Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mummies

What a wonderful day!! I got up to have a shower and Nikki had made me the most gorgeous breakfast. She really put some thought into it.

She cut up some fresh fruit and I had the choice of vegemite or jam for my toast. And a cup of coffee. What a nice healthy breakfast.

I bought myself something I have been wanting for a while now. A slow cooker. I'm really looking forward to experimenting with it. The kids all made cards which was so much nicer than a bought card.

Jarryd's read, I love you mummy because you take me to school - LOL!!

We had a lovely family lunch at mums and then headed to West Lakes to spend some of my birthday money. A long overdue pair of sandshoes.

I got to try them out straight away because I had planned a walk with a friend to meet Jo for coffee. Well my friend had too much mothers day red wine so I decided to walk by myself. I have put up with a crappy old pair of sandshoes for so long, it was amazing how much more comfortable my walk was and how much faster I went. It was great to see Jo. I've missed walking with you mate. She is looking unreal and well on the way to recovery and back walking with Tania and I again.

My weight loss has really slowed down. I definitely have got complacent and after losing 21 kgs in 5 months, I only lost 400g for the whole of April. I have already blogged about how easter was a struggle but it took most of April before I could get out of the mindset of eating lots of crap again. Last week I gained 700g but I did get TTOM very suddenly so that was definitely part of it but this week I lost that 700g again.

I feel good and in control again. Upping the exercise has helped. I had slackened off a bit in that department. I have a friend who is into body sculpting and she is helping me with some weight training. Once a week at this stage. And boy did my muscles feel it. No pain, no gain hey.

Nikki's ankle is improving slowly. She is off the crutches but still can't run for a few weeks. We have been going out to watch her netball team and she is itching to get out there. But I'm not going to rush it, she has a partial tear of the ligament in her ankle and if she goes back to soon, she will risk tearing it completely and that means surgery.

The winter sports have kicked in this term. Ashleigh is playing school netball which I put my name down to help coaching and Jarryd is playing soccer. So apart from matches, there is another afternoon each week for training. I've become a taxi!!

So I am determined to reach a goal for May. Try very hard to get as close as I can to 25 kgs lost. I have now lost 21.5 so 3.5 to go.

Unfortunately I think I am in for a fight with the kids school. As some of you know Ashleigh was being bullyed last year. The school split up the 2 girls but the worst of the 2 has ended up in Ashleigh's class this year. She is a nasty piece of work and is very sly. She is trying to split Ashleigh and her best friend up. And these girls, Ashleigh included are too scared to stand up for themselves. I addressed it with the deputy principal again last monday and as at friday had not heard a word from the school. Neither had Ashleigh. I rang again on Friday and the deputy principal was away on a conference for 2 days. Ok so why wasn't it addressed before she went away. I had also asked the school counsellor to talk to Ashleigh and try and put some measures into place to learn how to speak up for herself and not be pushed around. So the school counsellor dealt with it by bringing Ashleigh and her best friend into her office along with the bullyer and they played out a scenario of getting along with bloody finger puppets.

Does anyone else have a problem with that? Ashleigh does not want to get along with this bullyer and I would love to ring her neck. Not play finger puppets. Why does she have to try and like someone who puts her down all the time and is vendictive and nasty to so many other kids. Her problems need addressing. She is very 2 faced and sweet with the teachers but I've witnessed her bullying and so have Nikki and Jarryd. I am angry!!!!!!

So I am going to make it my mission to speak to some other parents who's kids are having problems with this child and make them do something about it. Yes I am angry that my daughter is on the end of this and comes home crying some nights but i am also very angry that she is getting away with it. I would speak to her mother who I know but I also know that she doesn't think that her kids do any wrong.

Sorry to rant but this school is supposed to have an anti bullying policy????

Anyway I will keep you posted.

Have a great week everyone.


AM said...

Your mother's Day breakfast tray looks so yummy! Mom mom used to love vegemite but I have never tried it.

Martine said...

God love your children, I note all WW friendly. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday. martine

Joanne said...

Its so great that our kids can make us breakkie and make it ww friendly. Its teaching them too.
Thanks for meeting me, I had a great time!!
Love Joanne.

jill said...

Wow Tina your brekkie looked great its nice to be spoilt. You can make that 25kgs , I will be cheering you on come on the race is on to under 100 remeber I have 7.7kg to be 99.9kg. Weight traing sounds good.


beetricks said...

School's do have an anti-bullying policy and it seems like yours is not following it. I would make an appointment with the school and have a copy of it with you and point out how they have failed your daughter. You should be able to get it off the school's web page or get a copy from the school.

I also would take the matter of teaching your daughter techniques to cope with this bully yourself. If you are not sure how to do this now is the time to seek a counsellor that can give her some tips and work on her self esteem.

I am not sure what year she is in but if she is a target now, she will be in the future, especially when high school hits. This is because bullies have a 6th sense in picking out the child that will not stand up for themselves. And once she hits high school she will not, in all honesty, tell you what is going on as much. YOu will have cyber-bullying to deal with as well. I would consider sending her to a different school if things do not change dramatically.

This may seem like an extreme measure but I deal with bullies day in and day out and was bullied in high school myself. It will not go away. The school is ultimately powerless and cannot stop bullying. That's the honest truth. They can try and get the girl to understand the impact she is having on your daughter (hence the puppets) and punish her, but they can do little to stop her. By splitting up the two culprits they have been shown that your daughter is weak and cannot stand up to them and it will continue.

Sorry if this is hard to hear, but you need to act now. :(

Here are some links to articles that you might find helpful...

Good luck...

Jenny said...

I won't write a novella - Beetricks, hit the nail right on the head. You need to be proactive though and give Ash skills to cope with the situation. Glad you had a good Mothers' Day. I bought new runners last year, and like you was blown away by the difference of a really good pair. So much more comfortable and much better for your feet. I'm off to work this morning, but had to drop in and say 'hi'. Come on Tina, you've done so well with your loss so far, a little glitch is to be expected but you've proved you can do really well. The body sculpting is a great idea. More muscle mass, means there's more fat burning capability of your body, so definitely add the weights. HOpe your kids are all better. Have a good day.