Sunday, December 02, 2007

3 Weeks Until Christmas!!

Here is the promised photo of our christmas tree. You can tell the kids decorated it - LOL. It has character. It looks so good at night with just the lights on but I couldn't capture that in a photo.

Don't you just love my little tigger!! Jarryd comes jumping into the lounge after his shower. The kids all have a different pooh bear character towel.
OK, where did the last couple of weeks go???
I think, like a lot of bloggers, I have lost the inclination to post again. I love reading and commenting on other blogs but just can't be arsed writing in mine. I don't want to stop blogging but it just gets so much harder to spend time on the computer at this time of year.
I have taken on a huge task 3 weeks before christmas. We are having a garage sale on December 15th. It started off as an idea when I decided to have a clean out of the girls room. And as I was going through their room I realized how much good quality stuff they have to get rid of. So I thought maybe if we have it before christmas I can advertise it as "stocking fillers" and "christmas presents"
And it helped that the house 2 doors down is going up for auction that day so it will mean more people in the street. Next weekend it will be Jarryd's room that gets a clean out.
The girls room is so much better with the bunk beds in. Being the hopless blogger I am, I totally forgot to take a before photo but I can tell you it was disgusting the amount of crap we took out of that room. We have a temporary wardrobe in there that came out of our room to help with storage but I eventually want to get built in robes in there. I promise I will post a photo in the next post.
We went to my grandma's 96th birthday today. Mum put on afternoon tea and it was lovely to sit around and catch up with my family. Grandma is amazing. She still lives in her own home and gets out and about most day with the help of the council bus. She is starting to slow down a bit now but she is incredible for a woman of her age.
I had my work show last night and had a great night. We went to the Mawson Lakes Hotel for a 3 course dinner. I had prawn salad for entree, atlantic salmon for mains and Death by Chocolate for dessert. The only problem was all the meals came out one after the other and we didn't get much of a break in between. I was very good and only ate a small amount of dessert. I wanted to save all my points for drinking - lol. I didn't overdo it and was very proud that I didn't have a hangover today. Must have been all the water I drank in between.
I did a bit more christmas shopping this morning. I really don't have a lot more to get. Just stocking fillers. Hey maybe I could recycle some of the things I have put in boxes for the garage sale - LOL. I wonder if they would notice!!!
I am pleased to say I have been following the ww plan for 2 weeks now and have lost 3.9 kgs. I have made up a plan of basic healthy eating with a few treats along the way and it seems to be working. I know christmas will be an obstacle but it's all managable.
It's going to be a very busy week. The girls have their end of year dancing presentation on Wednesday night and the school end of year event is on Thursday night. Then we have Steve's work break up on Friday night.
I can't believe it's just over 3 weeks until christmas. It's going to be a very busy 3 weeks. Thank goodness I have 2 weeks off over christmas. I'll need it!!


Chris H said...

Ha ha, can sure tell the kids did it!!! Good ... no actually FANTASTIC loss mate!

Jenny said...

Tina, a great loss. Good on you - keep you the good work. It's hard this time of the year.

You did decided to have a garage sale at a bad time of the year, as far as 'busy' goes, but heck it's always busy isn't it. Is there ever a good time for a garage sale? I am always put off by garage sales, because I hate the thought of dealing with all the stuff that hasn't sold. I guess it can all get carted to St. Vinnies then. At least you get some pocket money doing a garage sale.

Your tree looks lovely. We did ours yesterday too. I haven't taken a picture of it yet though, so you're not such a bad blogger after all......

I hate it when they bring all the courses out so quickly one after another. You did well to eat only a little dessert. Like you, I would rather save points to drink.

Tania said...

Fantastic loss Tina!!! Hope all goes well with the garage sale.

Kate said...

Sorry I've been a bad blogger friend. My life is chaos atm! Your tree is great - we're getting ours tomorrow or not at all!

Well done on the great loss! I'm impressed! :)

How was the garage sale?
Kate x