Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where has September Gone??

It is Nikki's 11th birthday tomorrow and she had a bowling party with her school friends. Note she put hair mascara through her hair. Red suits her!!!

The kids opened Steve's last easter egg.

A couple of weeks ago, Jarryd had a soccer carnival and there was sideshows and rides for the kids. There was an animal nursery and I had trouble getting Ashleigh out. She just loves all animals. She was most upset because I wouldn't let her buy a pigeon. (Some of the animals were for sale)

September has been a total blur for us. We have had something on every weekend. Kids parties, 40th birthdays, kids sport and sport breakups.
Yesterday was unbelievable. I had to be at the hairdresser at 8.15am to have foils done and then Nikki had her bowling party at 10.30am. I forgot when I booked it that it was the AFL grand final so I changed it to the morning so we could be back in time to watch the football. Which by the way I am not talking about!!!
Not really. After Nikki's party a friend and I and the kids went down to the Alberton Oval (Port's home base) to watch the grand final. Well we realised early on that there was no way we were going to even come close to Geelong. They were awsome and we were dreadful.
Now I know Port were absolutely humiliated but why do people feel like they have to kick you when you are down. My husband was the worst offender. He had to keep making smart arse comments throughout the night along with quite a few others. I told him the only people that are allowed to pay me out (like it was my fault they lost!!!) are Geelong fans. At least our team made the grand final not like his team - Essendon who didn't even make the finals!!!
I think he realised he had overstepped the mark when I went to bed without saying goodnight and he missed out - lol. Paybacks are sweet!!
My 10 year old nephew had a terrible accident last weekend. He was playing cricket with some friends and was hit above his ear with a cricket ball. He was knocked out. Throughout the night and the next day he was vomitting so was taken to the local country hospital. He was flown by air ambulance to Adelaide last Saturday and they found out he had 2 blood clots in his brain. He was in surgery at 3am Sunday morning and had a 4 hour operation to remove the blood clots. 30 something stiches later and plates and screws in his skull he woke up and has been doing well up until he got an infection during the week and has been put on antibiotics. Then to make matters worse he picked up gastro and has been put into isolation.
Nikki had her netball presentation today and got the runners up tropy for best and fairest. I was given a wine cooler bag for coaching which was nice. It will definitely come in handy to take away to put cool drinks in while we are travelling.
This will be my last post before our holiday. Tomorrow is Nikki's birthday and we are having a family lunch at Fasta Pasta. I also have to pack at some stage tomorrow. Then I am working all day Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday at 8.30am we will be on a plane to Cairns. Yahoo!!!!
We are all so excited. It's been planned for so long and now it's finally the last few days before we go. I will have to try and get on a computer along the way to check emails and blogs. I can't possibly go a whole month without a computer.
I also want to wish Beckie all the very best for her upcoming role in 'The Singing Bee' I know she will do well and I've got everything crossed her her to bring home the big money.
I hope everyone stays happy and healthy while we are away. I'll have plenty of news, adventures and photos to share when we get back.
As usual blogger isn't putting spaces through paragraphs so I apologise for it being so hard to read. Also I knew it wouldn't put my photos with the comments about the photos?????
Any ideas how to fix this. It's happened the last few times I have posted. Bugger!!


Chris H said...

Hope you have a fabulous holiday, go to internet cafes to update us with all the fun!

Tania said...

Oh Tina, so sorry to hear about your nephew, what an awful experience for him and all the family! Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Lol @ Steve and paybacks! You know as much as i'm anti-Port I have to say that I wonder if ANY team could have beaten Geelong, their determination to win was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I hope you have a fabulous, fabulous holiday and look forward to catching up with you on the Gold Coast in 3 1/2 weeks time!