Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy 2008

I just realised this is my 1st post for 2008. I'm getting slack with this blog.

I've been gardening. Just a small area by our pergola by the pool. I 'll show you the finished product soon. I just hope the palms will survive this scorching Adelaide weather.

This is Jarrryd's impression of a bee. We have lived in the pool this summer.

Thankfully today is much cooler. But not for long. It's supposed to be 41 again by Thursday.

I'm back to work tomorrow :( I have really enjoyed this break. I know it was only a couple of months ago we went to Qld but that was such a busy holiday with only a few days doing absolutely nothing. Well this holiday I am proud to say I have done very little.

The kids are going to be in for a huge shock tomorrow when I wake them up at 8am instead of 11am!!!

I have used the new year as another start date to get healthy. I just have to follow it through and keep going. I need to set some targets to get to throughout the year. I will do that today and post on Tuesday when I record on this blog my 1st weigh in result.

There are so many inspiring blogs around that I am enjoying reading. Sounds like there are a few of us in the same situation of putting weight on over christmas. I have to stop drinking. I turned into an alco during the holidays - LOL.

OK, it's cooler here so I'm going to make the most of the afternoon. Steve and I are off to our local beach cafe and playground. Kids get to play in the fresh air by the beach and I get a cappuchino. Win, Win.

Have a great week everyone.


LisaB said...

Your yard looks fantastic Tina.
Good luck with the weigh in.

Chris H said...

I would KILL for your pool, even though it's not that hot here. I love swimming in a pool. Don't like sand and salt that much anymore, and JAWS kinda ruined my love of swimming in the deep sea off a boat. bugga.

Tania said...

Hope you coped well with work today (for some reason I thought you had another week off). After the year you've had with all your busy weeknights I think you DESERVED to do nothing these holidays - it's a nice feeling isn't it? Look forward to following your weight loss journey again this year, we will get there - eventually!

Jenny said...

Your pool area looks absolutely beautiful - love it.

Hope your first day back was kind to you.

You work hard, and you deserved a nice relaxing break. Your holiday sounds as relaxing as mine - it's nice isn't it.

Miss Beck said...

Your pool is to die for!

Now, your kids sleep til 11? MAN I WISH bub did that! LOL