've cracked the 25 kgs. You better believe I will be giving it my best shot.


Jenny said...

You've done really well Tina. I always lose the bundle after months of staying the same. I find it really frustrating in the weeks I 'behave' perfectly and then the odd things must start creeping in, nothing major, I don't put weight on, but it stalls, and I lose heart. Good luck with Ashleigh's teeth. Poor child, the pain and discomfort will be so worth the result though, from what I have seen of other's children. Billy-Joe had a plate for a while which he wore at night, to my way of thinking his front teeth still protrude too much, a result of having his new teeth grow BEHIND his baby teeth!! Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Mine went back yesterday, and we had a ball. The winter holidays are the best, snuggling in bed and knowing you can always sleep in -just bliss! Sorry to hear about Steve's uncle, I agree, it's cruel when the doctors let people hang on like that, when there's no more quality of life - very sad for the whole family.

Chris H said...

Well done with the loss, 15 kilos by Xmas is totally doable!
Braces, yep we have had 2 kids have to have them so far, and Brylee is a definite to have them!

Martine said...


Glad you had a good weight loss. I agree that stringing 4 losses in a row will give you back the confidence etc you need. The main thing is you are aware of what needs to be done, we all lose focus every now and again and I suppose really use that 25kg goal as incentive. Together, we can do this. Be in touch. Martine

Trish said...

You have done really well and I am sure that you will get to 25kg very soon


Tania said...

Tina - I just posted on Sam's blog that I think you can't really appreciate the highs of the losses without experiencing the lows of this journey at times.

But just like Sam you know what works for you and you've come so far - you look fabulous, you've been my inspiration for such a long time and I look forward to celebrating so many of your achievements with you!

If think you're doing an awesome job and I know we'll be celebrating your 25kgs this week.

I must jump on the WW forum tomorrow, i'd love to join in that challenge too (assuming i'm not too late). See you on Tuesday :-)

*Kaz* aka Princey2 said...

Well done Tina, I am currently fighting with myself about yo-yoing. But I haven't done as well as you have!

You're doing great and congrats and getting to your current weight!

I also want to join that challenge and I've put a msg on there to find out more...

keep it up! you're doing great!